6 Crystals for Night Terrors [Proven Results]

crystals for night terrors

 Crystals can help all of us in our most troubling times 

 Their natural aura can guide us in our darkest days, towards the brighter future. With their light we can change and transform ourselves. 

They help us in all our difficulties and hardships. Today the problem that we are going to be focusing on is nightmares, we’ve all had them, and sometimes they can shake us to our core.

Luckily these crystals can stop them from ever occurring. So, here is a list of the crystals for nightmares and sleep terrors.

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Crystals for Night Terrors
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Main attributes Alunite

  • Origin: USA
  • Color: various colors
  • Provides balance


This is a stone primarily used for getting rid of night terrors. It is a phenomenal crystal for sleep protection. And a must have crystal if you have problems sleeping, such as insomnia.

Our tip for using alunite:
Sleep with this crystal under your pillow

main attributes Brazilianite

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Color: yellow
  • Promotes creativity

If you're having trouble sleeping or you keep getting nightmare after nightmare than brazilianite is the crystal for you. It's mainly used as a crystal for children nightmares and also a crystal for sleep paralysis, it can help and eradicate both of these problems.

Our tip for using brazilianite:
Place it in your room or near your bed for prolonged effect.

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main attributes of Lepidolite

  • Origin: USA, Brazil, China
  • Color: pink, lilac
  • Helps reorganize your life

Lepidolite for sleep is a restful night crystal meaning that it has the power to provide the user with a blissful night’s sleep.

Our tip for using lepidolite:
Meditate with it.

main attributes of Yellow tiger eyes

  • Origin: yellow
  • Color: yellow
  • Gives courage and protection

Yellow tiger eyes is a great crystal for night terrors. It's strong presence keeps all the bad thoughts and nightmares away from you. It's strong force prevents bad energy from ever inhabiting your body.

Our tip for using yellow tiger eyes.
Keep this crystal with you at all times, it is not only helpful during our sleep it also helps us during our day to day tasks.

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main attributes of Garnet

  • Origin: Russa, USA, Madagascar
  • Color: red
  • Motivates the user

It's another amazing gemstone for night terrors. It is known for it's sleep protection abilities. Also it helps eradicate nightmares. If you're looking for crystal that will help you with insomnia than give garnet a try, as it also has the ability to give you the sleep you want.

Our tip for using garnet:
You can use this gem by placing it in a bathtub for 10-15 minutes and then taking a bath in it.


Main attributes of Agate

  • Origin: worldwide
  • Color: variety of colors
  • Makes you more mature

This crystal has the ability to shield you from any type of harm. It will help you enjoy a restful night and it will also help you combat sleep paralysis.

Our tip for using agate:
Make an elixir of it and spray it in your room.

  • Tamim was born in Vancouver and has since lived in New York, Doha, and Beirut where she learned to embrace the healing power of traditional spices, tonics, and waters. After getting her degree in International Economics from Georgetown University, Tamim decided it wasn’t for her. Since becoming a writer, Tamim has covered everything from music to beauty, fashion, and wellness. Her writing has appeared on Fashionista, Nylon, Into The Gloss and more.

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