10 Best Crystals For Pisces Star Signs: You Need Them

10 Best Crystals For Pisces Star Signs You Need Them

The use of crystals for healing purposes is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine practice, which makes use of semi-precious stones and crystals in order to heighten or balance different energies within the body.

The vibrations that come from the crystals can have cleansing properties or can open up certain chakras, and if you know how to use them properly, you can target different problems and afflictions in order to use the energy of the universe to help heal yourself. 

Of course, there are people who believe and people who don’t. But there is no harm in trying, and many have talked of their experience with crystals, and the many benefits they have reaped. 

However, it is very important to use the right crystals, in the right way, or else you could cause more harm than good. Different types of crystals have different properties and use, and it is vital that you learn which ones are right for you.

For example, if you are looking to improve your inner qualities, and balance your flaws out, you can search for crystals that work well for your star sign, as they will have the right properties to help. 

If you’re a Pisces star sign, stick around. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best crystals for those with a Pisces star sign, along with an overview so you know exactly what each crystal is all about. 

Pisces Star Sign

Let’s start by talking a little bit about the Pisces Star Sign. 

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign within the zodiac, and it spans from February the 19th to March the 20th. So if you were born within those dates, your star sign is Pisces. It is a mutable sign, belonging to the element of water, and it is ruled by Neptune. 

Here are some of the main traits concerning the Pisces Star Sign:

  • Strengths: artistic, intuitive, wise, gentle, and compassionate
  • Weaknesses: tends to sadness, fearful, overly trusting, prone to being a victim

Pisces like being alone, experimenting with spirituality, love, sleeping, music, romance, and water activities such as swimming. However, they dislike cruelty, being criticized, people that know everything, and issues of the past. 

(Of course, these traits can vary depending on the rest of the signs within someone’s birth chart, these are just general traits common to this sun sign.)

In general, Pisces sun signs are very friendly, and they tend to attract all sorts of different people, sometimes considered to be weird. They are selfless and willing to help and have a very strong emotional connection to the people around them.

Pisces people understand the life cycle, as they connect the ending to the new beginning, therefore they have a very strong sense of intuition. 

They are known for having a very big emotional capacity, with a lot of focus on empathy. However, they can easily become overwhelmed by these emotions, and therefore need to set boundaries, and practice balance. 

As a fun fact, for the last 2000 years, the world has been within the era of the Pisces. However, we are now transitioning into the era of the Aquarius!

10 Best Crystals For Pisces Star Signs


  • Title: the stone of courage
  • Color: Blue/green
  • Chakra: throat
  • Origin: India


Aquamarine is one of the birthstones of the Pisces Sun Sign (along with Amethyst), therefore, it is ideal for Pisces people looking to balance their traits, heal Pisces ailments, and enhance Pisces characteristics. 

Known as the stone of courage, the Aquamarine crystal is full of calming energies that can help reduce stress, and quiet the mind. This crystal has an affinity with sensitive people, and it works wonders with the sensitivity and emotional vulnerability of Pisces.

It can give Pisces people the strength to deal with their emotions, so that they are not overwhelmed, and can bring peace of mind when the world around them seems too much. 

The Aquamarine crystal also clarifies perception, clearing confusion and paving the way for clairvoyance.

It can therefore help enhance the natural intuition of a Pisces star sign and can help achieve new perspectives, for a deeper understanding of their problems, and of the people around them. 

Aquamarine can also help promote self-expression, which works well to overcome the shyness of Pisces. It is also highly protective during pregnancies, and overall shields the aura from harm. 

As for physical healing, the Aquamarine crystal can help alleviate sore throats, thyroid problems, and swollen glands. It also boosts the immune system, regulates hormones, and can counteract eyesight problems. 


When using the Aquamarine crystal, it is best to have it in the form of jewelry, so that it can be worn in direct contact with your skin. Touching the crystal will allow it to have a direct connection with the energies of your body so that the properties can be transferred. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Aquamarine Crystals here



  • Title: the stone of spirituality
  • Color: purple/lavender
  • Chakra: third eye
  • Origin: Mexico


The Amethyst crystal is the traditional birthstone of the Pisces sun sign, and as such, it is incredibly useful for providing protection, and for harnessing the divine intuition that the Pisces people possess. 

Known as the stone of spirituality, the Amethyst crystal is one of the most powerful, and it acts as a great barrier of protection that guards against psychic attacks and other types of harm. It also protects from ill-intentions and the negative energy of those around you. 

Amethyst is also a natural tranquilizer, and is very effective at relieving stress, able to balance strong feelings of fear and anxiety.

Taking into account the vulnerability of Pisces towards the emotions of others around them, the Amethyst can be a great tool of balance, ensuring that you do not get overwhelmed and that you do not become a victim of fear and confusion. 

The Amethyst crystal can also help understand dreams, and help with remembering. Pisces people can struggle with being haunted by the past, so this crystal can help bring clarification and healing, encouraging self-understanding, and spiritual wisdom. 

As for physical healing, the Amethyst crystal can boost hormone production, and enhance the body’s metabolism. It also strengthens the immune system, helping the body fight all sorts of different ailments, and reducing pain.

It is a great reliever of stress and psychological pain, and can also help cleanse the blood. It is one of the most powerful crystals in that it travels throughout your entire body, cleansing and fixing, and relieving you of everything that is weighing down on you. 


When using the Amethyst crystal, it is best to wear it on you, so that it goes with you wherever you are, as constant protection.

Amethyst jewelry is a good idea, or you could have a small Amethyst gem in your pocket. It is also recommended to have some permanent Amethyst in your home, near where you sleep. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Amethyst Crystals here


  • Title: The Seer stone
  • Color: colorless/green/blue/yellow/red/black
  • Chakra: crown/throat 
  • Origin: Madagascar


The Beryl crystal is incredibly useful for those with a Pisces sun sign, as it can help let go of unnecessary or unwanted emotional baggage.

Pisces people struggle with becoming overwhelmed by emotions, not just their own but those of other people, and letting go of this can be extremely beneficial. 

Known as the Seer stone, Beryl is often used as a crystal ball, as it can be used to find answers and to delve into spiritual clairvoyance.

Paired with the divine intuition that Pisces people possess, this stone can help provide further insight, so that you understand your problems and situations, and know exactly what steps to take in order to move forward. 

Beryl crystals can also promote courage, unleashing inner strength. They do this by relieving stress, and calming the mind, so that wisdom can break through and guide your actions. 


When using Beryl crystals, it is good to have them in direct contact with your skin, so that they can have a direct effect. They are also great as crystal balls, and for use within rituals and ceremonies. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Beryl Crystals here

Blue Lace Agate

  • Title: the Earth Rainbow
  • Color: pale blue
  • Chakra: heart/throat 
  • Origin: Namibia


The Blue Agate crystal is one of the most sought-after crystals when it comes to building strong emotional health, as a means of healing, and as a means of protection.

It helps open up energy levels so that they are able to both give and receive unconditional love, and it is a form of healing pain and confusion. Those with the Pisces sun sign are forever searching for their soulmate, and for this form of unconditional love, so this crystal can be very soothing. 

The Blue Agate can also help improve communication and verbalization, which can be of great help to the sensitive and quiet Pisces. This crystal is recommended for boosting confidence, clarifying thoughts, and removing people-associated stress. 

As for physical healing, it alleviates any pain or issues located in the throat. 


The best way to use the Blue Agate crystal is by wearing it as close to the throat and heart as possible. This way it will be able to work better with the chakras. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Blue Agate Crystals here


  • Title: the stone of new beginnings
  • Color: white/yellow
  • Chakra: crown
  • Origin: Sri Lanka


The Moonstone, much as the name suggests, is heavily associated with the energies of the moon. As such, it is a crystal used to activate and reinforce the properties of your feminine side. These include traits such as intuition, passion, and nurturing.

For Pisces people, this crystal can help reassure core traits of the sign and can help reconnect. This crystal heightens all of the Pisces traits, making their intuition stronger, and their nurturing tendencies more prominent. 

With how easy it is for a Pisces to feel overwhelmed, the Moonstone can help bring balance and calm, with a focus on self-care that helps realign priorities, and helps cleanse the inner traits so that they are functioning correctly. 


Moonstone is most effective when you are in its presence for long periods of time. This is why it is a good idea to decorate your home with it and to carry it with you in the form of jewelry so that you can slowly absorb the healing energy and benefit from the serene aura it projects. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Moonstone Crystals here


  • Title: he crystal of light
  • Color: gray white/ others
  • Chakra: crown
  • Origin: Mexico 


Known as the crystal of light, Selenite is named after the moon, and it provides a gentle and effective shift of energies, to guide you towards healing. The pisces sign is the last within the zodiac, and as such, energies can sometimes become stagnant and tired.

Selenite crystals can help improve the flow of energy and guide it towards new beginnings, free from the heaviness of the past. 

Selenite is also known for having high-vibrational properties, capable of filling you with light, clarity, and calm. This can help Pisces people achieve a higher state of consciousness so that they can balance their emotions and that of others around them, without diminishing their own inner peace. 

It can also help rejuvenate your body, and restore your aura. 


The best way to use Selenite crystals is through meditation and mental focus. The best way to absorb the properties is by setting aside regular sessions. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Selenite Crystals here.



  • Title: a crystal of peace 
  • Color: colorless/white/grey/yellowish
  • Chakra: crown
  • Origin: China


Magnesite is a crystal mostly used during meditation, as it aligns with the crown chakra, opening up the third eye. It can enhance visualization and imagery, as well as enhancing ideas and innovation. It can also open up the heart chakra to fill you with self-love and care. 

When used regularly, Magnesite can also build up endurance towards emotional stress, which is vital for Pisces people that are looking to keep their boundaries in check. It also helps Pisces people recognize feelings and thoughts a lot easier so that they are more in tune with their subconscious. 

As for physical healing, the Magnesite helps purify and detoxify cells and can regulate the body’s temperature and natural state.


Magnesite crystals are best used during meditation and sessions of self-reflection. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Magnesite Crystals here

Smoky Quartz

  • Title: the grounding stone
  • Color: brown to grey, opaque
  • Chakra: root
  • Origin: Scotland


Known as the grounding stone, Smoky Quartz is one of the best crystals in order to practice grounding, so that you feel present and stable, bringing a sense of calm and serenity.

Pisces people can use this crystal to help dispel negative energy, and to detoxify the body from lower vibrations, in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of others. 

Smoky Quartz can also enhance intuition, improve communication, and bring many different forms of emotional and energetic healing. Physically speaking, it can help with digestion issues and can protect the body from radiation.


The best way to use Smoky Quartz is to wear it as jewelry, carry it in a pouch in your pocket, or have it in a space that is usually overwhelming, such as a work office or similar. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Smoky Quartz Crystals here


  • Title: the stone of spiritual awareness
  • Color: purple/yellow
  • Chakra: crown/solar plexus/third eye
  • Origin: Bolivia


Ametrine crystals are the stones of spiritual awareness, as they interact with the 6th sense, and unlock the subconscious, as well as the spiritual and divine. They can be used to calm the mind and alleviate stress, balancing emotions and relieving physiological ailments such as depression. 

For Pisces people, the Ametrine crystal can be used to balance spirituality with reality, as this sign is prone to get lost in fiction, and struggles to take action within the real world. The crystal can also strengthen concentration, bring harmony to perception, and boosts the immune system. 


Ametrine crystals can be used during mediation, and can also be worn as jewelry so that they are working with your energies throughout the day. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Ametrine Crystals here

Tiger’s Eye

  • Title: the stone of focus
  • Color: gold to red-brown
  • Chakra: root
  • Origin: South Africa


With it often being referred to as the stone of focus, the Tiger’s Eye is a crystal used to focus the mind, enhancing mental clarity so that one can better resolve problems, without being clouded by emotions.

This is incredibly valuable to Pisces people, as they are very easily overwhelmed by emotions, and can therefore lose objective perspective. 

Tiger’s Eye is also used as a stone of protection, and it is said to bring good luck to those who wear it.

It can also be very useful for learning to recognize one’s own needs, learning to balance the self with the needs of others. It can also stabilize moods, provide willpower, and boost self-confidence. 


Tiger’s Eye can be worn as a piece of jewelry, in order to invoke luck, or it can be displayed in a home space in order to provide a constant source of clarity. 

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Tiger’s Eye Crystals here. 

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