7 Best Place To Buy Gold Chains in 2021

Buying a gold chain can represent your success in the lyrical world. It has the ability to make any outfit standout. Gold is an accessory that can completely alter your outlook.

If you want to be a part of the trend and are trying to find the perfect gold chain for you or your significant other then you’re in luck cause we have a list of the absolute perfect places to buy gold chains.

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What we Love:

  • Professional manufacturing
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • A long history of excellence in the gold chain industry

The first one on our list of the best places to buy gold chains is none other than the Thomas long company. Over the course of a decade, RCI has amassed hundreds of thousands of loyal fans. Their excellence in the field of gold manufacturing is seen in all of their products.

The thing that makes them special is their delicate and precise manufacturing and also their attention to detail. All of their stellar jewelry items are statements of their long years of experience in producing gold products. You can find everything from stud to gold chains. They are on the top of their game and definitely one of the best places to buy gold chains from.

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What we Love:

  • Chains of all kinds are available
  • Strength is ensured by different types of knot and welds
  • The quality is superb, with a good weight and glimmer

Lovebling is another place to buy phenomenal gold chains. As the name suggests this gold manufacturing company is for gold enthusiasts. They offer hundreds of different products in a wide variety of different designs and themes. The gold chains featured by love bling are of premium quality, their manufacturing is top-notch.

Other than that their premium manufacturing also ensures the longevity and strength of these chains. You can use them however you like without the fear of them breaking. The gold chains on display are superb in both their weight and quality. If you’re in the market for a top tier gold chain then Love bling is definitely worth a look, it is one of the best places to buy gold chains.

Jewelry affairs:

What we Love:

  • A diverse catalog of phenomenal jewelry
  • They have products which feature gold of numerous varieties and color
  • Comes in a beautiful gift box

Jewelry affairs have by far the most diverse selection of gold products on the market. They have hundreds of products and even have dozens of variations of gold chains, from the rope, mariner, Figaro chains they have them all and so much more. They have rings, bracelets, chains, and even gold earrings. You can get them in white gold or yellow and in 10 or even 14 karat varieties. 

That’s not all, the expertise of the master goldsmiths shines through their products. Each one of them is the price of art that looks stellar in any type of condition. For fine manufacturing and the ability to choose between literally hundreds of different style options, you need to consider jewelry affairs as it is one of the best places to buy a gold chain from.



What we Love:

  • Superb gold chains
  • Aside from the premium chains they also offer healing crystal jewelry
  • The crystals can be in any form a cufflink, earning, or even a bracelet

Ross-Simmons is a luxury manufacturer, by all means, it usually caters to women’s gold products, and offers a huge variety in that category. If your thinking of buying a chain for yourself or your significant other then ross-Simmons is a great option to consider. Their fine manufacturing and attention to detail are what we love most about them. Each of their products receives special attention from the manufacturers and hence the end product always looks stunning. 

Ross-Simons also offers special crystal themed products too, you can get yourself a garnet ring or an amethyst one. Healing crystals and their effects on our daily lives is a topic that we have covered in extensive detail. Their gemstone line is superb, most importantly since these crystals are in the form of bracelets or other jewelry items you’ll get their benefits throughout the day. So if you want a premium gold chain or even some great gemstone jewelry then you have to take a look at Ross simons and their expansive collection.


What we Love:

  • A large collection of Timeless classics
  • Made from solid gold not hollowed or gold plated metals
  • Made in Italy, by expert manufactures

Nura gold is another premium manufacturer of gold chains. From 10K to 18K gold chains they have it all, the chains are hefty and have a weight attached to them assuring the product is authentic. Some manufacturers replace the gold with hollow gold, which is just a cheaper way of manufacturing chains. Since the material is not solid gold hence the weight is lower and the chains are more brittle. 

Nuragold avoids this completely and only offers chains that are made from solid gold, this means that each chain you order from them will be the real deal. They come in a bunch of different designs all of which are exquisite and unique, perfect for anyone looking to buy a top-quality gold chain. Nura gold is definitely among the list of the best places to buy gold chains.

The World Jewelry center:

What we Love:

  • Premium gold manufacturing
  • The Jewelry is not plated it is in fact made out of solid gold
  • Comes with an amazing 30-day return policy

The world jewelry center takes pride in giving its customers truly unique and exquisite pieces of jewelry. They make everything from tri-colored gold chains to premium earrings and even exquisite Italian pendants. Their rose gold collection is in simple terms stunning to look at. Take the tri-colored chain, for example, it's a mix of white, yellow, and rose gold, a unique spin on an otherwise traditional price of jewelry, the classic gold chain. It’s a fresh look that certainly looks better in person. 

The shine and glimmer of all these chains are truly amazing. This shows the care and attention that the manufacturers put into their products. Strength and durability is also something that is essential for the world jewelry center, their products are designed from the ground up to be sturdy and long-lasting.

Another great feature of these chains is that they all come with a 30- day money-back guarantee, best of all it's a “no questions asked” policy meaning that even if you don't like the chain for whatever reason you can just refund it.  All these features combined make the World Jewelry center one of the best places to buy gold chains.

Welling sale:

What we Love:

  • 3- year complimentary refinishing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Diverse catalog and phenomenal design

A great manufacturer can be identified by the fine details included in their products. Welling sale is, by all means, a great manufacturer, just one look at their catalog will prove our point. They have finely detailed chains, pendants, earrings, etc. all of which showcase the expertise of the welling sale master smiths. The ladybird cufflinks for example is a highly detailed product, the dark pink gem and the glimmering gold shell complement each other beautifully. 

As time goes on jewelry items tend to lose their natural shine, in such a case you will need to refinish them. That is if you buy your products from a jeweler other than a welling sale because they offer a complimentary 3-year refinishing for all products bought from their shop.

Other than that they also offer a lifetime warranty, if you encounter any problem with the product then you can easily replace it. With a diverse range of products in their catalog, their fine manufacturing, amazing design, and the reliability of their gold products, they are definitely one of the best places to buy gold chains right now.


Each one of the shops that we have featured above is amazing in all aspects. From the durability, quality to the overall design and look of these chains everything is perfect.

We have spent hours upon hours researching these places and have come to sort the conclusion that if you want to buy a great chain for a reasonable price then these are the best places to buy gold chains from. We hope this guide helps you make better buying decisions, among the expansive variety of these shops we’re sure you’ll find something that you love.

  • Tamim was born in Vancouver and has since lived in New York, Doha, and Beirut where she learned to embrace the healing power of traditional spices, tonics, and waters. After getting her degree in International Economics from Georgetown University, Tamim decided it wasn’t for her. Since becoming a writer, Tamim has covered everything from music to beauty, fashion, and wellness. Her writing has appeared on Fashionista, Nylon, Into The Gloss and more.

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