10 Best Crystals For Leo Star Signs: You Need Them

10 Best Crystals for Leo Star Sign

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac – a confident and charismatic fire sign represented by the lion. Ruled by the sun, Leos are passionate, creative and dominant. 

By choosing the right crystals, Leos can work on their weaknesses and improve their strengths, allowing them to achieve balance and gracefully step into their role as King of the Jungle. 

Why Use Crystals? 

If you are new to Crystal healing, then you might be wondering why to start and how the properties of crystals can help you. 

This alternative therapy uses crystals and precious stones to restore balance to your mind and, ultimately, your life. Each crystal has unique properties that improve your mental wellbeing. 

Crystals draw their energy from nature- the sun, the moon, the earth, water, fire – which means that certain crystals are aligned with the star signs due to their affiliation with the elements.

Choosing the right crystals can help you to enhance certain aspects of your personality or strengthen desirable traits associated with your star sign. Or, you can use them to help you balance out some of the more challenging behaviours and thought patterns, bringing balance to your life. 

You can charge your crystals by exposing them to nature, such as sunlight or moonlight, depending on the individual stone. To purify your crystals, it is recommended you expose them to light for at least 24 hours. 

You can also charge your crystals using other crystals. Place the uncharged crystal in the centre of the circle of other crystals, again for 24 hours. To draw energy from the earth, try charging your crystals by burying them in soil or surrounding them with plants. 

Many people consider salt to be a metaphysical tool and it can be used to cleanse your crystals of negative energy. You can leave your crystal to soak in salt water for several minutes, lay your crystal within a salt circle for an hour, or bury it in salt.

Remember to gently wipe the stones down with a towel afterwards to remove the salt. 

You may be surprised to discover that you can also cleanse crystals with sound. Singing bowls, bells, chimes, and humming and chanting have long been used for their purifying energy. 

Spend time meditating near your crystals. Focus your mind on them to feel their energy and channel their properties. This will be easier with crystals with properties that are more naturally aligned to your personality traits. 

You can collect crystals to keep in your home, carry them on your person, or even wear them as jewellery to have them near you at all times. 

Crystal healing is very popular with many celebrities like Adele, Miranda Kerr, Jenna Dewan, Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson, Julianne Hough, Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham.  

More About Leo Star Sign

More About Leo Star Sign


Leos are natural born leaders and can often be stubborn, arrogant and even self-centered. But they are warm hearted and loving, their generosity and loyalty leading them to be constantly surrounded by friends. 

Leos have a strong ego and can feel threatened by the success of others. However, they are fixated on personal growth and self-awareness and are happy when their loved ones are content.

Their sense of humour and cheerful disposition make them popular, which is perfect as they love being centre of attention. 

The sun aligns with Leo during midsummer, making it a fixed sign- positioned in the middle of a season rather than either end. This makes Leos determined and courageous, able to achieve anything they set their heart on.

But this can often make them rigid, inflexible, and stubborn. As the sun never goes into retrograde, this makes Leos more consistent than signs are ruled by plants such as mercury. 

Leos have the courage of their figurehead, the lion, and can sometimes share in it’s aggressive nature when defending those they love. Like the lion, they can also be prone to periods of inactivity and need a safe space to retreat and rest. 

When it comes to love, Leos are passionate and sincere. They display their feelings easily, and often use generosity as a sign of affection.

Leos will often try to take the lead role in a friendship or relationship and have a naturally dominant personality, but they can be reasoned with by people they respect and admire – usually people of the same or higher level of intellect. 

Once you win the heart of a Leo they will remain faithful and true, but be warned- if you break it they will not forgive you easily! Leos give off a carefree attitude, but they feel deeply and often hold on to their emotional hurt for a long time. Forgiveness does not come easily to the lion. 

Whilst Leos are always surrounded by large groups of admirers, they are fiercely independent and keen to pursue their own interests.

This, along with bursts of energy and creativity, help them to excel in careers where they have the freedom to make decisions and act on their impulses. Leos do not take well to being micromanaged. 

Whilst Leos can sometimes have a reputation for being selfish, they are actually very likely to share their good fortune with family and friends. 

Crystals To Enhance Leo Traits

Leos have many positive and enviable traits that can be enhanced with the right crystals. These stones will also give a boost to any Leos that are going through a difficult time, or facing big challenges in their personal or work life.

If a Leo needs some extra strength and encouragement to find themselves again, these crystals will do the trick. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a stone traditionally associated with Leos. It is a crystal with a golden red-brown color and a silky texture. It’s appearance led ancient civilisations to believe that the stone was all-seeing and could provide protection against evil.

Both sun and earth energy combine in the Tiger’s eye crystal to provide Leos with the support they need to effectively utilize their strong will. The sun offers joy and confidence, boosting creativity. The earth gives bravery, courage, and will help Leos to stay grounded.

Tiger’s eye is an excellent stone to restore and encourage a Leo’s natural traits and help them to be the best version of themselves. 

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a shiny, dark stone, often chunky in shape. It is the stone of purification and a talisman of protection, used in ancient times to protect magicians from demons as they cast their spells. It has an electrical nature, aligning the spirit of the earth with the human spirit.

This crystal has the unique ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. This will boost Leo’s natural optimism and love of life.

It also encourages self-confidence and personal power, assisting with Leo’s trademark trait of unwavering confidence. Use this stone if you are experiencing self-doubt and negative thoughts to revive your Leo fire. 


Carnelian is an orange crystal, and the birthstone for July Leos. It matches the energy of the Leo, with strong connections to fire. Due to its color, it was used by ancient Egyptians to represent the eye of Horus, a symbol that represents healing and protection.

Carnelian will boost creativity and passion and stimulate vitality. It will also help Leos to manifest personal power and confidence, bringing them back to their naturally happy disposition.

This stone also provides balance by keeping the Leo grounded, helping to prevent them from becoming too selfish and self-absorbed – a common downfall of the egotistical Leo.

Leos are natural leaders, and carnelian has long been used by leaders and public speakers to bring them confidence when making decisions and addressing large crows. This is the perfect stone for a Leo, as it rejuvenates their vibrant energy whilst reducing their excessive ego. 


Citrine is a powerful manifestation crystal that is yellow in color. It has a rich history. Ancient Egyptians used citrine as a talisman to soothe anger and attract prosperity. The Greeks carved images into citrine, and the Romans fashioned it into jewelry such as rings.

Citrine stimulates creativity and attracts wealth whilst encouraging generosity, keeping the Leo balanced and boosting their magnanimous nature.

Citrine draws its energy from the sun, so it radiates warmth and positivity. Leos should use this crystal to help them let go of any negative thoughts and focus on prosperity.


Garnet is a red stone that channels the energy of the lion, making it perfect for Leos. It magnifies the characteristics of the lion – loyalty, strength, courage and charisma. Long ago, garnet was used as a healing crystal to ward off the plague and was even placed inside battle wounds.

Garnet is also traditionally associated with royalty, making it perfect for the grandiose Leo. Garnet is considered a crystal of the heart, providing emotional balance and stability.

By channeling the energy of garnet, Leo’s can restore their self-confidence and the steady power of the lion, and channel their creativity. It can also be used as a stone for commitment, particularly in romantic relationships, as it represents Leo’s fierce loyalty. 

Crystals to Balance Leo Traits


Amethyst is often considered one of the most visually appealing crystals, with its unique purple coloring. It used to be thought of as a very precious stone, often as valuable as diamonds or sapphires.

For centuries it has been used to encourage pure aspirations and drive out negative energy due to its cleansing properties. It has even been used to make drinking vessels in a bid to prevent drunkenness.

Amethyst calms the spirit and mind and encourages meditation without reducing passion. This is perfect for Leo’s as it will help to keep them grounded without stifling their signature fiery, passionate nature.

Black Onyx

As the name suggests, black onyx is a dark stone but it is layered with white bands. The Ancient Egyptians used black onyx to assist in childbirth, improve sexual health, and ward off toxic lovers. Black onyx has incredible transformative properties that turn weaknesses into strengths.

Whilst Leo’s are associated with confidence, they can suffer terribly from self-doubt. Black onyx will help Leo’s to overcome this and restore their passion and determination.

It also relieves stress and stimulates mental clarity. In ancient times, this stone was also used for protection and endurance on long journeys. 


Labradorite is a blue/gray stone which reflects the light with flashes of multiple colours. This gives it a similar appearance to moonstone, opal, or iridescent shells. In the 18th century it was often used in jewellery, and as an ornamental material to be engraved with decorative carvings.

Labradorite has been referred to as the magical stone and is known to promote an earthly and spiritual connection. This makes it perfect for personal growth and transformation.

By stimulating intuition, it will encourage Leo’s to look within and help them to avoid being too selfish and egotistical.  

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pale pink crystal that is associated with self-acceptance. The Ancient Egyptians believed it could prevent aging, and the Romans used the stone as a seal to signify ownership.

Other ancient civilisations carried rose quartz as a talisman, and medieval healers used it in their potions. Leo’s are strong, but they often carry their hurt deep inside and hide it from the people around them.

This stone will help Leo’s to release their emotional pain and practice self-love and healing. It has the added benefit of encouraging empathy towards others.


Peridot is an attractive green crystal and the birthstone for Leos born in August. Long ago, peridot was believed to protect against night terrors by drawing power from the sun.

It’s green colour led Egyptian priests to believe that it had a strong connection to nature, and they used it to decorate their goblets for communion with their nature Gods. Peridot is a very powerful stone, channeling the energy of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness.

This crystal will help Leo’s connect with their softer side, encouraging them to open their heart and cleanse negative emotions such as jealousy, guilt and fear. This will provide Leos with much needed mental clarity, protecting them from dark, depressive thoughts. 

Other Crystals Suitable for Leos

There are many other crystals that can help Leos with various issues and struggles, or just assist with maintaining balance in their life. 

Blue Tiger’s Eye

This variation of the classic Tiger’s eye crystal is a soothing stone that will help Leo’s bring harmony to their relationships. The Ancient Egyptians associated it with wisdom and the ability to see beyond the natural world.

It promotes the healing of emotional wounds and a deeper understanding of oneself, eradicating bitterness and confusion. The calm and steady energy channelled by this stone is perfect for Leo’s who are struggling to keep their fiery nature in check. 


This unusual crystal is light blue, like the sea and sky. Quite the opposite of the fire and sun that rules the Leo sign. It is also called the dolphin stone and is thought to channell the ancient wisdom of Atlantis along with the healing power of dolphins.

Larimar, the stone of enlightenment, encourages harmony between the body and soul, bringing much needed balance.

This stone will help Leo’s struggling with jealousy and competitiveness but shedding light on different perspectives in every situation. It has also been known to help the wearer find their soul-mate. 


Pyrite is also called ‘Fool’s Gold’ and is yellow/green in color. It comes from the green word ‘pyr’ which means fire. Archaeologists have found many ancient Greek and Roman amulets, earrings and lockets made from this stone.

Pyrite has a strong connection to fire and the sun, making it the perfect stone to enhance Leo traits. It can even be used to start a fire as it releases sparks when struck against metal.

This crystal encourages wealth and prosperity whilst dispelling fear and self-doubt – an excellent combination of properties. 

How To Choose The Right Crystal For You

This article has outlined some of the crystals that would be most beneficial to the Leo star sign, but there are many different crystals that could be relevant to your individual circumstances. 

If you want help with a particular issue, do some research into which crystal would be best. Spend time considering the stones, and see which ones speak to you. If you are naturally drawn to a particular crystal, it is likely aligned with your natural energy. 

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