9 Crystals that Will Make You More Creative

crystals for creativity inspiration

Have you been experiencing a burnout lately? Or are you feeling like you’re not as creative and open-minded as you used to be? Well, I have some good news for you.

 You can have all of your creativity back by bringing crystals for creativity into your life.  

For many years, these crystals for inspiration have helped millions bring up the best of themselves. It’s natural for all of us to have a day or even a week when there’s no spark of productivity whatsoever.

This sounds alarming for people who work in creative environments since being creative is what their job description is. But we can stop this from happening by keeping our faith in the healing powers of the crystals.

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Carnelian (Stone for Creativity)

   Main attributes:

  • Color: Red, Orange
  • Origins: Peru, India, Romania
  • One of the best crystals for creativity you can have

The reason why I state this one as the most amazing stones for creativity is simply because of the fact that it opens up the Sacral chakra, which is profoundly related to creativity and flexibility.

It's a beautiful stone with vibrant gradients of red and orange that will look beautiful with almost anything that you'll wear. It's best that you have this stone in a pendant so that you can wear this to your workplace.

The Carnelian stone is proven to eradicate all self-doubt or lack of energy and swapping them for self-expression and a boost in creativity.

What I love the most about Carnelian is that, unlike other crystals, this can be worn for plenty of other reasons as well. As it opens up the Sacral chakra, this can also bring hope and goodwill in your life.

Our tip for using Carnelian:

Have this stone every time you go to work. Its healing powers will bring you luck and creativity whenever you want.


Tiger's Eye (The Mind Stone):
Tiger's Eye

   Main attributes:

  • Color: Brown, Golden
  • Origin: South Africa, India, Brazil, Australia
  • For self-confidence

Many studies suggest that people oftentimes have no creativity due to self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. Which is true if we truly examine our thoughts when we find ourselves in a rut.

For scenarios as such, the greatest for creativity can be the Tiger's Eye. A powerful grounding crystal that can bring you confidence and inspiration. Unlike many other crystals, this stones activates the chakra for Solar Plexus, which means it open ups the Third Eye which brings more perspective and mindfulness in the conscious of the beholder.

Encapsulating the energies from both the Earth and the Sun, this creative crystal will make you let go of all fears and have more faith in yourself.

Our tip for using Tiger's Eye:

The best way to use Tiger's Eye is to have it placed beside your bed for healing during the night's sleep. Since it's more powerful than other stones, it's advised you keep it in your home rather than keeping it with you all the time.

Tangerine Quartz (Stone for Strength)
crystals for creativity

   Main Attributes:

  • Color: Orange
  • Origin: Madagascar, Brazil
  • For creativity and self-confidence

Just like the Carnelian, Tangerine Quartz is one of those crystals for inspiration that opens up the Sacral chakra, which directly associated with creativity and sensuality. It can only be found in the rich landscapes of Madagascar and Brazil which makes it rarer.

In its all-orange glory, the Tangerine Quartz helps people let go of fear and have a more courageous point of view in life. The Sacral chakra has the ability to eradicate all negative energy inside you and swap it for a far more positive one.

Tangerine Quartz is one of those rare crystals for inspiration will make you feel unstoppable in your work, where there will be no limitations and setbacks.

Our tip for using Tangerine Quartz:

Tangerine Quartz works best if you keep it with you when you're first starting your work. The power of the crystals multiply when you use them in the morning.

Lapis Lazuli (Stone of Truth and Awareness)

   Main attributes:

  • Color: Midnight Blue
  • Origin: Afghanistan, Chile, Egypt
  • For inspiration and clarity

The next stone is a beautiful stone of midnight blue shade with gold spots which makes it one of prettiest crystals for inspiration one can own.

Apart from being incredibly beautiful, this stone also brings creativity in the beholder's life. The Lapis Lazuli opens up the Third Eye, which means helps in self-expression and having a more mindful outlook on life.

But by far the biggest trait is how fast it can bring honesty. This is great for artists or writers since they should be honest to themselves and the craft whenever they are on the table to make something new.

Our tip for using Lapis Lazuli:

Have the stone in a necklace to make it nearer to the neck. This will help in self-expression. Lapis Lazuli can be great crystals for singers and artists wanting to break the boundaries in their mind becoming more truer to themselves.

Opal (The Precious Stone)

   Main attributes:

  • Color: Colorless, White, Yellow, Red, green, brown
  • Origin: Ethiopia, Australia, Mexico
  • For positivity and self-worth

It's almost amazing to know how Opal is regarded as a stone that brings bad luck instead of being one of the stones. In recent times, this superstition has been neglected and people have started to adopt Opal for inspiration and good luck.

Opal possesses strong abilities to amplify the traits the beholder might have. And since your trait is closely related to your gift of creativity, Opal can have it amplified so that you can create whatever you want at any time.

Our tip for using Opal:

Since it can also amplify negative traits, we recommend having this stone with you only when you're creating or working. Have it as a stone for creative writing to bring creativity in your work.

Herkimer Diamond (Stone of Attunement):

   Main attributes:

  • Color: Colorless, Clear
  • Origins: Tanzania, Canada, Mexico, Spain
  • For inspiration and strength

If you're looking for a crystal that has more of a minimal look to it, then the Herkimer Diamond is one of the clearest crystals for inspiration available.

As the name suggests, this stone will make you attune to any situation, by gluing your attention and focus on the thing you're working on, which will greatly welcome your creativity and productiveness.

Having this during your work hours will do wonders in your life. It's among the few stones that will bring instant changes to one's life.

Our tip for using Herkimer Diamond:

Since this stone for creatCivity opens up the Third Eye Chakra, wear it as a pendant and have it placed near to heart or throat.

Citrine (Lucky Merchants Stone)
crystals for focus

   Main Attributes:

  • Color: Yellow, Golden
  • Origin: Brazil, Russia, Madagascar
  • For Luck and Enthusiasm

Citrine is widely known as a powerful stone for luck since opens two main chakras for self-improvement: Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra.

A bright yellow crystal, Citrine can open up the Third Eye chakra which will make you more courageous to embrace new ideas and break all boundaries that you may have in your mind.

As far as creative writing stones are concerned, this can be a great companion for all creative people combined, since it erases all setbacks in the mind and empowers you to create whatever you want.

Our tip for using Citrine:

Like any other crystal for creativity that opens up the Solr Plexus chakra, we recommend having it as a pendant and wearing it near the neck. This is one of the best stones for creativity you can get.

Aragonite Star Clusters (The Conservationist’s Stone):

   Main attributes:

  • Color: Brown, Yellow, Black
  • Origin: Spain, Nambia
  • For stress

Aragonite is the grounding stone for creativity that helps people to let go off of all the stress and frustrations that they might have in their lives.

With that, Aragonite helps people to recycle their thought patterns and swap the negative mindset for a far more positive one, which naturally brings more creativity.

If you're an artist struggling to let go of your past failures, getting this stone will surely reduce your problems.

Our tip for using Aragonite Star Clusters:

The Aragonite Star Clusters are delicate and fragile stones. They should be placed beside the bed or on the table you work on rather than having them in a pendant or placing them in your handbag.

Blue Apatite (Stone for Manifestation):

   Main attributes:

  • Color: Midnight Blue, Light Blue
  • Origin: Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar
  • For inspiration and creativity

Few of the creative gemstones bring up and promote ambition as well as Blue Apatite do.

It will help you kickstart the project you always wanted to do and was held back due to lack of creativity. This makes it best for people working in creative fields and people owning small businesses.

Our tip for using Blue Apatite:

Since it's a dream stone, place it under your pillow to have a sleep that'll bring more creative ideas the next day.

Orange Calcite (Stone for Productivity):

   Main attributes:

  • Color: Orange, White
  • Origin: Mexico
  • For creativity

The stone that comes only out of Mexico, the Orange Calcite is one of the promising crystals for inspiration you can have.

This stone opens up the Sacral chakra, which helps in clearing the mind from frustration and burnout. Due to its crystalline composition, the vibrations this crystal emits brings in new creative ideas into the mind of the beholder.

Being a true multiplier of virtue, this will bring you lots of luck and happiness into your life.

Our tip for using Orange Calcite:

Have the crystal with you wherever you go. It is best to bring the crystal with you when you have a big presentation to give.

  • Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. For nearly 30 years, she has been researching the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. After studying with the best healers from all over the world, she has used the past three decades of her career to translate ancient wisdom into simple tools that anyone can use to transform their life.

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