• Material: Citrine Stone ?
  • Gender: Men/Women ?/?
  • Color: yellow variety?
  • 1 Stone


Citrine stone

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This beautiful yellow goldish Natural Citrine stone will make your luck shine like this crystal.

Benefits/Use: To get good luck and success.

Stone Size:

Citrine stone

  • Weight: 70g
  • Length: 70-90mm

How to cleanse the Citrine stone?

One of our favorite parts of citrine is you don’t need to cleanse it because it is such a high vibration it just repels negativity it is phenomenal.

Properties of Citrine:

Citrine is an amazing prosperity stone it helps to boost prosperity. It helps to attract money and manifests good luck.

Citrine is also a very beautiful stone that clears the mind it aids in decision making so if you have to make a decision. If it’s a smaller decision or maybe a deeper larger life decision you could hold a piece of citrine quiet your mind and the citrine can help give you the clarity that you need to make effective decisions now.

How does Citrine crystal work?

Citrine also works on the solar plexus chakra the sacral chakra and third eye chakra and when it works on those three energy centers together it actually helps to open up creativity and imagination.

Citrine crystal outlook:

Citrine has kind of like this orange color to it it’s very dark it’s orange too you’ll see it usually in clusters where if it is in a cluster you’ll see white quartz kind of underneath and then this dark orange.


Citrine crystal

Citrine stone necklace

Plenty of Citrine meanings have been around the century. Once you start to use it, you’ll start to get a sense of the energy moving around your hand and can actually feel both of these when you sit quietly amplifies sitting in the palm of my hand. What this means is that it’s a high vibration crystal.

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