Crystals for Concentration & Focus [Top 8 Stones]

crystals for concentration

 In order to get things done, we need to concentrate on our task. These days it has become extremely difficult for us to focus on a specific task, this is major because of the numerous distractions that we have in our lives. 

Crystals are an amazing way to help you concentrate. They help us with all of our life problems and they can certainly help us concentrate. So, we have compiled a list of the best crystal for concentration.

Recommended: Crystals for Concentration & Focus

fluorite (stone of creativity)

main attributes of fluorite

  • Color: wide range of colors
  • Origin: worldwide
  • it cleanses the soul

It is a crystal for concentration that can help you focus on the day to day tasks. If you want to get a job done and you find yourself constantly getting distracted than use this crystal for mental focus.

Our tip for using fluorite:

Place this crystal for focus and motivation in your bag for better results throughout the day.



Yellow tiger eyes (stone of strenght)

main attributes of Yellow tiger eyes

  • Color: yellow
  • Origin: worldwide
  • it give you strength and courage

Yellow tiger eye is a very powerful healing crystal for concentration, it grants the user power and courage to do anything that they can imagine. Also it's strong presence prohibits the entry of harmful external energy.

Our tip for using yellow tiger eyes:

Place this in your room for continued protection

Sodalite (stone of empowerment)

main attributes of Sodalite

  • Color: blue
  • Origin: Greenland
  • it gives you empowerment

Sodalite is a crystal that helps you retain information for a longer period of time. This crystal for concentration can greatly help anyone struggling with problems regarding concentration and a lack of focus.

Our tip for using sodalite:

Meditate with this gemstone for concentration.


Quartz (stone of clarity)

main attributes of Quartz

  • Color: wide range of colors
  • Origin: worldwide
  • promotes clarity of mind

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It is a phenomenal healing crystal for concentration. With the power of this crystal you can focus on your task for as long as it is required. This crystals for learning and concentration is an excellent crystal to use while studying since it's aura can block off all electromagnetic radiation.

Our tip for using quartz:

Use this crystal for concentration and focus while studying, it really helps.


Hematite (stone of truth)

Main attributes of Hematite

  • Color: black
  • Origin: worldwide
  • promotes honesty

Hematite is a gemstone for concentration that has the special ability to block your brain from spending too much time on distracting elements in the external environment. It does so by cleansing your internal chakra state. With your internal state harmonized you can focus on the thing that really needs your attention.

Our tip for using hematite:

Make an elixir out of this crystal for learning and concentration and spray it on yourself before taking an exam or in the room where you are studying



Emerald (stone of hope)

Main attributes of Emerald

  • Color: green 
  • Origin: worldwide
  • gives hope

It has a wide variety of uses, one of the most prominent features that it offers is it's ability to make it's user focus or concentrate on the task at hand. If you are having trouble concentrating than be sure to use this stone.

Our tip for using emerald:

Use it in the form of a crystal grid, that is where this crystal for learning and concentration really shines.


Obsidian (stone of spirituality)

main attributes of Obsidian 

  • Color: black
  • Origin: worldwide
  • promotes spirituality

It is one of the best crystals for concentration since it balances your internal state and opens up your creativity. With irregularities in your system it becomes hard to get anything done, to do any important task you must give it all your attention. In such situations, be sure to use obsidian it will help you maintain your focus. It is also known for helping young drivers ace the driving test so if you have an upcoming exam remember to take this crystal for driving test with you.

Our tip for using obsidian:

Use this best crystal for concentration by bathing with it.

Bustamite (stone of the mind)

Main attributes of Bustamite

  • color: pink
  • Origin: USA
  • it promotes clarity of thoughts

It is one of the best crystals for concentration, this crystal can help you focus on the task that you want to focus on. Also, If you get distracted a lot then use this crystal to streamline your work and to get the job done.

Our tip for using bustamite:

You can use this best crystal for concentration by placing it in your work environment.



  • Tamim was born in Vancouver and has since lived in New York, Doha, and Beirut where she learned to embrace the healing power of traditional spices, tonics, and waters. After getting her degree in International Economics from Georgetown University, Tamim decided it wasn’t for her. Since becoming a writer, Tamim has covered everything from music to beauty, fashion, and wellness. Her writing has appeared on Fashionista, Nylon, Into The Gloss and more.

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