Malachite Bracelet

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  • Material: Malachite Stone ?
  • Gender: Men/Women ?/?
  • Color: Green/ Black ?
  • 2 Bracelets, One Green & One Black


Malachite Beaded Bracelets

DetailsImagesMalachite Bracelet Meaning


Fashion design, this beautiful style Natural Malachite Stone Bead Bracelets and sure to bring lots of attention for you.

Benefits/Use: To attract love.

 Bracelet Size:

Malachite Bracelet

  • Diameter: 6CM
  • Bead width: 6MM,8MM
  • Bracelet length: 18CM,19CM

How can the Malachite Bracelet help you?

This powerful Malachite Bracelet can help you use the power of the Malachite Crystal. It has many amazing properties. It’s one of the crystals for good luck and much more. To know more, read below:

What is a Malachite Stone?


When you’re looking at the malachite stone ultimately, what you’re looking at is a solid heart chakra stone, a solid grounding stone that’s going to help you get in tune with your own vibrations the heart of the moment.

The heart of the matters helps you get down deep into the situations and being able to look at things from a truthful perspective.

The power of this stone brings you recognition, sometimes that recognition can be overwhelming and can call put us in a place of anxiety even to a place of fear or even to even saw me drive some to places of self-doubt unworthiness sin feeling like they aren’t worthy of these things or these gifts that are being presented to them by life itself.

The malachite can help you get it tuned to those gifts and help you get a tune in at one with your own oneness



There are many meanings behind the Malachite Bracelet. The Malachite is a gemstone that resonates with the heart chakra it resonates also with your manifestation which is your solar plexus it also manifests with euro resonates with your third eye as well however it’s very primal and very central in the heart chakra its energies


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