7 Best Crystals for Weight Loss & Help with Your Diet

crystals to lose weight

 Healing stones are an effective way to deal with any problems relating to the spirit, mind and physical body 

Today our focus is going to be on the healing crystals that can help deal with weight related problems, in particular we are going to discuss the crystals that help in reducing weight.

Many books state that weight loss is actually associated with problems in the root chakra, solar plexus chakra and heart chakra. Third eye chakra can also prove to be very helpful in this matter. Therefore, any weight loss crystals that help align and fix the stagnant chakra are going to be great for reducing a few pounds. 

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Crystals for Weight Loss 2021:

To help you on your weight loss journey we have compiled a list of the best crystals that you can use to reduce your weight:

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Seraphinite (stone of spiritual enlightenment)

Main attributes of seraphinite

  • color: green and silver
  • origin: eastern Russia
  • for determination and sociability.

Seraphinite is a green and silver crystal and is perhaps one of the most powerful crystals for weight loss and self healing.

It's amazing attributes helps both in healing emotional and physical pain. Weight loss requires a lot of hard work and determination. If all of your chakra’s are not fully aligned or are not in their natural conditions than it would be a daunting task to lose weight.

This weight loss gemstone will surely help you clear out that negative energy. It is also a great detoxifying agent. The best place to use it or hold it would be near your heart as seraphinite is known for it's healing abilities when it comes to heart chakra.

It is however a rare stone to come by, but if you happen to have it than it will surely prove to be a very helpful tool in your journey towards weight loss.

Our tip for using seraphinite:

keep it close to you at all times since it is known to give its user determination and it also helps with sociability. so for those socially anxious keep it with you.

Sodalite (stone of harmony)
best crystals for children


Main attributes of Sodalite:

  • color: blue and silver
  • origin: greenland
  • increases consciousness and idealism

Next up on our list is sodalite. Sodalite is a blue weight loss stone with amazing healing properties. Especially when it comes to physical wellbeing.

It is stated that sodalite can help with weight loss and even digestive disorders. It's vibrations can in fact balance your energies, an important step when you're trying to lose weight. It also has another ability, sodalite can absorb smog and reduce the damage done by radiation. Therefore it's a great idea to place this stone in your office or workspace to reduce stress and tension.

Sodalite is best used on the third eye as it can sharpen your sixth sense. So if your trying to lose weight than surely try out sodalite, not only will this help you lose weight it will also help you establish self esteem.

Our tip for using sodalite:

This will be very useful during your crystal weight loss journey as it will constantly remind you to keep pushing on with your head held high.

Steatite ( stone of cleansing}


Main attributes of Steatite:

  • color: white and green
  • origin: worldwide
  • makes approachable.

Steatite is also known as soap stone. It is white in color and is a powerful stone that will grant you the ability to adopt and implement new changes into your lifestyle. While trying to pursue a healthy life, accepting changes will be a great step in the right direction.

It will also help you eliminate your fears. Other than that it has amazing capabilities to reduce the fats stored in your body and since weight loss is majorly trying to get rid of all the extra fat in your body, steatite is a powerful tool for weight loss. These amazing properties of steatite make it an amazing contender in the competition for the best gemstones for weight loss.

Our tip for using steatite:

if you're trying to change something in your life or you are trying to make a major change in your personality, then keep this stone with you at all time.

Fluorite (stone of spirituality)
Fluorite stone

main attributes of fluorite:

  • color: blue, violet, white, yellow, green
  • origin: worldwide
  • promotes self determination

It is a beautiful stone which comes in numerous variations. The variant of stone that helps in losing weight is the violet one. Fluorite helps overweight individuals with weight loss.

Particularly those individuals who got there because of wrong eating habits. It's creates a strong feeling of determination and resilience which will make any food lover resist the urge to eat excess food. Therefore It is one of the greatest healing crystals for weight loss. It is also associated with feelings of focus and concentration.

Our tip for using fluorite:

It's a great stone for students too as it will give them the ability to learn quickly, and retain more information for a longer period of time.

Green Aventurine ( stone of prosperity)

Main attributes of green aventurine:

  • color: green
  • origin: india
  • helps with nervousness

It is a green healing stone which is associated with luck. It is said to bring it's user great opportunities. Working as a lucky charm is not the only thing that this gem can do.

It helps unravel and resolve the harmful negative energies residing in the body, furthermore, it has proven to be very effective for treating physical ailments and helping users lose weight.

It can be worn as a weight loss stone pendant or can be used by holding it in your hand. It is a must-have when it comes to gemstones for weight loss.

Our tip for using green aventurine:

It is directly linked to the heart chakra so it's best to use it near your heart.

Obsidian (stone of truth)
Obsidian Stone

Main attributes of obsidian:

  • color: black
  • origin: found near volcanoes.
  • helps integrate ones dark side

Is a dark stone and is very effective to use against any negative energies in your environment or in your body.

Its strong presence creates a protective barrier that defends the user from all disrupting energies in the environment that can prove to be harmful if they get a chance to manifest themselves in your body.

It is known for resolving issues in your chakra and thus getting the energies of your body flowing. Due to it's metabolism-enhancing effects it is one of the best stones for weight loss.

Our tip for using obsidian:

Use it to incorporate your dark side, to help strengthen your personality.

Yellow Tiger Eyes (stone of strength and courage)
Yellow Tiger Eyes stone

Main attributes of yellow tiger eyes:

  • color: brown and golden
  • origin: south africa, india, Burma
  • provides courage

This list wouldn't be complete without yellow tiger eyes. It is a yellow stone that has proven to be very effective for several people trying to lose their weight. It helps people concentrate and focus on the task at hand. Also, it enables the user to withstand any difficulties and hurdles that may come their way.

It is linked to the solar plexus chakra, which is sometimes regarded as the three fundamental chakras that need to be targeted for weight loss. The yellow tiger eyes will maintain a steady flow of all your chakras and energies.

The vibrations of this stone also resonate with the natural vibration of the body leading to better overall energy flow through your system. All these properties puts Yellow tiger eye among the best crystals for weight loss.

Our tip for using Yellow tiger eyes (Crystal Healing): 

Use it in situations where you need courage and strength.

  • Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

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