10 Best Crystals for Prosperity and Money

 Crystals for prosperity and money have been known to have a number of beneficial traits to them. Their main job is to help you get rid of the many chakra blockages in your body and allow the benefits to follow freely to you. 

 Several crystals can do the same and help you succeed in your Monterey ventures as well. Several successful users have reported seeing the blockage of money in their life and have seen the spiritual barrier lifted once they have started using these crystals.

If you’re experiencing something similar then take a look at our list of the best crystals for prosperity and money today.

Each of these crystals has a different way of doing so, some can boost your confidence, some can 

Lift the chakra blockages in your life, and get the success you deserve.

Recommend Stones: Crystals for Good Luck

Pyrite (Fool’s Gold):

Main attributes of Pyrite:

  • Color: Brown, golden
  • Best stone for acquiring money

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Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold and while it has been portrayed as a lackluster copy of the real gold, it has several energy benefits of its own. Fools gold is the top of our list because it has been known to bring abundance and prosperity in the life of those who wish to utilize it properly. 

Born through pressure and fire fools gold represents everything a prospers person does; it manifests desire and the willingness to accomplish one’s goals and dreams.

Pyrite stems from the Greek word pyr. It has a beautiful cubic structure that is perfect for bringing wealth and power towards you. It has also been known to have an extremely calming and energizing presence in the workplace, allowing the creative juices to follow in full swing. 

How to use Pyrite:

If you feel like your lack of confidence or your inability to truly tap into your creative talents has been what’s holding you back from becoming the person you want to be then you should use pyrite. 

Pyrite can be utilized by keeping it near your heart as you meditate.


Citrine (The Lucky Merchants Stone):


Main attributes of Citrine:

  • Color: Yellow, Bright orange, White
  • Best stone for prosperity 

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Citrine or otherwise known as the lucky merchant stone is one of the most powerful wealth manifesting stones.

It is not only imperative to your success and the acquirement of money but is also a fine way to keep the money coming and rolling.

This crystal has also been known to remove the many blocks in the way of financial success and is an excellent companion to keep with you when walking into an interview or an important business meeting. 

It is important to understand that citrine also carries another important characteristic to it. It inspires you to be more generous and open, in fact, it helps people become more giving and donate more to charities. This allows the distribution of wealth, and in the end, leads you to become a lot more generous leading to the distribution of wealth. 

So, if you want to increase the flow of money, to reacquire it or if you want to create a healthier outlook towards money, citrine is the stone for you. 

However, remember that original citrine is hard to come by and so people sell amethyst which has been heated treated. Try to find the real citrine if you decide to use it for these purposes. 

How to use Citrine:

It is best to have citrine near the office space, or your place of business so it can have its maximum effect.

Green Jade (The Lucky Charm and Sovereign for Harmony):


Main attributes of Green Jade:

  • Color: Blue, Aqua, White
  • Best stone for anxiety

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The green jade is an ancient stone with a lot of history attached to it, in China, it was used to build castles and helped signify kings among beggars. The green jade can do the same for you as well. Mainly the green jade is responsible for removing the chakra blockages in your body which are leading to crippling thoughts. 

Basically the green jade gives you the self-confidence to step into the role that has been preordained for you. It allows you to let go of all the doubt that has been holding you back from receiving the prosperity and money that you deserve. 

The green jade is not only famous in the east but also signifies luck in many different parts of the world. This crystal is bound to bring you good luck and lots of wealth and prosperity.

How to use Green Jade:

An excellent tip for using the green jade is to buy a jade animal, preferably a jade elephant with its trunk raised up. Jade dragons have also been known to help you accomplish your long term goals and gives you the energy to make the most of your talents.

Green Aventurine (Stone of Opportunity):


Main attributes of Green Jade:

  • Color: Green
  • Best stone for abundance

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This stone has been known to help its user bring back the money which he or she has wasted unwisely. However, the stone can’t do this directly because after all, all decision is in our hands, but it does help you develop a more healthy attitude towards money allowing you to create a balance between sending and saving.

This crystal has also been known to create opportunities for people and helps you grab onto those you would normally lose.

How to use Green Aventurine:

It does so by creating a balance between the love you have for money and the love you have for growth, it has also been known to boost confidence, which is very important in the quest to becoming monetarily strong.

Known commonly as the stone of opportunity, its main purpose is to remove barriers for you that might be holding you back. The best way to use this stone is to align it with your heart and meditate. Try to cleanse your spirit of laziness.

Tiger’s Eye (Stone of the Mind):


Main attributes of Tiger's eye:

  • Color: Brown, gold, black
  • Best stone for money

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The tiger’s eye is a magical stone, to the point that it can actually bring forth intentions and help you actually complete your goals. This is an excellent stone to keep in your office space if your about to start a new venture. It is bound to attract a lot of luck and bring you prosperity. 

The tiger’s eye is the stone of the mind, so it helps align your interests and helps you keep a cool head with regards to money.

The stone combines the energy of the sun and the energy of teh earth, enabling you to look towards the sky while being grounded as well.

While the stone has been known to increase the flow of money, it also has been known to keep people from becoming greedy and making irrational decisions guided by greed. However, it does not stand in the way of your risk-taking. The stone mainly helps you balance the world as it is. 

It also helps attract a lot of good luck for your business as well and is one of the best money attracting crystals discovered until now. 

How to use Tigers eye:

Try keeping the stone with you as you shop or make decisions about money in order to save yourself from losing money on useless things. 

Peridot (Study Stone):


Main attributes of Peridot:

  • Color: Green, white
  • Best stone for money

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The peridot is a beautiful stone often praised for the sense of calm it induces. However, at the same time, it has also been known to attract a lot of money as well, it has been seen to be a perfect stone for attracting wealth and opportunities that one desires.

It has been known to create a calming and soothing effect that opens the chakra valves and enables your heart chakra to flow freely. These clear blockages in the solar plexus and enables boosts your sense of self-worth enabling you to feel worthy and valuable of receiving the money you need. 

How to use Peridot:

If you don’t feel valuable enough you might never be able to attract the money you need. The very best way to use this crystal is to wear it as a bracelet and to always touch it whenever you’re feeling unworthy or incompetent.

Clear Quartz (The Master Healer):


Main attributes of White Quartz:

  • Color: Blue, Aqua, White
  • Best stone for money

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How to use clear quartz:

The clear quartz is a very powerful crystal for abundance. It has been know to amplify the amount of luck one has when acquiring money.

However, it has been seen to be the most effective when it is paired with different kinds of crystals of abundance and crystals of money.

If you’re hoping to develop a more positive attitude towards your finances, and are hoping to stay on track and pay your bills in a timely manner, this crystal of abundance is the one for you. 

How to use Clear Quartz:

Known as the master healer among all the crystals for money we’ve listed out for you, this is the one which will help you with your finances the most. Pair it with other crystals. 

Malachite (Stone of Transformation):


Main attributes of Malachite:

  • Color: Blue, Aqua, White
  • Best stone for anxiety

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The malachite is one of the prettiest stones in our list of crystals for money and prosperity. Its main function is to remove the negative feelings and bad luck that surrounds your work life, by helping you develop a new and better attitude. 

The malachite does so by attracting energy, as it works like a magnet.

How to use Malachite:

You can use this stone in the same way you would use any meditating stone, pick it up and hold it in your hands to create an aura of protection around you. This will ward off the negative energy. 

Known to the world as the stone of transformation, its job is to transform your life and help you evolve. This stone has been a guiding beacon of light for people on the hunt for treasure (both literate and figurative)


Amazonite (Stone of Hope, Success and Abundance):


Main attributes of Amazonite:

  • Color: Blue, Aqua, Green
  • Best stone for solving money problems

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Amazonite is one of the most powerful crystals for money and abundance on our list. This stone has often been known to be the number one stone for removing all kinds of energy blockages and creating an aura of positivity that will impact your financial activities and all kinds of ventures you hope to undertake.

How to use Amazonite:

This crystal of abundance has been known to clear the mind, create an aura of calm and has been known to instil all kinds of qualities of leadership.

Andalusite (Crystal of Abundance):


Main attributes of Andalusite:

  • Color: Blue, Aqua, White
  • Best stone for anxiety

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One of the best stones for money on the list, the andalusite looks very much like a bull’s eye. This money-making crystal is famous for being an excellent ally when setting up goals and achieving them.

How to use Andalusite:

You can use this crystal for money and abundance by keeping it near you as you make goals, and until you’ve achieved your goal keep it in your pocket. 


We’ve listed out some of the best stones for making money in our article, but it’s important to remember the stones won’t actually be making money for you!

However, they can remove the blockages and make the process either. For anyone who’s been stuck in a rut, this is the perfect opportunity!

  • Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

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