10 Crystals for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Crystals for Anxiety

  The void in the soul can easily be filled with healing stones for anxiety.  

Arguably the best use of healing crystals is to have them for dealing with various mental illnesses and grief. Probably the most common of all healing crystals are the ones for anxiety.

Multiple studies have shown that anxiety is the most common mental illness around the world. With technologies and institutions so vast and easily accessible, people still lack the happiness they deserve.

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Crystals for Anxiety
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Blue Lace Agate

Main attributes of Blue Lace Agate:

  • Color: Blue, Aqua, Magenta
  • Origin: Nambia, South Africa, Sicily
  • Best crystals for anxiety

There are hundreds of reasons why I think the Blue Lace Agate is an excellent stress stone. But the simple fact it goes straight for the heart and calms all the anxiety down is why I love this stone so much.

The Blue Lace Agate enhances your communication skills and helps you to open up about your feelings. It will help you to be more true to yourself and to listen to what your higher self says. This automatically becomes the best option when looking for stones for anxiety and depression.

It is a stone with a soft gradient of blue and purple, which is very pleasing and calming to look at. It is a nurturing stone that will set your mind at ease whenever you feel like you're having an attack.

Our tip for using Blue Lace Agate:

The best way to use any stones for anxiety is to wear them as a pendant. Place it near the neck or the heart to have its magic done throughout the day.


If you want beautiful crystals for anxiety and depression, then Blue Lace Agate is a great option. These are calming crystals that stabilizing frustration. These are 1+ inches in size, hardening 6 - 7 on the Mohs scale. This crystal support to overcome fears of public speaking and relaxes the mind of lecturers, teachers, or child who has a fear of speaking at the stage.

Many people feel suppressed by past fears and rejections; blue lace helps them minimize old blockage patterns and permits self-expression and growth. The best thing is Blue Lace Agate's calm properties that help those who could not continue talking or think before speak. It encourages the beauty of inner silence. The funniest thing is the stone also assists those who have difficulties keeping a secret by promotes the sanctity of trust.

These gemstones are uses since the recorded history for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.
Due to its beautiful color and top-grade tumble polished, you can also use it for decoration, jewelry making, Wiccan healing work, and chakra cleansing. Overall, these are also excellent gifts for weddings or parties.


Black Tourmaline

Main attributes of Black Tourmaline:

  • Color: Black, Charcoal
  • Origin: Sri Lanka, Kenya, Brazil
  • Calming crystals for anxiety when you feel insecure

Black Tourmaline has had a rich history as being a powerful anxiety stone. Way before the 15th century, this stone was long considered as the "healing stone" for numerous tribes. Black Tourmaline was used extensively in rituals to eradicate evil and negative energy from people or groups.

Today, centuries later, Black Tourmalines are still considered as the best crystals for anxiety. They act like a "security shield" that safeguards all negative thought patterns and anxiety. Whenever you'll be out in public, this stone will heal your heal, calming it and making it more strong.

This is a beautiful crystal for healing with all black or charcoal color through the stone. If you're looking for the best calming crystals, you can't go wrong with Black Tourmaline.

Our tip for using Black Tourmaline:

Have the stone in your purse or your backpack to have the stone heal you wherever you go. Black Tourmalines are the stones to help with anxiety that work best when you're out facing your fears.


"Tourmaline" is derived from the Tamil word "turmali" Tiffany and Co brought black Tourmaline in 1876. You can found it on every continent. Its chemical composition offers various colors like red, pink, brown, black, and yellow. This Black Tourmaline is rich in iron, while the light black color is rich in lithium.

Zentron is a big name for gems and stones collection that takes stones and crystals worldwide. One of their top-quality crystals is Black Tourmaline. It comes in packed stones of 1" to 1.5" in size with 1 Pound lots. You can also use it for healing, jewelry, cutting, cabbing, tumbling, lapidary and metaphysical purposes. But these stress relief stones are famous for remove all negative energies around you.

Rose Quartz

Main attributes of Rose Quartz:

  • Color: Pink, Red
  • Origin: Madagascar, India, Germany
  • Crystals for stress relief and self-love

You might be thinking what a love crystal is doing in the "best crystals for anxiety" list but I selected this for a very specific reason.

Whenever someone suffering from anxiety goes through an attack, they immediately are hit with a pang of big guilt, making them feel embarrassed and having self-hating thoughts.

Rose Quartz will help them feel more empathetic to themselves and make them believe everything's not their fault. Unlike other healing crystals for anxiety, that only calm the feelings down, Rose Quartz makes them love themselves more. This, I think is the best remedy an anxious person can get.

Rose quartz crystals for anxiety should be added in every collection of anyone who is currently dealing with such mental illnesses.

Our tip for using Rose Quartz:

The best way to use Rose Quartz gemstones for anxiety is to have them placed near your bed before you sleep. The stone will heal your heart when you'll be asleep and hopefully, you'll wake up feeling completely different.


These pink color stones have a 1.5 x 1 x 1 inch dimension while weighing 1 pound. The packet comes with 6-12 pieces of unique and 100% natural stones. Large stones are cut down into small rocks and packed to deliver in original form so that you may find some dust layer at rocks. So, wet or rinsing off before first use.

The best crystal for anxiety attacks comes in irregular, unpolished, and rough condition. But their qualities are much more than structure. Their best usage is decoration, jewelry making, Chakra balancing, reiki, energy gaining, and tumbling. The persons suffering from unknown depression around them will enjoy the best usage of stones. The people that collect crystals for hobby or professional purposes can order them at an accessible price.

best crystals for children

Main attributes of Sodalite:

  • Color: Blue, White, Gold
  • Origin: Greenland, Canada
  • Crystal for anxiety and depression

If you're more prone to anxiety or panic attacks, you would know how helpless one can feel. Even though the best thing you can do for yourself is to get therapy, when not in treatment, Sodalite can be your best companion.

It is dubbed as "the Stone of Peace", which will release all the calming and soothing energy to your heart whenever you will feel hopeless and weak. It helps the beholders believe that they're not alone in this struggle. You'll never feel alone and weak after having this anxiety stone.

This Sodalite crystal is also called Stress stone.

Sodalite will stimulate self-confidence and a sense of security out in the world. Have this stone with you and never feel weak ever again.

Our tip for using Sodalite:

Have this stress stone in your purse or your pocket to feel safe from all negative energies. Go and win the world with this!


A great crystal for depression- was used in Southwestern Asia to Northern Africa for fashioned jewelry. It was famous for thousands of years due to its beauty and metaphysical properties. It is renowned for home decor, a powerful stone of expression, gift set, and profoundly stimulating stone.

Due to its METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES, it is a powerful stone for communication. If you are suffering from heart discomfort or throat chakras, its stimulating effect positively urges your positive thoughts.

As a decoration piece, Amazonite stone adds beauty to your office and home and removes all negative emotions around you by gain clarity in your feelings. It is a popular and beneficial stone for those who work as stillness, spiritual works, meditation such as crystal healing, reiki, and rebalancing. It can also be used in cabbing, tumbling, ornaments, gifts, and creating jewelry. Such options are found hardly in one crystal.


Crystals for children

Main attributes of Amethyst:

  • Color: Purple, Pink
  • Origin: Brazil, Uraguay, Africa
  • For intuition and spirituality

All the best crystals for anxiety should connect the beholder to the soul and stimulate spirituality. Amethyst is known for just that, bringing people closer to their inner selves.

In the midst of all panic attacks and anxiety, we often forget to connect to our inner selves. Hundreds of studies suggest that one can negate most of their troubles in their lives if they try to meditate and bring their inner selves out. Amethyst gemstone will help you become more self-aware and emotionally stable.

Amethyst, the stone for anxiety, has been the primary stone for Christian bishops as they believed the stone to have certain qualities that blessed them with more spirituality and wisdom. These calming crystals were used in rings and crosses to symbolize royalty, wisdom, and devotion to Christ.

Our tip for using Amethyst crystal:

Amethyst works best when worn as a pendant and have it with you whenever you visit your workplace.


This round birthstone pendant is designed with a high polished sterling silver necklace. It is much easy to use with an 18" cable chain that closed at spring ring closure. These silver pieces are electrocoating or metal flashing that gives them a more lustrous appearance.

These Birthstones are built for longevity for long-term or heavy use. The harsh air may damage the stone's color and effectivity, so store the pendant in a cool, dark, and dry place. It is better to keep your jewelry in a pouch or air-tight box to ensure safety. The cleaning products and alcohol can damage the color and negatively affect your stone. Overall, it is an excellent stone for spirituality and wisdom.


Main attributes of Angelite:

  • Color: Soft Blue, White
  • Origin: Peru, Mexico, Brazil
  • Connects to the guardian angels

Suffering from anxiety can make you feel alone in this cruel world. In a state like this, it becomes very hard for someone to resist and fight the negative energy. To make you feel otherwise, Angelite is a gift from the angels in the form of crystals that help with anxiety.

If you trust this stone to the fullest, the Angelite stones connect your world to the world of heavens. Now that you're connected to such a divine place, the angels of the heavens look after you with every step you take.

They will send their blessings to your soul without limitations and will never make you feel alone again. Angelite by far holds the most spiritual importance in this entire list.

Angelite stone will bring you calm energies intertwined with the trust in self you truly need. This stone will empower you, with the blessings of the angels, to take on anything you think is right and will do so until you achieve it.

Our tip for using Angelite:

This gemstone should be kept with you at all times. Whenever you're out for work or studying, have this stone in your pocket and you'll never feel weak.


To fight against funky vibes, these are considered the best crystals for anxiety panic attacks. These are Genuine handmade with Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal, with only Slight Surface Imperfections. The Baby Moroccan Selenite CHARGING Crystal comes with a pure Angelite Pendant. When Both are combined, work as Selenite Charging Station that keeps all devil energies away from you.

At its arrival, you feel that all negative energies are going far away and a comfortable sensation is coming. The Metaphysical feelings keep you delighted with a 60-day guarantee.


Main attributes of Kyanite:

  • Color: Blue, Aqua, White
  • Origin: Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Kenya, India
  • For meditation and ease of mind

Surely anxiety and depression is the worst thing that can happen to someone and they should be treated both with therapy and stones for anxieties. But one gets through them, they ached soul needs repairing. Which is exactly what Kyanite brings.

You can have all the best crystals to get rid of the molds in your soul, but to clean it for good, you must opt for a soul-cleansing gemstone-like Kyanite. It helps the soul and fixes the cracks that are embedded in your soul.

Kyanite is the primary choice for every person that keeps yoga and meditation in their daily routines. The vibrations coming out from this stone aligns all your chakras, inviting your whole body to heal.

Arguably the best thing I love about Kyanite is that it does not hold any negative energy. Which means you won't have to clean this crystal whatsoever. This makes it automatically the top healing crystal for anxiety.

Our tip for using Kyanite:

Rather than having it all day with you like other crystals to help with anxiety, Kyanite should be used only when you're meditating or placed near you when you're sleeping.


Kyanite is a mineral stone beneficial for self-expression, stimulation, and throat chakra. If your spirit remains discomfort then these crystals for calming offers piece to your soul. This blue kyanite weighs 500 carats. The High-quality, eye-catching colored stones are used in rings, earrings, and pendants. For meditation and attunement, kyanite removes negative vibrations or energy around you. It balances the yin-yang energy and encourages psychic abilities.

Most people remain in stress, anger, frustration, and confusion without any reason. This stone improves logical thought and keeps away all anger towards you.

It promotes healing dreams by affecting the parathyroid glands, urogenital system, and adrenal glands. These glands caused throat, muscular, and brain disorders. This stone lowers blood pressure, heals infections, and acts as a natural pain reliever to solve all issues.


Main attributes of Lepidolite:

  • Color: Red, Purple, Vermillion
  • Origin: Brazil, China, USA

In case you never knew, lithium is a primary ingredient when patients are medicated for anxiety and other mental illnesses. And the crystal in consideration, Lepidolite, naturally contains lithium within it, which easily makes it the most effective crystals for stress.

Lepidolite can balance your spirit and mind, bringing tranquility and calmness into your life. The healing stones for anxiety connect directly to your soul, stimulating all of your chakras.

If you find yourself anxious and in a rut more often, I recommend having Lepidolite in your collection along with other gemstones for depression.

Our tip for using Lepidolite:

I recommend having this anxiety stone with you to your workplace. It all deflect all the negative energy coming your way, swapping it for a more confident and ambitious mindset.


These are natural handmade beads designed by the finest'Lepidolite jewelry. This crystal is famous for reducing stress and depression by creating a sense of hope in you. The Metaphysical Value of Lepidolite is very high for keeping crown chakras in balance. Many professional healers use it to heal past fears. Metaphysicians recommend it for spirit guides and angels connection.

According to great Metaphysicians, this stone gives a feeling of wholeness to the heart even by holding it, and you can test it by once holding it into your hand. We are assured that you will feel very soothing and balance your emotions instantly. Many people use it for many purposes, but the primary use is crystals for anxiety and depression removal.


aquamarine Crystals for kids

Main attributes of Aquamarine:

  • Color: Clear, Aqua, Blue
  • Origin: Zambia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
  • For spiritual enlightening and fighting anxiety

Aquamarine is the most amazing stone to work on anxiety when it comes to cleansing of the stone.

Throughout our lives, we deal with so many emotions and most of them hurt us bad. Some of them, find a place in our soul and ache us for as long as we do something about it.

Aquamarine will clean out every misery buried in your soul and bring out the best of you within a few days. You'll experience fewer anxiety attacks and misery. All you'll get in return will be peace and wisdom.

Our tip for using Aquamarine:

Wear the stone as a pendant or a bracelet and wear it to your workplace. It will heal you and protect your soul from everything evil.


Zentron is a perfect name for crystal, gems, and stones collection. Its high-quality product is available in various colors and sizes overall the world. Aquamarine is one of their Natural Rough stones that comes in 1" to 1.5" in size with 1 Pound weight. Zentron offers in the form of a protective velvet bag that keeps it protective.

For years, This stone is used by reiki experts as amethyst for anxiety. For jewelry, the small pieces of stones are used in air rings, pendants, and rings for years. If you feel evils eyes, unknown tension around you, then we recommend using Aquamarine as healing. At first use, you will realize minimum anxiety attacks around you.


crystals for focus

Main attributes of Citrine:

  • Color: Yellow, Golden
  • Origin: Russia, France, Madagascar
  • Best crystals for stress relief

Just like any stone, Citrine also helps the beholder clean the soul and regenerate positive energy within.

With Citrine, you'll feel yourself becoming more radiant and trusting yourself in every decision you make. This stone will help you find the light that has gone lost from you and inspire you to achieve things you always wanted to.

Our tip for using Citrine:

Have it in your purse whenever you leave for work or anywhere important.


These crystals for anxiety disorder are best for people working in merchant banking, casinos, media, sports, and fitness. It is not only a stone for strengthens; You can see its high benefits as medical personnel and healers. Many times, you remain worried about family and group problems. This Healing Crystal smooths problems by promotes solutions and cohesiveness. The people who feel jealousy for you are a big fighter for those—this stone acts as a protective shield against jealousy and spite.

This stone is the best gift but great for the sphere to a newborn. It brings health, happiness, curiosity, confidence, and intelligence to new babies. If you feel unfriendly ghosts or negative symptoms around you, then placed a stone where the light catches; we are assured that all negative spirits will clear and prevent them from coming back. For Healing, Citrine cleanses the chakras, attracts wealth, prosperity at every level of life. It offers joy, enthusiasm, Raises confidence and self-esteem. For energizing you, Citrine also limits degenerative disease by balancing chemicals in your body.

Overall, it is a great healer due to activate digestion and the pancreas to treat diabetes. Some other solutions offered by these healing stones for anxiety are balancing the thyroid, detoxifies the blood, Negates kidney, bladder infections and increase blood circulation. These features are found hardly in common stones.



Our team has selected for you, ten best crystals for anxiety. These crystals will remove all negative vibes around you and bring positivity, calm, and peace to your body and soul, A strong connection of mind and body will offer you to complete your tasks perfectly.

We also described the positive effects and usage of each crystal. We hope so you will live the best spiritual life and enjoy a peaceful sleeping duration.


Buying Guide

How to choose and use the best crystals for anxiety?

The stones and crystals are used for over 10,000 years for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance. If you're suffering from anxiety, stress, and want to balance your body's energy, then the best crystal for anxiety attacks will prevent you from all these conditions. In the market, different types of stones are available, and many brands offer magic crystals. Some best suggestions of crystal type and their use for beginners are the following.

"Crystal superset"

This will be the perfect choice for beginners having all the essential stones. These stones are following.
This clear crystal looks like a cosmic vacuum cleaner. It is best to place it in your closet so it will cleanse your negative energy.
Black Tourmaline
For grounding and protection, keep this black gem near your nightstand or under your bed.
This opaque white crystal works excellent around your resting place. It will help you for a good night's rest.
This orange-hued crystal ideally helps you for calling business. It brought a great chance for financial success.
Many people feel unsafe by hostile co-workers. This purple stone helps you to rid away from their negative influences.
Rose Quartz
This light pink gem wears around your neck, keeps in a pocket or purse. People love it for increasing affection, support, and self-acceptance.

We will give you the best trick for stone selection. Go to any stone shop, pick any crystal and select one that is attracting you. Purchase it and hold it in your left hand for five minutes. You will feel that all negative energies are moving away from you. When a strong connection is formed between you and your stone, then you will feel continuous success in your life.

  • Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

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