Crystals for Strength and Power [Top 8 Stones]

crystals for strength

 Healing crystals are special stones that have the power to change one’s behavior. They are an effective way to attain any behavioral and physical attributes that one may want.  

Courage and strength are the pillars of modern day society, We need them to complete the daunting challenges of everyday life. Since, healing crystals have life altering effects, we have prepared a list of some of the best crystals for strength and power.

With the help of these crystals you will surely feel a difference in your physical and mental strength.

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Yellow tiger eyes (stone of courage and power):
Yellow Tiger Eyes stone

main attributes of Yellow tiger eyes 

  • Color: yellow
  • Origin: USA, India, China
  • Gives courage and grants protection

This is the perfect stone for protection and strength, yellow tiger eye has been used for many years by the healing crystal community to grant the users strength and power. This crystal has a very powerful natural aura that acts as a shield against foreign negative energy attacks and it also greatly enhances the user's physical prowess. It is definitely one of the best crystals for strength.

Our tip for using yellow tiger eyes :

Keep this crystal for strength with you at all times for maximum protection.


Blood agate (stone of endurance):

Main attributes of Blood agate 

  • Color: red
  • Origin: USA, Russia, China, India
  • Enhances stamina 

Next up on our list is blood agate. A crystal that increases the user's strength as well as their stamina, so you can maintain your physical exercise for longer. It is a great crystal for power and strength.

Our tip for using blood agate:

You can use this stone for strength by making an elixir out of it.


Aventurine (stone of good luck and prosperity):

Main attributes of Aventurine:

  • Color: green
  • Origin: USA, Russia, China, India
  • Brings good luck and prosperity

Aventurine is a great stone for strength, using this stone will enable you to believe in yourself and harness the power of your inner self. That is where the true strength comes from and if you use this energy than you will gain true power and strength. It is one of the best stones for strength and healing.

Our tip for using aventurine:

Use this crystal for power and strength by showering with it.



Blood chalcedony (stone of self expression):

Main attributes of Blood chalcedony

  • Color: red
  • Origin: worldwide (very rare)
  • Frees your mind

It is a rare crystal, but one that has numerous benefits for strength and power it is regarded as one of the best crystals for strength. This strength stone can give you the ability to unlock your true potential. By cleansing your internal chakra it frees your mind and body to maximize performance.

Our tip for using blood chalcedony:

This gemstone for strength can be used by turning it into an amulet.


Clear quartz (stone of clarity):

Main attributes of Clear quartz

  • Color: transparent 
  • Origin: USA, China, Russia
  • Promotes clarity of mind

This strength stone cleanses and harmonizes your internal chakra. This is essential if you want to gain true power and strength. This stone will surely help you in your journey towards a better future. It is a great crystal for physical strength.

Our tip for using clear quartz:

Make a necklace out of this crystal for strength, so that it gives you strength and protection throughout the day.


Garnet (stone of metabolism):

Main attributes of Garnet 

  • Color: red
  • Origin: USA, China, Russia
  • Enhances metabolism

Garnet is another great strength stone, it is a crystal for physical strength that gives you the courage and power to master your inner potential. It's strong aura also protects you against harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Our tip for using garnet:

This crystal for strength is best used in a crystal grid formation.


Granite (stone of protection):

Main attributes of Granite 

  • Color: various 
  • Origin: worldwide 
  • Protects chakra

Granite is a stone for strength, it helps draw power and energy from one's own experiences and makes you truly strong. This gemstone means strength. It's powerful presence can also ward off bad energy and stagnant chakra.

Our tip for using granite:

This stone for strength can be used as a bracelet

Hematite (stone of harmony and balance):

Main attributes of Hematite

  • Color: dark-silver
  • Origin: USA, China, Russia
  • Promotes harmony

This gemstone for strength is one of the best crystals that you can get for physical strength. It's natural frequency can vibrate in harmony with your own inner frequency thus eliminating the possibility of stagnant chakra, which has proven to be very harmful during any physical or mental workout. This strong stone can be really beneficial if you want to gain strength and courage.

Our tip for using hematite:

This stone for strength is a very powerful one so be sure to use it regularly and cleanse it after you are done.


  • Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. For nearly 30 years, she has been researching the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. After studying with the best healers from all over the world, she has used the past three decades of her career to translate ancient wisdom into simple tools that anyone can use to transform their life.

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