9 Crystals for Kids to Help Them Heal, Protect and Stay Calm

Crystals for kids

 “Getting healing crystals for kids haven’t been easier!” 

Healing crystals aren’t only for adults. In fact, it works best for younger children since they keep more faith in anything than their elders. In this article, I will tell you all about crystals for kids and the best one you can get for your kid.

So here are my top picks for the crystals you can get for your children. I recommend reading each description carefully and deciding what your kid really needs:

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Crystals for children

Main attributes of Amethyst:

  • Color: Purple
  • Origin: Brazil, Uraguay
  • For mental focus and emotional maturity

Amethyst might be the best stone your kid can have since it brings both calming energy and confidence into your kid's life.

Amethyst is known for bringing emotional assistance and spiritual guidance, which I think is very important for every child to have.

Moreover, the calming nature of the stone helps your child to have a peaceful sleep that will strengthen their emotional and physical life.

Our tip for using Amethyst:

To keep your kids healthy and happy, it's imperative that you place Amethyst healing crystals for kids in their school bags and near their bed.

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aquamarine Crystals for kids

Main attributes of Aquamarine:

  • Color: Blue, Aqua
  • Origin: Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia
  • Crystals to help retain information

Aquamarine can help your child make it through the tough mental barriers since it acts as therapy to the people dealing with emotional sickness.

But my favorite benefit to get from Aquamarine is the energy to help children retain information and help them ace their tests.

Our tip for using Aquamarine:

Have your kid take this stone to the exams for good luck and to help retain what's been prepared.

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Rose Quartz

Main attributes of Rose Quartz:

  • Color: Blush Pink
  • Origin: India, Madagascar, Germany
  • For love and openness

If you feel like your kid is an avoidant who is never too open about what they're feeling and lacks empathy, Rose Quartz is the one to get.

Rose Quartz crystals for children make children open up about their feelings and become more expressive. The warm energy of the stone will make your kid have unconditional love for self and others around.

Our tip for using Rose Quartz:

Has the stone placed near where the kids sleep? the energy of the stone will transfer itself to them in their sleep. You can do this with any other healing crystals for kids too.

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Black Tourmaline

Main attributes of Black Tourmaline:

  • Color: Black
  • Origin: Brazil, Africa
  • Best crystals for child protection

This all-black looking quartz for kids is best for protecting them from negative energies and self-doubt. Balancing courage and the power to strip the evil off are the chief features of Black Tourmaline.

Tourmalines are the best crystals for child protection. This stone helps your children to feel safe and reduces to fear to combat any negative energy. This, in the end, makes them more confident than any child around.

Our tip for using Black Tourmaline:

I recommend having the Black Tourmaline with the kids when they go to school. Not only it will give them protection, but it will also make them confident.

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Main attributes of Carnelian:

  • Color: Golden, Yellow, Red
  • Origin: Brazil, Russia, Germany
  • Best crystals for confidence and anxiety

Carnelian is best known for elevating self-esteem and having a more open-minded outlook on life. I believe these two things are the most important characteristics a child should have.

If you only want one stone to get for your child if he or she is insecure, Carnelian would always be it. It helps kids trust themselves in every situation which elevates their self-esteem.

Our tip for using Carnelian:

I recommend making Carnelian crystal necklaces for boys or girls and have them wear it to the school. The stone will give them confidence and a great deal of creativity to them.

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Clear Quartz

Main attributes of Clear Quartz:

  • Color: Clear
  • Origin: Africa, India, USA
  • Best healing crystals for children

If your kid tends to get sick more often, clear quartz can be your kid's best companion. The healing energy of the quartz will help ease the pain whether it's emotional or physical. This makes it one of the best crystals for babies who are sick and can't be treated with medicines.

Not only that, but it will also help in stimulating creativity. It will help your children to trust their gut and do whatever they think is right, which is the most important part of emotional well-being.

Our tip for using Clear Quartz:

Wearing crystals for schools will be the best use of Clear Quartz. Since the energy won't be that hardly projected, your kid will have no side effects from the crystal.

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Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye

Main attributes of Tiger's Eye:

  • Color: Brown, Yellow, Golden
  • Origin: India, Burma, Brazil
  • For good luck and strength

Tiger's Eye is the kind of stone that your kid will like because, in my opinion, it really looks cool! It's a must-have in your gemstone collections for kids.

But on a serious note, this stone can really elevate your child's luck and their inner strength. It will bring courage to try new things and the confidence to do whatever they think is right, without thinking what others may think of them.

Our tip for using Tiger's Eye:

Place the stone near to the bed of your children to have the stone heal them while they sleep.

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crystals for focus

Main attributes of Citrine:

  • Color: Golden, Yellow
  • Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, Russia
  • For happiness and creativity

If you find your kid all gloomy and melancholy when he/she first used to be all joyful and merry, then my recommendation is to get Citrine.

It will bring back all their creativity and freedom of mind they once had. It will make them forget all the sadness and bring them into being more confident and cheerful.

Our tip for using Citrine:

Has the stone placed where your kid sleeps? The stone will work its magic in their sleep.

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best crystals for children

Main Attributes of Sodalite:

  • Color: Blue, Light Blue
  • Origin: Canada
  • For confidence and clarity

Your kid will never be confused or dull when learning new things and skills if you give them the Sodalite crystal to keep.

This stone will help your kid bring clarity and individuality. Your kid will never worry about others might think and help them cope with fear and chaos rather than fleeing off.

Our tip for using Sodalite:

Sodalite will work best if you have your kid keep the stone in the backpack. The stone will heal your child all-day through, making them the best versions of themselves.

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  • Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

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