Green Aventurine Bracelet



  • Material: Green Aventurine Bracelet
  • Gender: Women
  • Color: Green?
  • 1 Bracelet


Green Aventurine Bracelet

DetailsImagesGreen Aventurine Bracelet Meaning


Unique design, this amazing genuine Green Aventurine bracelet and sure to bring lots of inspiration and happiness.

Benefits/Use: To get inspired.

Bracelet Size:

Green Aventurine Bracelet

  • Bead Diameter: 6/8/10/12/14mm
  • Bracelet perimeter: 19cm

Green Aventurine bracelet benefits:

There are so many benefits for using this bracelet, Once you start to work with green aventurine more, you know your abilities are limitless and they’re only restricted by your own limiting beliefs.

You can meditate with it and start to consider what you’d like to bring into fruition.

Anyone who’s studying new studies at university or college can also benefit from holding aventurine or wearing it as well, because what it helps to do is it helps that inspiration and knowledge soak in.

Which hand to wear Green Aventurine bracelet ?

A lot of people seem to be confused about this. The answer to this is that you should wear it in your left hand. 

Now why is that? Well..because wearing it in the left hand will allow you to manage your internal self and deal with the stresses in your life.


There are many meanings behind the Aventurine Bracelet. Green Aventurine in its green color now whereas most green crystals are associated with the element of Earth a venturi is associated with the element of air and in that, it actually helps us to come up with new ideas and to give birth to new ideas. The colors and the element work really well together

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