10 Best Crystals For Libra Star Signs: You Need Them

10 Best Crystals For Libra Star Signs You Need Them

There are many different types of crystals, each individual one with its own set of properties, uses, and meanings.

Using all of these crystals correctly, to help alleviate different sorts of ailments, and to bring healing into both the spiritual and the physical, is a practice that has been around since ancient times. So although there is no scientific proof to it, there is some truth. 

However, it is very important that you do your research before delving into the use of crystals, as it is of the utmost importance that you use the right ones for the right reasons, and in conjunction with compatible crystals, or else your energies will be exposed, and more harm than good will be done. 

If you’re a Libra (meaning your sun sign falls within the Libra zodiac), then there is a selection of crystals that are extra beneficial to you, whether it is because they are compatible and affine to your traits, or because they are able to bring balance to your flaws.

Knowing which ones to use, and when, is the first step to reaping the benefits. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list with the top 10 best crystals for libra star signs, along with the basic key facts, and the main properties of interest related to Libra people. 

Libra Sun Sign

Before we start talking about the different crystals that work well for the Libra star sign, we thought it would be helpful to clarify exactly what it means to be a Libra sun sign, and what it entails.

(Keep in mind that these are just general traits relating to the Libra sun sign, and to see your specifics you should also take into account the rest of your birth chart, and much more.)  

Libra is the seventh sign within the horoscope, and the Libra dates go from the 23rd of September to the 22nd of October. It is a cardinal sign, belonging to the element of Air, and its ruling planet is Venus. 

Represented by the scales, the Libra sign is all about balance and symmetry. This leads to Libra people having a great sense of justice and righteousness, along with a need for things to be fair.

But on the downside, it makes them the most indecisive sign, with great difficulty of saying things straight, picking sides, or choosing between options. 

As an air sign, Libra people are full of creativity and imagination, and they are great communicators. They are full of life, highly intellectual, and are incredibly likable, and fun to be around. 

Libra people are also great charmers, with a tendency towards romance, an eye for fine and luxurious things, and self-indulgence that makes them seek out comforts and pleasures. 

This sign can pretty much be summed up by friendliness, harmony, peace, and warmth. 

10 Best Crystals for Libra Star Signs


  • Color: colorless or very light colors
  • Chakra: root
  • Origin: Australia


The Opal is one of the crystals associated with being the birthstone of the Libra star sign, so it is no wonder that it works well with Libra people, and can provide plenty of benefits. The Opal crystal is all about emotions, and it is said to reflect the mood of the person wearing it.

This can help intensify emotions, so that they are lived more vividly, and can also release inhibitions, helping Libra to stop worrying about what is “right”. 

The Opal crystal can also encourage freedom and independence, enhancing self-worth and promoting the expression of one’s true personality.

Libra people have a tendency towards masking who they are, in order to come across as “perfect”, so the Opal can help them let loose and to become more comfortable and confident in themselves.

Opal can also enhance cosmic consciousness, inducing originality and creativity, which goes really well with the natural creative traits of a Libra!

As for physical healing, the Opal crystal can strengthen the will to live, as well as purify the blood and treat infections. 


The best way to use Opal is by wearing it in direct contact with your skin, for example in the form of a piece of jewelry, so that it can enhance the experience of life throughout the day. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Opal Crystals here



  • Color: sapphire blue
  • Chakra: throat
  • Origin: Sri Lanka


Sapphire is the other crystal regarded as the birthstone of the Libra star sign, so once again, it works extremely well with people of this sign and can help heighten the good traits, and balance out the flaws.

Often referred to as the wisdom stone, the Sapphire is known to bring serenity and peace of mind, stimulating concentration. This crystal can also help balance the body, mind, and spirit so that everything is aligned. 

Libra people are known to become imbalanced in their search for perfection, and often confuse themselves through their indecision. The Sapphire can help release spiritual confusion and banish unwanted thoughts, releasing tension and making it easier to see the way forward in life.

On top of this, the Sapphire is also known for being a stone of prosperity, as it brings lightness, joy, and good fortune. 

As for physical healing, the Sapphire crystal is able to treat blood disorders, as well as cellular disorders. 


The Sapphire is a great stone to be worn as a piece of jewelry, so that it is always in contact with you and activated, feeding into your energies as you go about the day. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Sapphire Crystals here


  • Color: emerald green
  • Chakra: heart
  • Origin: Upper Egypt


Known as the stone of successful love, the Emerald is a crystal that enhances deep love, loyalty, and everyday happiness. It brings forth unconditional love, keeping friendships, partners, and family, all in balance.

Libra people can quickly become drained of their energy when faced with conflicts of any sort, especially when people they care about are disagreeing. This is why the Emerald can be incredibly beneficial, bringing harmony to all areas of their life, and healing emotions. 

The Emerald can also open up clairvoyance and enhance psychic abilities, bringing awareness and deeper wisdom. It also promotes focus on actions, allowing Libra people to feel more secure in their decisions and opinions, so that they can go forth unburdened. 

As for physical healing, the Emerald can treat many disorders of the heart, as well as helping with recovery after infectious diseases. 


The Emerald is a beautiful stone that can be worn as a piece of jewelry, or that can be used to decorate the home. It is best to wear it so that it has a constant effect. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Emerald Crystals here

Blue Celestine

  • Color: light blue
  • Chakra: third eye
  • Origin: Madagascar


Blue Celestite is a beautiful crystal often considered to be one of the most connected to the angelic forces of the divine. This crystal is often used to contact the angelic realm, and it is used to bring peace, calmness, and serenity.

Libra star signs can use this crystal to bring harmony to the turmoil in their mind, especially when they are faced with difficult decisions, conflicts, or unwanted changes. 

Blue Celestite can also be used to transform negative and draining emotions into lessons, and Libra people can meditate with this crystal to let go of feelings that are blocking them from moving forward or taking action.

As a crystal of the third eye chakra, Blue Celestite is also highly effective at accessing a higher state of consciousness, to seek wisdom and harmony from the divine. 


Blue Celestite can be worn, but it is also highly effective when used in sessions of meditation and self-reflection. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Blue Celestite Crystals here

Lapis Lazuli

  • Color: deep blue
  • Chakra: third eye
  • Origin: Bhirrana


Libra people are often highly preoccupied with keeping balance around them, so much so that it can be hard for them to keep balance within themselves.

The Lapis Lazuli crystal can be highly beneficial in this regard, as it can protect and guard against psychic attacks, and can help release stress by promoting inner peace and harmony. 

This crystal can also boost self-awareness and self-knowledge, which is really good for the Libra sign to figure out their inner truths while learning how to bring them out through honesty and self-expression. 

As for physical healing, the Lapis Lazuli boosts the immune system, soothes inflammation, and reduces mental ailments such as insomnia. 


Lapis Lazuli is a good crystal to have near the bed so that it helps while you sleep throughout the night. It can also be worn as jewelry, or kept in a pocket, throughout the day. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Lapis Lazuli Crystals here


  • Color: colorless/white
  • Chakra: third eye
  • Origin: Kazakhstan


Ulexite is a crystal often used to open up the third eye, as it is very useful for enhancing inner visions, as well as helping see the truth that is otherwise hidden. It also boosts imagination and creativity, providing you with an energy that was locked away inside you.

Through meditation, the high vibrational energy of the Ulexite crystal can allow you to access the spiritual and the divine, strengthening your telepathic abilities and opening up your mind. 

This crystal pairs very nicely with the intellect and creativity of the Libra star sign, and it can quicken the mind in order to accelerate the act of making a decision, which is something Libra people otherwise struggle with.

It can also help grasp ideas at a faster pace, and help resolve issues without causing oneself to stress. 


Ulexite is a very powerful crystal to use through meditation, and it can also be placed under the pillow at night in order to enhance dream visions.

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Ulexite Crystals here

The Twin Crystal

  • Color: various different colors
  • Chakra: third eye
  • Origin:


The Twin Crystal, sometimes called the Twin Quartz, or the Soulmate Crystal, is essentially a crystal with one base and two symmetric growths (therefore giving it that “twin” appearance that it is named after).

This crystal is used to bring soothing and calming energy, promoting balance whenever you are experiencing conflicting emotions.

For the Libra star sign, which is constantly in conflict with itself due to indecisiveness, this crystal can be an incredibly grounding and harmonizing source of energy, which can help with moving forward. 

The Twin Crystal also enhances imagination and creativity, so once it has filled you with balance and harmony, it gives you the tools to make something of them, opening up the flow of energy and allowing you to take action unafraid.

It is also great for finding balance when faced with problems within relationships, or difficult situations. It provides positive energy that puts everything into perspective, unlocking the solution when you thought there was none. 


This crystal is great for keeping within your home space so that it creates an atmosphere of balance and calm. It is also great for use within meditation sessions. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Twin Crystals here



  • Color: purple/yellow
  • Chakra: crown/solar plexus/third eye
  • Origin: Bolivia


Ametrine is a crystal used mainly to balance emotions, clear the mind from strength, and soothe feelings of conflict or sadness.

Ametrine is especially good for Libra people, because it enhances compatibility and the acceptance of others, allowing Libra to get over their high standards, and be more open to imperfections.

The crystal also helps overcome change, easing the difficult transitions in life so that the Libra user is not in imbalance for too long. 

The Ametrine Crystal is also a great way to strengthen the will for action, bringing clarity and harmony into thoughts and decisions (something that Libras can very much benefit from). It also boosts the immune system, calms the nerves, and alleviates symptoms of emotional exhaustion.


Ametrine can be worn throughout the day, as a piece of jewelry or similar, or can be used in sessions of self-reflection and rest. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Ametrine Crystals here


  • Color: pink to violet
  • Chakra: heart
  • Origin: California, USA


Sometimes referred to as the Woman’s Stone, Kunzite is a highly sought-after and popular crystal thanks to its powerful healing properties. Young mothers use it in order to stay healthy and to have the strength to take care of their child in the worrying early stages of life.

It also continues to help children in their developing years, providing them with peaceful sleep, and the right flow of energy. 

For Libra people, the Kunzite crystal is a great way of enhancing inner peace, which in turn offers a bigger capacity for wisdom and understanding. It is often used in meditation sessions to calm the chaos and noise of life, so that peace and serenity can be harnessed.

With this harmony, Libra people can make decisions and figure themselves out, while growing in strength and reaping the healing properties of the stone. 

Kunzite is also often used to alleviate fear, worries about the future, and stress. It provides peace of mind when everything seems difficult, and helps you come face to face with situations without losing yourself to depression or other mental afflictions. 


Kunzite is a great crystal for meditation and self-reflecting, and it can also be placed under the pillow in order to improve the quality of your sleep. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Kunzite Crystals here

Pink Tourmaline

  • Color: light pink
  • Chakra: heart
  • Origin: California, USA


Pink Tourmaline complements Libra traits in that it enhances spiritual sensitivity, and the consideration of consequences before actions take place. It helps think things through, and balance the different options to figure out what is best.

It also provides protection during meditation or rituals, often referred to as the shamanic stone, enhancing your perception and understanding while protecting the harmony and balance within you. 

This crystal is also great for children, as it helps reduce simple injuries such as falling down. It also provides emotional support and reduces stress, worries, and anxiety.

It promotes a calm mind, for safe and correct actions throughout the day. It also provides physical benefits of beauty and attractiveness, which is something that Libra people very much care about and value! 


Pink Tourmaline can be worn throughout the day in the form of a piece of jewelry or similar, in order for its properties to be activated whenever they are needed. It can also be placed within the home, to promote meditation, calmness, and relaxation. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Pink Tourmaline Crystals hhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m94M8Urx7kUere

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