10 Best Crystals For Capricorn Signs: You Need Them

10 Best Crystals For Capricorn Signs You Need Them

Crystals do more than just look pretty. Many stones can aid your physical and mental health. Different crystals have various vibrations and frequencies depending on their composition.

These energies affect us, changing what we feel, how we think, and our physical health. Crystals can also absorb negative energy from our surroundings, encouraging change and transformation.

If you’re interested in crystal healing, but don’t know what crystal to try, a good place to start is with your star sign. Your star sign can tell you more about yourself, both good and bad qualities.

You can then find a crystal that encourages the positive aspects of your sign, or ones that suppress the negative qualities it brings.

To make it easier for you to choose a crystal, we’ve put together a crystal guide for Capricorns. In this article, we’ll cover what Capricorn’s traits are, the best crystals for a Capricorn, and how to eventually choose a crystal for your needs.

About Capricorn Star Sign

If your birthday falls between December 23rd and January 22nd, then your sun sign is Capricorn. Born under the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorns can be practical, ambitious, and loyal. These people make great friends and wonderful colleagues.

Capricorns can be very driven and determined. These can be great traits to have, but they can make it difficult for Capricorns to balance work, social life, and relationships.

Many Capricorns also have self-esteem issues. This originates from Saturn being the ruling planet, so Capricorns can struggle with low confidence, limiting themselves due to a fear of failure.

Crystals can help Capricorns keep their good and bad traits in check. There are many crystals that you can use, but to help you out, we’ve put together a list of 10 crystals that are great for Capricorns. Have a look at our suggestions and see if any of these crystals resonate with you.

10 Best Crystals For Capricorn Star Signs



  • Color: Deep Red, Pink, Orange, Brown, Clear Green
  • Chakra: Root
  • Origin: Worldwide

For Capricorns born in January, garnet is both your birthstone and astrological stone. Garnet is known as a stone for health and dedication. This crystal can be great for Capricorn’s pessimistic side, as it can awaken your inner optimism and charm.

Garnet can also strengthen leadership qualities and awaken your survival instincts. Capricorns are known for being work-oriented, so if you’re looking to make career moves, garnet can activate the confidence needed to climb the ladder.

This crystal isn’t just good for your career, garnet is great for a Capricorn’s soft side too. As it is a stone of commitment, garnet can stimulate dedication and loyalty in relationships. It inspires love and affectionate energy, which can make Capricorns gentle and understanding towards others.


  • Color: Green
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Origin: Brazil, Columbia, India, Zimbabwe

Also known as the stone of successful love, emerald symbolizes loyalty and personal growth. This stone brings out patience and devotion, which is great for balancing relationships.

They may seem cold to others, but Capricorns have strong emotions which they struggle to deal with. Emerald is connected to the Heart chakra, so it can help Capricorns express their loving side and be affectionate with their partner.

Emerald is also good for inner growth. Capricorns are logical and cautious, which can stop them from going after what they want. Emerald can help you believe in yourself, which can motivate you to go after your goals and dreams.


  • Color: Black
  • Chakra: Root
  • Origin: Worldwide

Jet isn’t a crystal, but wood that has been preserved in fossil form. It looks like coal due to its dark color. Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet, while Jet is both Saturn and Capricorn’s stone.

Jet is highly absorbent and easily transforms negative energy into positive. It can absorb defeatist emotions and pessimistic attitudes, which can release Capricorns from self-defeating cycles.

Capricorns can be opinionated and assertive. These can be good qualities, but they can be bad when not kept in check. Jet has a grounding energy, which can help Capricorns tone down these negative traits and break out of detrimental practices.

Jet does absorb negativity, but this energy can build up over time. This means that it needs to be cleansed regularly. If you’re not sure how to do so, we’ve put a handy guide about cleansing crystals at the end of this article.


  • Color: Green
  • Chakra: Throat, Heart
  • Origin: Romania, Zambia, Germany

Malachite is Capricorn’s moon stone. It’s also known as a stone of transformation, which is great for Capricorns who are in a rut. Capricorns tend to aim high, but their fear of failure keeps them from pursuing their dreams.

Malachite is associated with quick results and taking risks, which can help Capricorn implement these themes in their own lives.

Some Capricorns are known to be opinionated, which can make them seem arrogant and inflexible when arguing with others. Malachite can help you develop the empathy needed to see the other side of the story, so you see how your words affect others.

If you want to try using malachite, only use it in its polished form. Raw malachite can release a mineral powder that is toxic when inhaled.

This is unlikely, as most malachite jewelry and stones should be in a polished state, but do be wary of this when looking for crystals.


  • Color: Blue
  • Chakra: Throat, Third Eye
  • Origin: Chile, Peru, Australia, USA

Like Malachite, Azurite is another one of Capricorn’s moon stones. It activates the Third Eye, which is linked to spiritual connection. If you’re feeling lost and want to ask the universe for some guidance, Azurite is a great crystal to try.

Aptly named as the stone of Heaven, Azurite can help you awaken your spiritual side. This can help Capricorns develop their intuition, which in turn, can inspire creative ideas. These ideas can help Capricorns reach the level of success that they want to achieve.

Capricorns are known for taking on multiple projects at a time. Azurite can help them manage stress better, which can assist in managing heavy workloads. This crystal can also help Capricorn’s constant self-criticism.

It can help them become more conscious so that they understand why they indulge in destructive patterns. Azurite can teach Capricorns how to accept themselves for who they are.


  • Color: Various colors
  • Chakra: Third Eye, Throat, Heart
  • Origin: China, Germany, Peru

A Capricorn can find it difficult to relax, as their mind is constantly racing. Fluorite is known as a stone of discernment, which can help Capricorns calm down. This crystal can also aid in mental focus and help develop organizational skills.

You’ll find that you can focus on important tasks better, which can stop you from feeling stressed and distracted.

Fluorite comes in many different colors, but rainbow fluorite can be particularly good for Capricorns. It encourages positivity, pulling Capricorn out of negative cycles. It also inspires creativity, helping you think of more out-of-the-box ideas.

Fluorite is also a balancing crystal. It can encourage you to open your mind and think creatively, while also keeping you grounded and stress-free.


  • Color: Green
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart
  • Origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka, Ireland

Peridot is known as the Study Stone, which can aid Capricorns looking to gain a greater understanding of life. This crystal encourages change. It has delicate energy, telling you that you shouldn’t fear new opportunities when they come your way.

Peridot can help Capricorns who have long-term aims. It can help you develop your goals and dreams over time. This won’t happen in random successful bursts, but with consistent work, you’ll develop your vision and find your life’s purpose.

Capricorns may find it useful to meditate with peridot. Its caring energy can aid in developing inner self-love. It can also stop you from harboring anger towards those who have wronged you, inspiring forgiveness and understanding.


  • Color: Green, Blue
  • Chakra: Throat
  • Origin: China, Afghanistan, Tibet

Garnet is a birthstone for Capricorns born in January, while turquoise is a birthstone for Capricorns born in December. Turquoise is known as a stone of purification, which can connect your physical self to the spiritual world.

It’s connected to the Throat chakra, which is related to communication and spirituality. Turquoise can help inspire confidence when speaking in public. It can also help Capricorns communicate their inner thoughts, without fearing what others think.

A Capricorn can be firm and unshakeable, which can be great when it comes to career moves. However, these qualities aren’t the best ones to have in one’s love life.

Turquoise can encourage Capricorns to be less stubborn, so that they understand people’s needs better. This stone can also help Capricorns express their desires and wishes to their partner.



  • Color: Red, Brown, Orange
  • Chakra: Sacral Chakra
  • Origin: India

Carnelian is great for determined Capricorns. Also known as a stone of motivation, carnelian can support a Capricorn’s true passions.

The crystal has a positive, moving energy that encourages people to make their dreams come true. Carnelian is a good balancing stone, as it can lessen negative emotions, like anger or bitterness, that stop Capricorns from achieving true happiness.

This crystal is also good for Capricorn’s who find it difficult to concentrate. It allows the mind to focus, keeping interrupting thoughts away.

Carnelian’s grounding energy keeps Capricorns focused on the present, not on what happened in the past. It’s great for Capricorns with numerous projects, as it provides energy and the will needed to complete tasks.

Smoky Quartz

  • Color: Brown, Grey, Black
  • Chakra: Root
  • Origin: Brazil, Madagascar

Smoky Quartz is a grounding and detoxifying crystal. It’s known to remove negative energy and emotions from the mind, body, and surroundings.

This is good for Capricorns who constantly criticize themselves. Smoky quartz also encourages change and transformation, inspiring Capricorns to accomplish their goals.

Smoky quartz is excellent for a Capricorn’s racing mind. It’s useful to meditate with, as it aids in clearing the mind and focusing mentally. This is useful for Capricorns who have lost any drive or determination, as it can help manifest dreams into reality.

Smoky quartz can also transform negative feelings into positive ones. It can help Capricorn’s overcome adversity and help them take on any challenges.

How To Choose A Crystal

After looking at all of these options, it can be tricky to decide what crystal you should choose. There are a few ways that can help narrow down your selection. The first is to choose a crystal that you feel guided towards.

Remember that your intuition is powerful. If there’s a crystal that fascinates you, lures you in, or that you find particularly attractive, choose it. It might have a purpose for you, even if you don’t think you need it just yet.

The second is to choose a crystal depending on what your needs are. This involves deep thought to identify if your struggles are physical or mental. You can then choose a crystal that helps with those issues.

For example, white howlite can relax and soothe tense nerves, while amethyst can rid the mind of negative thoughts.

The third is to think about what is missing from your life. Do you wish you had more money, love, or friendships? Think about what you’d like to add to your life, and choose a crystal to match.

Remember to do your research and think hard before choosing a crystal. Crystals can be strong, they could bring more than what you need into your life.

Cleansing Your Crystals

It can be tempting to use your crystals immediately once you first have them, but before you do so, you must cleanse them.

Crystals can travel from person to person, over long distances, collecting all different kinds of energy. If you don’t cleanse the crystal, that energy could have adverse effects on yours.

Similarly, you should keep cleansing your crystals, even if you’re the only one using them. Crystals can pick up different energies from our thoughts and feelings, building up over time.

Energy from other people around you can affect the crystal too. This energy might be negative, or incompatible with your intentions.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Here are some ways to cleanse your crystal. Before you cleanse with water, look up if your stone is safe to use in water beforehand. If it’s not, use one of the other cleansing techniques.

Water: Natural running water, like streams or rivers, can cleanse your crystal effectively. If you live near the beach, saltwater from the sea works well too. If you don’t live near any water sources, you can use water from the tap.

Just hold the crystal under the faucet for a few minutes. You can also try mixing Himalayan salt and water, then placing your stone in the solution. Remember to research if your crystal can be used in water. Water-soluble ones, like selenite, will be damaged when in contact with water.

Sunlight: Natural sunlight is one of the easiest ways to cleanse your crystal. Place your stone on the windowsill for half an hour. Thirty minutes in direct sunlight should be safe for most crystals, but some crystals can fade when in contact with sunlight for too long.

Earth: This takes more time than the previous methods, but earth absorbs energy very well. Go outside and bury your stone in the earth beneath you.

Don’t use a plant pot, as this needs to be actual earth from the ground.

Sage: Burning sage is known to have many benefits. Sage smoke can remove bacteria, drive away insects, and improve your mood. It’s also a powerful way of cleansing energy.

Simply burn your sage, then pass your crystal through its smoke. Keep your intention to cleanse your stone clear in your mind.

When Should I Cleanse My Crystal?

Try to cleanse your crystals regularly, at least once a month. People tend to work their cleansing routines out by themselves, but there are times where you should always cleanse your crystals.

When You Obtain A New Crystal

Never use a crystal that has just come into your possession without cleansing it first. Whether you have bought one, received one as a gift, or even found one, make sure that you cleanse new stones before using them.

After Carrying Them For The Day

Crystals can be worn as jewelry or placed in a little pouch. If you carry your crystals with you, make sure that you cleanse them at the end of the day. They can pick up energies from your surroundings that should be removed before you use them again.

If Handled By Someone Else

When touched by another person, their energy can easily transfer to your crystal. To be on the safe side, cleanse your crystal to be sure there aren’t any harmful energies attached to it.

Monthly for Crystals On Display

Crystal displays look beautiful, but they can pick up energies from different parts of your home. This doesn’t have to be too often, you can cleanse your display crystals once every month to renew them.

If You Think You Should Cleanse It

Your intuition is powerful. If you think that your crystal is heavier than normal, feels different, or just aren’t sure, then trust your gut and cleanse it.

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