11 Best Crystals for Peace & Happiness in 2021

Best Crystals for Peace

When you want to know which are the great crystals for peace and happiness, you have to consider what it really means to you. They are not just pretty stones or rocks. Crystals have been used by healers for centuries as the basis of their healing work and they still do.

There are many different types, colors, and sizes of crystals that are used in healing and there is even a scientific basis as to why this happens. Understanding what these crystals are and how they affect us will help us decide what type of crystal or rock is great for us.

Crystals for Peace 2021:

Crystal NameCrystal Color
LarimarBlue, Grey, Green
Pink CalcitePink
Black tourmalineBlack
Blue agateBlue
Rose quartzPink

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Color: Purple

Amethyst is probably the most recognizable variety of crystal quartz, which is typically thought of as the strongest and most protective of all crystal quartz stones. It's a warm, pink, purplish quartz that's frequently employed in jewelry and for various healing purposes.

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Amethyst has been revered by ancient people for its healing properties and is said to aid memory recall, promote general astral awareness and provide protection from many forms of negativity. The Greeks and Romans are believed to have worn amethyst as an amulet for many years, and Queen Zenobia of ancient Egypt had a glass slipper that was encrusted with amethyst, as do many other historical figures.


Color: Blue, Grey, Green

In my research, I have come across many types of gemstones for mental peace. What particularly interests me about this gemstone is that it has the ability to calm and soothe the troubled mind. I have found that many people when they need to take their mind off of the stressful occurrences in their lives, turn to Larimar for help.

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The gemstone is used to treat anxiety and emotional problems. When you buy Larimar, you are buying a healing stone that will address the emotional and physical side of your life and provide you with relief from the tension that you may be experiencing.

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Pink Calcite

Color: pink

Pink Calcite is known as Manganoan Calcite and is a stone of peace, love, and well-being. By increasing the flow of power in the Crown Chakra downward to the Heart Chakra, Pink Calcite will draw new opportunities to learn the spiritual concepts of Universal Love, compassion, and tolerance.

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pink Calcite has been used to help patients with several conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, fibromyalgia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, Raynaud's Phenomenon, neck pain, high blood pressure, and many more.

In addition, it has also been effective in treating smoking and weight problems. Although not officially recognized by the FDA as a treatment for any condition, many clients have had good results with Pink Calcite.


Color: Blue

The healing properties of Celestite are focused on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even the spiritual and psychic aspects of human existence. It helps to balance all levels of energy for the overall well-being of people.

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This blue crystal is said to be the gem of compatibility; this means it promotes harmony between humans and other living things. The calming, harmonious energy of this stone allows the individual to release negative energy and release feelings of anger, hate, fear, stress, anxiety, and tension. Some species of birds are known to be attracted to this stone, such as eagles.

Black Tourmaline

Color: Black

Black Tourmaline is one of the many stones you can use to build a powerful, rich spiritual life. This ancient crystal has been shown to be beneficial for spiritual development.

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Well-balanced emotional energy, heart, and an awareness of yourself as an individual contribute to your spiritual growth. It is well known for grounding bad chakras and bring positive and optimistic energy.


Color: blue

Angelite is one of the many calming and harmonizing gemstones, but does it have any other healing properties?

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It has been used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments including insomnia, anxiety, and depression. In fact, some medical professionals believe that Angelite can help alleviate your stress because of its calming effect on the mind and body.

Blue Agate

Color: blue

Blue agate is one of my favorite semi-precious stones. It was given to me as a gift when I was twenty-one years old, by a family friend.

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I've been searching for a long time for a gemstone that would help me with all of my stresses. For the last two years, I have been researching the effects that different colors have on the human mind and how they affect us.


Color: green

magical_light/Getty Images

Jade, one of the most attractive and popular gemstones, inspires many women to use it for jewelry and personal use. Jade is often used to create necklaces, pendants, and beads.

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Jade is also a birthstone for those born in May. This article will talk about some of the best crystals for peace and protection that you can wear and give to yourself or someone close to you.

Rose Quartz

Color: pink

Rose Quartz is the most popular of all crystals for peace and happiness. A calming, healing crystal. This delightful pink stone promotes love, compassion and allows you to open up your heart to receiving and giving love to others. It will also encourage forgiveness in yourself and others.


Color: green

A stunning gemstone that is both exotic and rich in history is the Emerald. This stunning gemstone is known as the "Symphrite" by the French and is native to the coastal country of Burma.

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It is also native to Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The unique feature green color comes from the natural chromium minerals in the stone's composition. The name Emerald came from the Greek word that meant green leaf.



This article has been a bit about the topic of the 10 best crystals for peace and strength, and we have come to a conclusion. You have to learn how to use these stones positively, or you will not see any positive results in your life. When you meditate on them, you can create a vibration and send it out into the universe. The crystals are sending out their own message, and if you are open to that vibration, the power of the stones will be enhanced. Include these gemstones in your routines and bring happiness to your life.


Buying Guide

If you are looking for a guide for buying Best Crystals for Peace, then there is little help for you. In particular, for choosing a crystal for yourself you need to know about your personality waves to avoid any negative effects of the gem.

Some people buy crystals just according to the beauty of crystal they don’t bother to consult some expert but it is all in vain because it will not give any benefit.

How to Look

The expert will give you help you to tell which crystal will boost your personality and block negative waves around you. Not only this but he also will tell for how long you need to keep the crystal around you and for how long you need to avoid the stone for your own good.

You can choose the stone from the above list that matches your soul so that it can help you to have peace and happiness. People usually go for those that can easily be carried by them in their routine life for better results. Before buying the stone check its quality by all means and get ensure that its quality is not compromised in any way.

Choose Money 

Don’t waste your energy, money, and time by just buying random crystals. Do some good research and consult some and then buy a genuine stone for your protection and safety. Good quality crystal will definitely help you in bringing peace.



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