Alex Greeta

Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

10 Best Crystals for Prosperity and Money

 Several crystals can do the same and help you succeed in your Monterey ventures ...

crystals for driving test

8 Best Crystals for Passing a Driving Test

It’s a great feeling to get in your car and just drive without any ...

crystals for social anxiety

8 Best Healing Crystals for Social Anxiety

No one likes having social anxiety. Even though you might think you’re completely immune ...

crystals for addiction

10 Crystals for Addiction & Bad Habits to help you Quit

Addiction not only requires physical restraint but most importantly requires willpower. For this one ...

Crystals for love

Crystals for Love to Attract Romance into Your Life

Even though all of the crystals tend to vibrate energies that bring affection, some ...

crystals for Fibromyalgia

8 Crystals for Fibromyalgia that Will help You Heal

Fibromyalgia is a very painful disease characterized by an amplified sensation of pain in ...

crystals for babies

8 Best Crystals for Babies (Room & Nursery)

Newborns give us all a feeling of ecstasy, indicating the parents for better and ...

Crystals for Headaches

8 Crystals for Headaches & Migraines (Healing Stones)

Crystals for headaches: This makes the headache really annoying especially if you want to ...

crystals for memory

Crystals for Memory Enhancement [Top 8 Listed]

It’s hard to do all of these things, however even during these difficult times ...

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