Best Silicone Rings for Men & Women

Silicone rings are becoming more and more popular by the second, their robust and durable design makes them attractive to all.

These days people are wearing them instead of their engagement or wedding rings, they do so to preserve the shine and natural glow of their expensive rings and protect them from getting damaged. 

So here is a list of the absolute best silicone rings on the market right now. Each one of them has gone through an extensive selection process and has been thoroughly researched, therefore we assure you that any product you choose from our list is surely going to meet your expectations. 

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Best Silicone Rings 2021:

Silicone RingsRATING
ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Men10/10 [Editor's Choice]
Enso Rings Halo8/10
ROQ Silicone polished edges8.5/10
RinFit Women's Silicone Wedding Ring7/10
Groove Life Silicone9/10
ThunderFit Triangle diamonds8/10
Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring7/10
Ring Size Guide7.5/10

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ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

What We Love:

  • Premium quality
  • Professional design
  • Perfect for work

The first silicone ring on our list is none other than the ROQ wedding ring. This is a simplistic, robust, and durable silicone ring. Perfect for any sort of work. They do the job just fine, best of all you could get them in a bunch of different colors and size options. So customizability is always there. All of them come in a slightly dark color which we think looks simply amazing.

It's not as glossy as the pictures but in this case that adds a certain level of simplicity to it which really suits this ring. Perhaps the best feature about this ring aside from its incredible durability and hypoallergenic features is the fact that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. So if for any reason the ring has a problem with it you can contact the manufacturer for an exchange.

Enso Rings Halo:

What We Love:

  • Multi-colored options available
  • Quality is top-notch
  • Flexible and comfortable

If you want something that is a little bit more vibrant and full of color then you need to see the enso ring. They are designed from the ground up to be both durable and absolutely stunning. There are a total of 12 styles of rings you could get, all of the rings have a certain theme to them. 

Each ring is given the name of the month and the color is decided by the gemstone of that month. So, for example, the April ring is pure white, which represents diamonds, the gemstone of the month of April. You can get yourself or your significant other a ring based on the month of your wedding or their birthday. It makes for a great gift.

The Enso ring also has another standout feature, the Anti Ring Avulsion Technology ensures that in the case the ring gets caught your finger will be safe. All these features combined make for one of the best silicone rings on the market right now.

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ROQ Silicone polished edges:

What We Love:

  • Stunning design
  • Comfortability guaranteed
  • Durable and long-lasting

If you want something that is a little bit more vibrant and has a different design then you have to try these rings from ROQ. Since ROQ made them we can be sure of their fine manufacturing and premium quality. These rings can be used in any work environment and will last for a long time because of the high-quality silicone used in their production. You can get them in a bunch of different options. From size to color all things are customizable. 

You can get ones with their inner portion colored a bright blue, or yellow even. The outer region of the rings looks great in dark colors since this gives off a professional vibe. The ring itself features a brushed top and sloping edges which look amazing. Definitely one of the best silicone rings in the market right now.

RinFit Women's Silicone Wedding Ring:

What We Love:

  • Premium metal bead design
  • Amazing color combinations
  • Top-tier build quality

This next ring comes from Rinfit, a premium silicone ring manufacturer. This ring is both stylish and super durable. The glossy metal bead looks absolutely stunning with the silicone, both of the materials blend with each other and complement the color scheme. 

It's a great looking ring, the bold design suits any and all outfits, a perfect ring for casual and even formal events. Definitely can be used as a work ring. The design and fit of the ring ensure comfortability and breathability. It's one of the best silicone rings on the market right now. The long-lasting warranty makes this a super safe purchase.

Groove Life Silicone:

What We Love:

  • Super breathable and comfortable
  • Medical grade material
  • Amazing lifetime warranty

The groove life is all about breathability and comfortability. The ring has a beautiful design etched into the inner side of the ring, it also has small slits around the diameter of the ring which ensure the escape of sweat and the entry of air. This makes for a really comfy experience. That’s, not all that makes the groove life special.

The design is also stunning, the darker outer colors look stellar with the inner vibrant colors. The warranty offered here is also really interesting, Groove life offers a new ring in the case you damage, break, or even lose your ring. Overall this is one of the best silicone rings to get right now.

ThunderFit Triangle diamonds:

What We Love:

  • Amazing and stylish design
  • Multi-colored options
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

The diamond design and vibrant colors of this collection make for a really impressive silicone ring. All of them are designed to perfection, they are available in a bunch of unique and bold design options. The medical-grade silicone ensures the longevity and durability of this amazing ring. The glitter-infused ring, for example, has a beautiful appearance with the turquoise glitter suspended and shining through the dark black silicone. 

Thunderfit also offers shimmering bronze and silver rings for the ones who want to have a little bling in their day to day lives. The diverse catalog of vibrant and colorful rings makes for a great purchase, their super affordable meaning that you can buy dozens of them for just a couple of dollars. We would suggest getting the 18 pack as it has both types of rings, dark and professional ones, and fun and vibrant ones.

Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring

What We Love:

  • Features a beautiful traditional look
  • The build quality is superb
  • You can combine them with different types of ring types to create unique designs

If you want a more traditional wedding ring then you have to look at the Rifnit. This ring has been designed from the ground up to look identical to conventional wedding rings. They come in three distinct designs and numerous colors. You can easily mix them and match them with your favorite parts.

The one showcased above is actually a combination of three types of rings. You can get them in lighter colors and even in dark ones. Aside from their design and look, they feel super good too. These rings are really comfortable and easily fit on your hand. Just be sure to perform a ring width test before buying to determine what size of ring you’ll be needing. These features make the rinfit collection of rings a great choice for any type of work, they are among the best silicone wedding rings on the market.

Ring Size Guide:

Well, now that you know the best silicone wedding rings, it's time to calculate your ring size. It can be a little tricky to determine what size of ring to get, so we simplified the whole process for you. There are basically two methods:

Get a ring sizer:

Perhaps the easiest one, you need to buy a ring sizer and get approximate for the size of the ring you want to get.

Calculate in manually:

you need a price of thread and a ruler for this, tie the thread to your ring finger and then remove your finger. After this untie the knot that you set and measure the length of the thread in millimeters. Using a size chart you can determine the size of ring you need.


There you have it a list of the best silicone rings on the market, each one more durable and comfortable than the other. These rings are on the top of their game and will definitely be a great present for your significant other. We hope that this list helps you make better and wiser purchases.

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