Crystals for Memory Enhancement [Top 8 Listed]

crystals for memory

 You will agree with me when I say, 

 Having a good memory is vital for success.  

It’s hard to do all of these things, however even during these difficult times we can always rely on crystals to help us out. So today we have prepared a list of the best gemstones for success in exams.

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Barite (stone of purity)

main attributes of Barite

  • Color: colorless or white
  • Origin: India
  • Enhances spirituality

Barite is a stone that can greatly improve the retention of every single person that uses it. It does this by clearing any stagnant chakra stored in the body of it's user, chakra that may affect the storage of information in your brain. Overall, If you have It's a great crystal for memory. 

Our tip for using barite:

Keep this with you during your study session. It can be used as a crystal grid for memory focus.


Topaz (stone of compassion)

Main attributes of Topaz

  • Color: multiple
  • Origin: Russia
  • Is associated with feeling of love and support

Topaz is used primarily as a crystal to amplify memory. If you have an exam coming up then be sure to take this crystal for memory with you. It will surely help you recall all that you have learnt.

Our tip for using topaz:

You can form a crystal grid with it to harvest the powers of more than one stone at the same time. So remember to create a crystal grid for studying

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Clear quartz (stone of clarity)

Main attributes of Clear quartz

  • Color: transparent
  • Origin: USA
  • Promotes honesty

If you are concerned about memory loss during old age then be sure to consider using the clear crystal. Clear crystal is a crystal for memory that can surely help with that, it has a long-term effect so if you keep using it then it will continue to help you throughout your life, even in your old age.

Our tip for using clear quartz:

Meditate with this crystal to amplify memory and to protect yourself against memory loss and for a prolonged effect.



Hematite (stone of wisdom)

Main attributes of Hematite

  • Color: Black
  • Origin: USA, China, Russia
  • Promotes maturity

This crystal for memory not only increase your retention but also enhances brain activity. If you have problems learning new and difficult subjects then surely give this a try. With this stone beside you, you will definitely feel the difference.

Our tip for using hematite:

Keep this in your desk at all times during your studying session.

Green calcite (stone of luck)

Main attributes of Green calcite

  • Color: green
  • Origin: Madagascar, India
  • Is associated with luck

It's strong aura helps you focus on the task at hand. Most people these days get distracted a lot and that hinders their work performance. If you are facing problems like these than be sure to use green calcite.

Our tip for using green calcite:

Keep this crystal near you during exams. It's a great gemstone for success in exams and also a great crystal to amplify memory. 

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Emerald (stone of prosperity)

Main attributes of Emerald

  • Color: green
  • Origin: China, USA
  • Promotes prosperity

Emerald is a healing stone for memory. It not only helps you remember things for longer but it also helps you treat any problems relating to your memory retention. It is a great gemstone for success in exams.

Our tip for using emerald:

Make it into a wristband or a necklace.

Pyrite (stone of motivation)

Main attributes of Pyrite

  • Color: brassy-yellow
  • Origin: worldwide
  • Motivates one to achieve dreams

Pyrite is perhaps the best crystal for memory and concentration. Its strong aura forbids any harmful energy from manifesting itself in your main chakra centers. This ensures that you won't be distracted by environmental forces. 

Our tip for using pyrite:

Keep one in your room or where you study. It's a great healing stone for memory.

Black tourmaline (stone of grounding)

Main attributes of Black tourmaline

  • Color: black
  • Origin: Russia
  • Removes stagnant chakra

This crystal for memory will grant you focus and concentration beyond compare. It will stabilize your internal chakras once your internal chakra centers are in harmony than you will remember faster, increase your focus and you will also remember things for longer. 

Our tip for using Black tourmaline:

Make it into an elixir and spray it on yourself before an exam or a studying session.

  • Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

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