10 Best Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

 One of the best ways to induce a lucid dream is by keeping crystals for lucid dreaming near you.  

Being aware of your surroundings and the fact that you’re dreaming is known as a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming allows you to take control of your dream and influence it in any way you want. While lucid dreaming and designing your own world in dreams is not easy, people often practice doing so. Having a conscious mind in your dreams is very beneficial.

You can access information about yourself and even receive spiritual messages.

This process dates back to ancient times, however, this kind of state is difficult to achieve. In order to create a lucid dream people often employ the help of various powerful crystals.

Our list of crystals for lucid dreaming will allow you to take control of your dreams, however, be warned, these crystals are powerful and if you’re hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep it might be best not to keep them around. 

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Amethyst (For Spiritual Realm Connection):

Main attributes of Amethyst:

  • Color: Purple 
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

One of the most common crystals for dreaming you’ll find on the market, the amethyst has been known to have a number of properties that allow a person to gather information from their dreams and connect spiritually with the metaphysical plane.

This stone has been known to radically connect with one’s third eye chakra, it enables the user to take control of their dreams and receive messages from the beyond, at times allowing its user to learn more about themselves in the process.

Among the dream crystals on our list of the best crystals for lucid dreaming, the amethyst is by far one of the best astral travellings. 

How to use Amethyst:

The best way to use this dream crystal is to keep it on your third eye (the middle of your forehead) before you sleep for a small amount of time as you meditate. As you’re about to sleep keep the crystal near you at all times. Try placing it on a nightstand to get the best results. 

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Angel Aura (vivid lucid dreaming stone):

Main attributes of Angel Aura:

  • Color: Purple 
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

The angel aura or otherwise known as the opal aura is an amazing quartz crystal which has been combined with precious metals such as platinum and various others.

This stone has been known to induce lucid dreams and is known to help you connect to the astral plane.

Out of all of the crystals for lucid dreaming, we’ve added into this list, it’s important to understand that the crystal is, However, this is a powerful stone and its best not to keep with you every night as it can induce powerful visions which often lead to difficulty in sleeping. 

How to use Angel Aura:

The angel aura works best when meditated with and kept near you when you sleep. Some people prefer to use the angel aura by keeping it underneath their pillows.

Our recommendation, however, is not to do so. There is a high probability of losing the stone as it can probably fall off from under your pillow at night and break.

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Lodolite (Dream recall stone):

Main attributes of Shamanic Dream Stone:

  • Color: Purple 
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

The Shamanic dream stone is one of the most famous crystals for lucid dreaming that you’ll ever come by. It has several names and is sold all across the world. It is most commonly referred to as the lodolite and has also been referred to as the garden quartz.

This stone has a number of interesting properties, not only does it induce lucid dreams it is also famous for being a dream recall stone. If you feel like you’ve received a message in your sleep but are unable to recall it, mediating with the shamanic dream stone is a good idea. 

Moreover, the shamanic dream stone has also been known to excellent astral exploring and getting a better idea of your subconscious self. 

How to use Shamanic Dream Stone:

Meditate with this stone often and keep it in your pocket as you go about your daily activities which will eventually affect your dreams.

Before you go to bed place it on your nightstand. 

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Herkimer Diamond (The astral exploring crystal):

Main attributes of Herkimer Diamond:

  • Color: Purple 
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

While the Herkimer diamond crystal looks small, remember that it packs a punch!

This quartz crystal has been double terminated and is the best lucid dreaming stone in our list which has been shown to be very effective in activating one’s third eye chakra. Meditating with this stone will allow you to lucid dream with more clarity.

The Herkimer diamond is an excellent companion to have with you as you lucid dream to explore deeper meaning in your dreams and get to know yourself better. The Herkimer diamond induces a deeper sense of awareness in dreams that other crystals for lucid dreaming cannot.

How to use the Herkimer diamond:

It’s best to mediate with the crystal before going to sleep. Keep it on your forehead to induce the opening of your third eye. This will help you get clearer visions.

Keep it on your nightstand or near your bedside in order to achieve the best results.

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Moldavite (For intense lucid dreaming):

Main attributes of Moldavite:

  • Color: Purple 
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

Moldavite is becoming increasingly rare and is becoming harder to find.

Dreaming with moldavite is difficult, however, it yields the best results out of all of the crystals of lucid dreaming we’ve listed out for you. The crystal has very superior energy and it can become difficult to meditate with. Among the long list of third eye chakra opening crystals, moldavite is the most stimulating. However, meditating with it can be difficult.

The first few months of lucid dreaming with this crystal can be difficult. It often takes months to get comfortable with its strong aura. However, once you get comfortable with it induces the most vivid dreams. 

How to use moldavite:

Try meditating with it first to see if you’re comfortable with the stone, if your heart starts feeling heavy then try something a little softer before you get back to the moldavite. 

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Moonstone (for tranquil lucid dreaming):

Main attributes of Moonstone:

  • Color: Milky white
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

The creamy moonstone is the exact opposite of the moldavite. It brings forth very soothing and calm lucid dreams. Mediating with the creamy milky moonstone is simple and often a very calming and sleep-inducing experience.

The moonstone natural aura is very calming and it creates a shield around you that keeps helps smooth your extra anxious emf radiations. 

How to use Moonstone:

In order to effectively use the moonstone to help induce lucid dreams to try to hold it against your chest to open the stream of heart chakra before placing it on your forehead halfway to induce a state of lucid dreaming when the time comes.

Out of all our crystals for lucid dreaming, this crystal is the most effective for connecting with your subconscious feelings and thoughts.

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Rainbow Moonstone:

Main attributes of Rainbow Moonstone:

  • Color: Milky white with rainbow sheen
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

The rainbow moonstone is a powerful stone and is a more intense version of the moonstone itself. It appears to be milky but carries a very brightly coloured reflective sheen which has led to it getting this name.

This stone is also known in some places as white labradorite. You can use this for the same purpose you’ll be using the moonstone, to get lucid dreams.

However, this stone is best for connecting with your subconscious self and allowing feelings to come forth. It has also been known to be very effective for dream work as well. 

How to use Rainbow Moonstone:

Use the rainbow moonstone in your mediation for a few days and arrange a meditation session specially arranged for lucid dreaming before you go to sleep.

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Main attributes of Covellite:

  • Colour: 
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

This stone helps you discover your psychic abilities by warding off bad spirits. This crystal allows you to communicate with your soul by helping you Astral travel.

Covellite helps you in lucid dreaming. It helps you have control over your dreams. This crystal allows you to dream about anything you like and helps you experience the extraordinary existence of your soul. 

How to use covellite:

You can meditate with this crystal it helps you to sleep. This crystal is very helpful if you are trying to relax you can hold it in your hand.

You can keep this crystal near you when you sleep it will create a soothing effect on your mind and body remember to not keep it under your pillow it might break. 

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Main attributes of Celestite:

  • Color: Milky white with rainbow sheen
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

This crystal is a very pacific stone.

It helps you to calm. This stone is very good if someone has anxiety. Celestite is very good for someone who has nightmares it allows you to attain akashic dreams and that mental plane which you need to access akashic records.

This helps you to dream about your thoughts in the past, present and possibly your future.

How to use Celestite:

You can use this stone to calm yourself or help you relieve stress by holding it in your hands or gently pressing it against your heart.

You can also keep it close to your head which allows you to access your subconscious mind.

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Tiger's eye:

Main attributes of Tiger's eye:

  • Color: Brown, black
  • Best stone for lucid dreaming

This crystal is great for anyone who overthinks or someone who works a lot.

If you feel like you have too many ideas in your mind and you can't go to sleep because of that this stone is perfect for you it helps you relax. It works as an acoustic material to cut down any unnecessary sound. This stone is a great stress reliever. It can help you relax and make you forget about your day or your work. 

How to use Tiger's eye:

You can access your subconscious by closing your eyes and keeping it on your forehead. This crystal allows you to have control over your dreams by allowing you to Astral project where you can create your own dreams or dream about anything you like which is helpful for anyone who has nightmares. Tiger's Eye can also help you meditate by calming your subconscious mind and your thoughts. This will also help you get rid of all the unnecessary thoughts which will help you modify them.


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Our list of crystals for lucid dreaming is extensive and excellent. No other stones will be able to induce vivid dreams as these stones will.

However, lucid dreams and astral walking are both related to the subconscious which is uncharted territory. The stones will yield the best results when you use them regularly and practice meditation often.

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