10 Best Crystals For Cancer Star Signs: You Need Them

10 Best Crystals For Cancer Star Signs You Need Them

There are plenty of crystals out there with different healing properties that anybody can make use of, but what about crystals that are suited to a certain zodiac sign?

Zodiac crystals give off unique frequencies that when combined with our personal energy fields helps to support and balance us. Aided by Cancer crystals, those with a Cancer star sign can make better use of their natural gifts while improving their weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best crystals for Cancerians that compliment their strengths.

It’s also worth noting that even those who were not born under the Cancer sign will still feel the energy of Cancer working in their lives during the Cancer period of the Zodiac (June 21st- July 22nd).

So while these crystals are particularly beneficial for Cancers, they may also be helpful for any other sign during this period.

Who Are Cancers?

Before we delve into the crystals, let’s take a look at some traits you can typically find in Cancers. 

The Cancer star sign welcomes summer with nurturing energy. It is a water element and is ruled by the moon, meaning Cancers are usually pretty emotional folks. They are also known for being generous, caring, and nurturing. 

However, their energy can bring about many emotions and behaviors that seem to contradict each other. Cancers can be both patient, sympathetic and sweet, but can also behave selfishly, and well, crabbily (perhaps this is to be expected, given the Cancer is represented by the crab).

The moon controls the tides, the ebb and flow of water, which may explain the strong mood changes experienced by Cancers. Still, Cancers tend to be the most emotionally intelligent out of all the other zodiac signs.

Because Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves, they can be over-sensitive to the point where you may find yourself walking on eggshells around them. They often concern themselves with the past and have a deep desire to belong.

Because of this Cancers crave security and routine, and are fiercely loyal. Family is the most important thing to them and they enjoy taking care of their loved ones.

However, this often comes at the expense of taking care of themselves. Cancers are resistant to change, but with guidance can learn to go with the flow.

Cancers also have terrific imaginations and often find themselves in creative fields and are often writers, musicians, and artists. Their emotional intelligence helps them to be incredibly intuitive. However, they are also impulsive, with emotions guiding a lot of their decisions. 


  • Color: Red.
  • Origin: India

The July birthstone, rubies are a powerful stone that give Cancers the grounding and nurturing energy they crave. Rubies can encourage Cancers to be brave, strong, and passionate, and can also boost their confidence. With Ruby, a Cancer may feel like they can accomplish anything!

The intense energy of the Ruby means it can have a very powerful effect on dreams. They can help bring about vivid dreams and help you to make sense of them. If you fully understand the ruby it can even help you to have complete control over your dreams.

Tips for using Rubies: Blue Sapphire is another crystal with determination properties that help achieve more self-control and harmonizes well with the Ruby’s strength. 


  • Color: Green
  • Origin: Brazil, Russia, Egypt

Emerald is a stone with an empowering, free-flowing energy that is particularly beneficial for our hearts. This makes Emerald a great crystal for Cancers as it invigorates them with hope when going through difficult situations in their lives.

By promoting inner peace and emotional stability it helps to balance out their emotional states.

Tips for using Emeralds: Seeing as Emerald crystals are often associated with love it makes sense that they mix well with a number of crystals.

For example, Pale Green Hiddenite has a very complimentary energy with Emeralds and can be useful in aiding emotional healing. Other stones that may also help in this area when combined with Emeralds include Lepidolite and Mangano Calcite.

Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper

  • Color: Gray/brown tawny with gold/brown markings
  • Origin: Mexico, Brazil

Leopardskin Jasper is the perfect guide for journeys of self-discovery, as its energy helps to provide a greater spiritual understanding of light and dark.

Therefore, Leopardskin Jasper can help you to listen to your inner voice, and view your personal circumstances more clearly so you can perhaps put things in perspective and problem solve.

As Cancers often make decisions based on emotions and crave security, Leopard Jasper is the perfect crystal to ground them.

However, Leopardskin Jasper also has a light-hearted energy that vanquishes pessimistic thoughts. In other words, with a Leopardskin Jasper Cancers are able to see clearly both the dark and light in their lives and balance the two.

Tips for using Leopardskin Jasper: To utilise the healing properties of Leopardskin Jasper, wear jewelry that’s flush against your skin as the closer the Leopardskin Jasper is to your skin the more effective it is.


  • Color: White
  • Origin: India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar

As the Cancer sign is ruled by the moon it’s only fitting that Moonstones would be beneficial for this star sign.

Moonstone helps to make Cancers shine, bringing out all their best traits like their intuition, creativity, and nurturing qualities. Moonstones can be very soothing to Cancers when they’re low and help them to go with the flow.

Tips for using Moonstone: Moonstone is a high vibration crystal that compliments similar crystals.

Cavansite has amazing dream capabilities and combined with Moonstone can help you to ascend and connect with other dimensions when totally relaxed. Other crystals that pair well with Moonstone include Azurite, Blue Kyanite, Iolite, Shattuckite, and Tanzanite.

Red Jasper

  • Color: Red
  • Origin: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Australia

Red Jasper is an incredible grounding stone that brings you down to earth and more engaged with your surroundings.

Red Jasper can help you focus, warding off thoughts of procrastination and helping you to avoid distractions. Red Jasper is the perfect companion when accomplishing your goals and making your dreams come true.

The grounding energy of the Red Jasper makes Cancers feel secure and compliments their nurturing nature. Red Jaspers can revitalize Cancers, as well as soothe their emotions and provide them spiritual protection.

Tips for using Red Jasper: Other protective stones that compliment Red Jasper include Black Kyanite, Black Moonstone Jet, and Shungite. All of these stones can have a greatly positive affect on your spiritual well-being.

Rose Quartz

  • Color: Pink
  • Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, and USA (South Dakota)

As represented in its dreamy pink hue, Rose Quartz is a crystal full of love. It helps to unlock your purest loving potential and helps you to love yourself and others. It helps you to love yourself by providing feelings of contentment and personal fulfillment.

By helping you to become more attuned with the Earth, Rose Quartz helps to establish deep empathy with others. Rose Quartz also has a feminine energy that values gentleness, peace, and compassion. Rose Quartz is also incredibly healing.

Unsurprisingly, Rose Quartz compliments Cancer’s caring nature perfectly. It emits a tender, nurturing energy that promotes both compassion and self-acceptance, as well as unconditional love of yourself and others.

Rose Quartz can help Cancers struggling with feelings of possessiveness, jealousy, and self-pity while also soothing negative emotions and making Cancers feel more courageous.

Tips for using Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz harmonizes well with pretty much any stone – what would you expect from a crystal brimming with love?

Rose Quartz helps to balance out a number of energies especially with an equally loving crystal like Emerald. However, with Tiger Eye it can help you to unlock your heart’s deepest desires and help you to act on them.



  • Color: White/grey/yellow
  • Origin: Morocco, Madagascar, Brazil, Mexico, Australia

Selenite is a great crystal for enhancing Cancer’s intuitive qualities. Their intuitive nature as well as highly emotional nature often means that Cancers can absorb a lot of negative energies around them, and Selenite can help to neutralize that energy.

It helps to quieten the storm of emotions constantly raging inside them and helps them to go with the flow.

Selenite has no negative energy and can even cleanse and recharge your favorite stones and personal auric field. To make use of this cleaning capability, place the stones you’ve most recently worked on or purchased near or on top of your Selenite crystal and invoke purity into your crystals.

Tips for using Selenite: Selenite works well with Black Tourmaline when you’re feeling under the weather. However, when it comes to expanding your mind, Selenite harmonizes well with Cavansite, Dumortierite, Iolite, Moldavite, Phenacite, and Shattuckite.

If you’re struggling to communicate your wants and needs (or decipher them for yourself), meditating with Selenite and Garnet or Carnelian can enhance your transformative capabilities. 

To feel nurtured and safe, place Selenite in all of the main corners of your home to form a protective bubble around you.

To really utilize your Selenite and feel its spiritual benefits, try to either wear or have a piece of it with you everyday, as well as by your bedside at night.


  • Color: Red/pink
  • Origin: Mexico, Madagascar, Brazil

Rhodonite is an extremely powerful crystal that helps to reduce and neutralize anxiety. It’s a very comforting stone that will hold you in your time of need, and stroking it during times of distress can also be helpful.

Not only will it strengthen your heart but remind you of your inner strength even in places or situations where you feel weak or powerless. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, and confidence, Rhodonite is a great piece to wear or have with you everyday. 

Rhodonite can also help Cancers become more independent and let go of their codependent habits. This helps Cancers feel more secure in their relationships.

Rhodonite’s energy helps Cancers look inward for validation rather than outward, reduces engagement in self-destructive habits, and helps Cancers heal from emotional pain. Rhodonite helps Cancers to reach their full potential while reducing stress and anxiety in the process.

Tips for using Rhodonite: Rhodonite harmonizes well with pretty much all heart stones, but is the most effective when used with Emerald and Rose Quartz. Both of these stones are exceptional at healing the heart and physical body.

Meanwhile, Rhodonite and Garnet can help you achieve your dreams, thanks to Garnet’s manifesting properties that help you keep your spark alight, while the Rhodonite helps to bridge your dream with reality. 


  • Color: Red/Orange
  • Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, India, Madagascar

Carnelian is a great motivational crystal, as it strengthens willpower and drive, making you even more eager to achieve your goals. It can also help you to manifest your goals for the future, and the various colors have different effects on various chakras.

The deeper red-orange stones energize the base chakra while the more pinkish orange stone will resonate more with the heart chakra. However, both hues will highly resonate in your first chakra down to your third chakra as well as resonating in your heart chakra.

Orange Carnelian crystals are a type of chalcedony which itself is a type of Quartz crystal. Therefore, they have all the energies of a Quartz crystal and this helps to amplify their energy.

Carnelians can help to bring out Cancer’s creativity, inspiring them and helping them to hone and master their craft.

It also provides a balancing and grounding energy, revitalizing Cancers and giving them the courage to manifest their dreams. Carnelian can also help Cancers with decision-making, guiding them to make good choices.

Tips for using Carnelian: Carnelian crystals make for excellent combinations with a lot of high vibration crystals. For example, you can use Carnelian at the solar plexus or power chakra then add a Moldavite crystal to your heart chakra or third eye.

Or you can use Phenacite at the third eye and Petalite, Phenacite or Danburite above your head at the soul star chakra. You can also hold Carnelian crystals while putting Smokey Quartz or Tiger Iron at the base chakra.

Both Tiger Iron and Smoke Quartz are grounded stone and combined with the energy of Carnelian will help to create a steady flow of excess energy downward. This flow of excess energy via the lower chakras down to the earth star chakra is a great way to ground you.

Carnelian also has other physical benefits when combined with Green Aventurine or Green Calcite, strengthening the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and kidneys. 


  • Color: Yellow/pale yellow/amber
  • Origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar

Citrine is a fantastic crystal for those who need a bit of inspiration. It can help you get in touch with your creative center, which is home to some of your most powerful manifesting energies. Not only does the creative center help us realise our personal will but unlock our deepest desires.

When you feel like you need a change in direction in life, make use of Citrine’s powerful energy. Hold this crystal each day, letting the universe hear your goals, and your energies will be powerfully amplified.

However, it’s not just about thinking or simply wanting change, but focusing on change and putting it into action. Citrine helps to make this possible by incorporating your root chakra, allowing you to make your wildest dreams come true.

Change is something we all desire or fear at different points in our lives, but Citrine can help you make sense of what change you desire and give you the courage to implement it.

For stubborn, change-resistant Cancers, Citrine can help to boost their creativity and motivation. It’s a crystal full of joy that helps to cheer Cancers up when they’re feeling low.

It also allows Cancers to see things from others perspectives which a stubborn Cancer may struggle with. It also helps Cancers to see the light in all situations, to loosen up and go with the flow.

Tips for using Citrine: Citrine is able to help you see from the perspectives of others by stimulating the visionary abilities of your third eye chakra. You can strengthen this ability by combining it with high vibration crystals like Natrolite, Phenacite, or Stellar Beam Calcite.

For a more creative boost, you can use Citrine with Picasso Stone, Pietersite, Rutilated Quartz, or Spessartine Garnet.

A word of warning when purchasing Citrine. It’s a very rare and expensive stone with some pieces selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of this a large counterfeit market has sprouted up.

This market has saturated the mineral world with fake Citrine that is often just heat-treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. 

When purchasing a piece of natural Citrine, be mindful of the seller as well as the size and color of the piece. Citrine’s natural hue is a faint yellow/orange.

If the Citrine you want to purchase is brighter or bolder in color then be wary. When it comes to size, any piece over a few inches will be worth at least a few hundred, if not thousands of dollars depending on the quality. 

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