10 Best Crystals For Gemini Star Signs: You Need Them

10 Best Crystals For Gemini Star Signs You Need Them

The art and science of using crystals is an ancient one, that without evidentiary proof, has somehow proven through people its results and benefits.

If used correctly, crystals can help provide you with many benefits, both physical and psychological, through their various different healing properties and vibrations.

They can help balance your energy, as well as align and open certain chakras so that you are connected to the universe, the world around you, and your inner self. 

However, the key is “if used correctly”. Crystals are a delicate science, in which it is vital to know which ones to use in what circumstances, and in which way. Using the right crystal is vital, so you need to have done your research beforehand.

It is also equally important to know which crystals work well with each other, and which ones negate each other’s energies. 

If you’re a Gemini (meaning that your sun sign is in Gemini), then there is a selection of crystals that are more likely to work well for you, and that will have the right types of properties and energies in order to provide you with what you need.

As it can be tricky to figure out which crystals are within this group of Gemini affinity, we have compiled a list with the top 10 best crystals for Gemini star signs, so that you can browse through them and use those that you need the most. 

Gemini Sun Sign

Before we start talking about the top 10 best crystals for Gemini people, we thought it would be good to talk a little about the basics of the Gemini sun sign, so that you know exactly what it means, and what it involves. 

Gemini is the third and most youthful sign of the zodiac. It belongs to the element of air, it is mutable, and it is ruled by the planet Mercury. 

Represented by the symbol of the twins, Gemini is a sign full of duality, full of exchange, interaction, and communication. Gemini is all about ideas, concepts, and rapid changes.

Gemini is also the most adaptable and flexible sign, which is where the concept of being two different personalities comes from. Gemini can change and adapt and almost shapeshift before your very eyes, which is why the twins are used to symbolize the duality in Gemini’s nature. 

With Gemini people, one of the most notable traits is the need for self-expression. Gemini people have a strong need for collecting information, and then sharing it, often referred to as the most curious of signs, sometimes to a fault.

This also means that they like to experience a wide myriad of different things, which can lead to them having many unfinished projects, and knowing a little bit about everything rather than sticking to one expertise. 

This Gemini sun sign is flexible and mutable, full of cleverness and wit. Gemini people are highly intellectual, and they can get bored very easily, which is why they can sometimes come across as aloof and uninterested.

However, Gemini are whirlwinds of fun and energy, able to fit in with almost any type of people, and able to make friends wherever they go. People are often left wanting more, as Gemini quickly move on, and can easily detach themselves, remaining objective and observant. 

Geminis have a reputation for not keeping secrets, and for not being loyal. And although it is true that they struggle to reach intimacy and deep levels of trust and friendship, once they do, Geminis are loyal for life.

Dazzling, interesting, and full of life, Geminis will certainly never be boring and will fear being as such.

The 10 Best Crystals for Gemini Star Signs


  • Color: brown/white/grey/red/pink/black/yellow
  • Chakra: all chakras
  • Origin: Sicily


Agate is one of the birthstones belonging to Gemini, and much like the sign, it is an incredibly versatile crystal.

Found in many different colors, depending on which color the Agate you use is, it will have different healing properties and be good for opening up different chakras, thanks to the mutability of its nature. (Perfect for Gemini people and their many aspects!) 

Agate crystals are excellent for rebalancing and harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. With how mutable and fast-paced Gemini are, this can be incredibly beneficial, as it can be grounding and healing.

This crystal also cleanses and stabilizes the aura, making sure that any negative energy is transformed and redirected. 

Especially useful for Gemini people is that the Agate crystal can enhance mental functions, improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. It can also help soothe and calm inner turmoil and can make one feel more secure and safe. 

As for physical healing, Agate can help heal the eyes, the stomach, and the uterus. 


The best way to use Agate crystals is by placing them within the home, specifically depending on their color. They must be placed wherever they are more needed, and where their influence can be most beneficial. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Agate Crystals here


  • Color: white/cream
  • Chakra: crown
  • Origin: Sri-Lanka/China


The pearl is the other birthstone associated with Gemini, often considered to be the most appropriate for the Gemini sign.

This is because pearls symbolize duality in the same way Gemini does: joy and sorrow, life and death, health and sickness, and so on…Created by the sea, and not by earth, pearls represent transmutation and change. 

Although Geminis have the reputation of fluttering from person to person, they give a lot of importance to their relationships, caring deeply about those close to them.

The pearl can reinforce this, helping friendship and devotion manifest in a more powerful way. They can also help Gemini people live a more balanced life, providing focus. 

Also known as the stone of sincerity, pearls can bring truth and loyalty to Gemini people, helping enhance their integrity, and boosting attributes of purity, innocence, honesty, and wisdom. 

If worn, they can also boost physical health. Specifically, pearls help alleviate heart diseases, stomach disorders, and problems with the digestive system. 


The best way to make use of the Pearl is by wearing it, usually in the form of jewelry or similar. Having it be in direct contact with your skin is the best way of absorbing its properties. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Pearl Crystals here



  • Color: blue
  • Chakra: throat
  • Origin: Greenland


Gemini people are incredibly creative and expressive, known as the great communicators of the zodiac. However, their throat chakra can very quickly become imbalanced, causing them to be gossipy, manipulative, and overactive with their words.

This is why the Sodalite crystal is one of the best for Gemini people, as one of its main uses is bringing balance to the throat chakra, therefore allowing Gemini people to have more control, and to break out of the negative patterns within their communicative tendencies. 

Sodalite crystals can then also enhance all of the positive aspects of a Gemini’s communication, turning them into a source of information, connection, and interaction. Sodalite can also bring balance within the energy, reducing panic attacks, enhancing self-trust, and boosting the immune system. 


If you want Sodalite to help with your throat chakra, it is recommended to wear it as jewelry around your neck. Otherwise, it is good to hold Sodalite in your hands, so that you can focus on it for small periods of time, on a regular basis. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Sodalite Crystals here


  • Color: usually white or colorless/other colors
  • Chakra: heart
  • Origin: India


The Apophyllite crystal is sometimes referred to as the stone of truth, as it is incredibly useful for promoting truth and authenticity to oneself. It can also help you see through other people so that you instantly perceive what is actually true or not.

For Gemini people, this crystal can be very beneficial, as it not only helps them become more honest but also helps boost clarity within the duality of their nature. 

The Apophyllite crystal can also enhance intuition, helping you connect to your inner self so that you can seek guidance within. With how hectic the path of a Gemini can be, this can give clearer pathways and more self-confidence in important decisions. 

In regards to physical healing, Apophyllite can help regulate the body, alleviating allergies, soothing tired eyes, and reducing general fatigue. 


The best way to use an apophyllite crystal is through meditation. It is recommended that you hold the crystal in your hand, focusing on what it is you need clarification or guidance with, and the truth will more easily come forth. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Apophyllite Crystals here


  • Color: grey/white/green/blue/and others
  • Chakra: throat
  • Origin: Paul’s island, Canada


The Labradorite crystal is one that can flash in many different colors, with different colors appearing within it depending on how the light hits it, known as luminescence.

It is one of the best crystals for opening up the third eye, and it is great for delving deep into spiritual truths. Gemini people usually struggle with balancing spiritual truth and intellect, and Labradorites can help with this. 

Labradorite is also great during times of transformation, as it provides strength and perseverance in the face of change. It also helps protect the aura from difficult shifts, and it can help ground your energies. (All of which Gemini can greatly benefit from!)

This crystal also helps relieve stress and anxiety, as well as healing disorders of the brain and the eyes.


Labradorite can be worn or can be kept on display within your home space. It is a good idea to come into direct contact with it regularly in order to activate its properties. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Labradorite Crystals here


  • Color: steel grey to black
  • Chakra: root
  • Origin: South Africa


Hematite is a magnetic and grounding stone, perfect for providing stability and realism. Gemini, as an air sign, has a tendency to be scattered all over the place, so this crystal is perfect for helping to add some earth to the air, grounding the Gemini sign so that it is more present and stable.

Gemini people highly benefit from this crystal as it can provide a lot of focus, helping them direct their energy and remain balanced within themselves. 

Hematite strengthens the mind, enhancing concentration, memory, and thought processes. However, it can also provide courage and perseverance, along with endurance and vitality. It can create perfect balance within one’s energies, aligning everything. 

As to physical healing, Hematite helps regulate the blood, as well as regenerate tissues. 


The best way to use Hematite is to wear it, in direct contact with your skin, in the form of a jewelry piece or similar. For example, for a Gemini, it is a good idea to wear it around your ankle, so that it can ground you efficiently. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Hematite Crystals here

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz

  • Color: colorless with black
  • Chakra: third eye
  • Origin: Ethiopia


Gemini is the ultimate representation of duality in nature. They embody and reflect the opposites present within the universe, such as dark and light, earth and sky, hot and cold, and many more.

This can make Gemini people come across as two-faced, aloof, or different, but really, Gemini people understand better than any others that extremes cannot exist without one another. 

However, embodying the opposites within one’s nature can be conflicting, intense, and a cause for imbalance. This is why Tourmalinated Quartz is an amazing crystal for Gemini to work with.

The crystal itself presents this very same duality, with clear quartz stone (representing spiritual energy) combined with inclusions of black tourmaline within it (representing earth energy). 

This crystal can help the dual nature of Gemini flow in harmony and ease so that opposites work together instead of creating imbalance. It can also be used to open up the third eye, to let spiritual energy flow through the body, present on earth. 


The best way to use Tourmalinated quartz is by sleeping with it under your pillow so that you can absorb the energies overnight. You can also have focused sessions with it, or wear it in direct contact with your skin throughout the day. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Tourmalinated Quartz Crystals here


  • Color: blue-green
  • Chakra: throat
  • Origin: Africa


The Chrysocolla crystal is often referred to as the gentlest of stones, as it is very low-energy and works very subtly over long periods of time. Its main purpose is to be a source of soothing energy, providing calmness and inspiring balance.

This can be a very good crystal for Gemini people, as their natural high-energy, and fast-paced changes can often get a bit out of hand, launching the Gemini person into a frenzy of hyperactivity, over-stimulation, and confusion. 

The Chrysocolla is also known as a stone of wisdom, as it reassures integral beliefs, provides reconciliation with the self, and helps promote peace, negotiation, and tranquility.

The harmony and level-headedness that this crystal brings can help soothe the constant movement of a Gemini and can bring focus to enhance balance and stability when it is needed the most. It is especially useful to calm the nerves. 


It is highly recommended to have some Chrysocolla within the home space, where it can slowly build up an atmosphere of rest, focus, and tranquility. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Chrysocolla Crystals here


  • Color: emerald green
  • Chakra: heart
  • Origin: Upper Egypt


Often known as the stone of successful love, the Emerald can bring loyalty, stability, and happiness to everyday life. It also helps enhance unconditional love, unity, and friendship.

It is ideal for keeping partners well-balanced and in-tune with each other, and for a Gemini sign, this can be of great help. 

This well-known crystal also brings balance and harmony to all areas of one’s life, eliminating negative energies and distractions, and promoting the full enjoyment of pleasure and happiness.

Considering how scattered and unfocused Gemini people can be, the Emerald can really help them harmonize with themselves, and with those around them so that nothing can distract from the enjoyment of a peaceful and positive lifestyle. 


The Emerald can be worn as a piece of jewelry in everyday life or can be used to decorate the home space, where one retreats to seek balance. Just make sure it is present within the areas of your life you want to be affected. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Emerald Crystals here


  • Color: green/blue/red/purple/and other pale colors
  • Chakra: heart
  • Origin: Russia


The Alexandrite crystal is a stone that can help bring balance between the physical world, and the spiritual world. It unlocks the healing energy of the universe and allows your intuition to grow stronger.

It also boosts your creativity and unleashes your imagination.

This makes it perfect for the Gemini sign, as it brings balance to the duality of its nature, enhances its connection with the universe (something with which Gemini can struggle), and perfectly complements traits of creation and communication. 

If used correctly, Alexandrite can become a trusted companion to Gemini people, as it brings balance through transformative changes, so that the sign doesn’t lose itself, and it boosts the natural inclination towards fun, light-heartedness, and creation. 


Alexandrite can be worn as a piece of jewelry, so that it is present with you throughout the day, wherever you are. Alternatively, you can schedule regular meditative sessions, in which you come into contact with it. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Alexandrite Crystals here

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