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Crystals for Astral Projection

Using crystals for astral projection is an excellent approach toward the star illusion. We do this to feel calm, release stress, move beyond the imaginations, and convert negative entities into positive ones.

Moreover, these crystals boost energy levels, hold healing properties, and alter the body’s aura.

Hence, having these crystals and gemstones for astral projections making life beautiful and fills with happiness by releasing stress from lives. Here, we took a list of the top crystals for astral projection and a buying guide. Hopefully, you will find the right one and make your astral projection with crystals effectively.

Crystals for Astral Projection 2021:

Here is the list of top Crystals for Astral Projection

Natural Selenite CrystalQuality to last you for ages
DDLmax Natural Hexagonal CrystalPure energies
Orgone Chakra HealingFaster healer for stress
Orgonite Shop Lapis LazuliPotent and royal stone
Hexagonal Healing Crystal Any person can afford it
Opal Crystal Healing PendantBoosts confidence
Rockcloud Agate StoneReduces anxiety
Zentron Crystal CollectionMulti-purpose item to get your life in order
Unihom Rose Quartz Heart StoneA natural physical and emotional healer
Amethyst StoneCompact size

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MINERALUNIVERSE Natural Selenite Crystal Palm stone

Why do we like it?

  • looks and feels amazing
  • promotes faster healing due to vibrational properties
  • quality to last you for ages
  • beautiful astral projection provides faster healing
  • no hard and fast storage rule


Selenite crystal, a white and cloudy stone linked with the crown chakra, associates you with the Divine. It self-cleaned your body with its high vibrational property, and it offers white bubbles while astral projection in dreaming.

With a potent healing property, it is the best suitable and most recommended for crystal healing. The quality production of this piece lets you astral projection help in a beautiful and harmonizing form. It's a warranty product within an affordable range, so everyone makes it purchase possible.

DDLmax Natural Hexagonal Crystal

Why do we like it?

  • Fluorite quartz crystal excellent for healing
  • Polished finishing for a beautiful outlook
  • Unique design with pure energies
  • Remove negative energy buildup
  • Polished finishing with an exquisite shine
  • Vast applications for self-healing and positivity


DDLmax Natural crystal contains fluorite quartz, giving it a superb Hexagonal look, withholding six corner shapes. Beautiful colors coming through it gives you a relaxed feel, and its fluorite making removes the accumulation of negative energy.

With symmetry lining and soft build, it eradicates the bad lucks and act as astral projection gemstones for your life. Polished beautifully with hands making it more attractive and cleaned in looks. Lastly, it's a budget-friendly product withholding celestial projecting features.

Orgone Chakra Healing Pendant

Why do we like it?

  • Immune booster due to its magical healing properties
  • Faster healer for stress and mental health issue
  • removes negative energy and introduces positivity
  • perfect to provide a classy look
  • Vibrating composition for positive surroundings


Orgone Chakra well-known for its healing property and it's a kind gift for your loved ones who are facing stress or any mental sickness. This best crystal for astral projection is a mixture of three vibrational components: resin, chakra stones, and metals to convert your surroundings into positivity.

7 Chakra stones are lapis lazuli, green aventurine, blue aventurine, red jasper, red carnelian, citrine, and amethyst, giving it a natural appearance with maximum protection. These stones block the entry of negativity and serve as an energy generator.

Orgonite Shop Lapis Lazuli

Why do we like it?

  • Bright coloring for ultra protection
  • best energy generator for personal healing
  • Remove negativity to introduce positivity in life
  • unique design for a perfect everyday look
  • Potent and royal stone


It stood in the natural gemstones for astral projection with a beautiful, unique design and bright coloring. This natural stone contains resin where a little flower dipped and provides you ultra-protection Plus, having amethyst, lapis lazuli, yellow onyx, blue aquamarine, and black tourmaline stones, making it the best energy generator.

Moreover, it improves your insight vision, gives you awareness and inner-self-satisfaction. This royal necklace mediates you act as a guard against negative entities. Further, it enhances judgment power and lets you fast learning.

Hexagonal Healing Crystal Necklace

Why do we like it?

  • Strengthen user against negative energy
  • Nice composition for calmness and peace
  • Decent design to look good with every outfit
  • Looks classy not dull or boring
  • Any person can afford it
  • Lightweight and easy to wear on a daily basis


This hexagonal healing crystal pendant comes in six different colors withholding different properties. For instance, amethyst is well-known as a birthstone for February; Synthetic opalite is a perfect stone for releasing depression and making strong relation bonds. Its chain consists of stainless steel, and wrapping with a beautiful flower shape wire provides a classy look.

It adds decency and elegance and makes your looks more attractive. By wearing this, you can overcome your fears as it brings strengthen. You may gift it to your beloved ones to make their lives safe and protected from unknown worries.

Opal Crystal Healing Pendant

Why do we like it?

  • A stone to bring love and attraction
  • Boosts confidence level and self-confidence
  • a multi-purpose stone with multiple benefits
  • Release negativity to introduce positive energy
  • Produces harmony and brings prosperity
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere


Brings the inner beauty and self-satisfaction out with this best Opal crystal healing pendant. It rouses your imaginations and creativity level and eases astral projection with this crystal grid astral. With a powerful sea connection, it is known as the sea creatures. It boosts your confidence and control emotions with this hoppy stone.

This natural crystal stone increases memory; you can use it for mediation and yoga. Moreover, for expressing your love or making a strong bond with your beloved partner, you may gift it to him or her; as it produces love harmony.

Rockcloud Irregular Polished Banded Agate Palm Stones

Why do we like it?

  • Improves mental health and introduces positive thoughts
  • Reduces anxiety and any other mild mental health issues
  • protects the heart and neutralizes personal aura
  • comes in nice packaging and looks plush
  • looks gorgeous with any colored outfit
  • helps in overcoming fear and barriers in life


Rcokcloud is a pocket-sized natural stone containing natural white, black, brown, red, and orange colors. This lightweight stone easily fits into your pocket or hands, and you may carry it anywhere easily. Having it means getting rid of anxiety and adding relaxation to the body so that you can use it as a mediator and a healer.

Moreover, this strengthening stone helps harmonize, increases consciousness level, aura stabilization, and improves self-confidence. Plus, it comes in a stunning black velvet packing that makes it more special while giving gifts to your friends and family.

Zentron Crystal Collection

Why do we like it?

  • Multi-purpose item to get your life in order
  • Protective packaging to avoid damages during delivery
  • Attractive design to enhance your overall look
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy to store and clean regularly
  • A grounding stone to bring positivity and prosperity in life


Zentron Crystal is a group of gemstones for astral projection worldwide. It's a pointed quartz stone that is an abundant mineral with having six sides on each point. Usage of astral projection can do perfectly with this top-quality gemstone. It looks natural and able to convert negativity into positivity in an efficient way.

It uses for different purposes, such as cabbing, cutting, decorating, jewelry designing, healing, and tumbling. Further, this grounding stone comes in sumptuous velvet that provides you an ultra-protection while storing and handling.

Unihom Rose Quartz Heart Stone

Why do we like it?

  • A natural physical and emotional healer
  • helps in attracting love and prosperity in life
  • Eliminate the feeling of hate and agony
  • Lessens aggressive behavior and clams nerve
  • boosts energy and induces more activeness
  • Emotion balancer to avoid unnecessary negative emotions


Raise your self-esteem and build self-confidence with the delicately designed Unihom Rose Heart Stone. It is a perfect match for emotionally weal persons, as it balances emotions, lessens the guilt, reduces stress, and produces a peaceful environment in your surroundings.

This heart stone clears all negative emotions or feelings from your heart like jealousy and anger; plus, it helps in accepting different demanded challenges and changes in your life. Moreover, it produces empathy for others and can forgive and tolerate others' wrong attitudes beautifully.

Brazilian Tumbled Polished Natural Amethyst Stones

Why do we like it?

  • A polished stone for a shiny look
  • A large variety to select a stone from
  • Compact size and fits easily anywhere
  • Wide usage property and diverse application
  • Looks nice with bright and neutral outfits
  • Lightweight and budget-friendly


No doubt, using crystals for astral projection is just incredible, especially when you have Brazilian Tumbled Amethyst Stones in your hand. It's a combination of different shades of purple colors stones, having other effects. Three stones are pure dark purple, four are faded dark to light purple, and the remaining are from medium to soft purple shade.

This variety of shades offers vast functioning, including overcoming fears, enhancing love, self-esteem enhancement, controlling emotions, spreading positivity, releasing stress, and much more.

Bonus Section

HEALING TRUST Citrine Crystal

Citrine crystal is one of the best ones available if you are looking for an astral stone to heal your relationships and introduce long-lasting happiness in your life. Each stone is crafted with perfection to provide a bright and beautiful outlook. The stone also heals sinus, heart, and lung issues in the long long-run. Its chakras have healing power and help fight anxiety.

Tiger Eye Bracelets Chakra Gems Stones

Tiger Eye Bracelets are made with high-quality and natural lead-free beads. The beads are exceptional as manufacturers polish them for a shiny look. It has excellent healing properties, which also helps in boosting confidence. It is an ideal bracelet to wear for people with mental health issues as it grounds them. It is the best gift for men, and even women rock it every day.

QGEM Pack of 3 Amethyst Healing

QGEM Amethyst healing stones are ideal for powerful grounding and flow of positive energy. It has physical healing benefits as well as emotional healing benefits. You can give it to people with swelling and bloating issues as it helps with it significantly. It boosts hormone production and also speeds up digestion which is all we need in our lives.

Luckeeper Healing Crystal Wands

The luckeeper healing crystal, as the name suggests, brings luck into a user’s life. It is one of the best stones to help negative exchange thoughts with positive ones. It has a beautiful clear color which you can keep in water and revive its benefits. Luckkeeper helps in alleviating your mental health and makes you feel calm.

UFEEL Banded Agate Palm Stone

UFEEL palm stone is the best stress-relieving stone as it eliminates negativity and brings positivity to your life. It helps a person in feeling self-confident by balancing the chakras and allowing calmness to consume you. A UFEEL stone makes the best gift as it has a long-lasting luster and wonderful benefits.


Using crystals for astral projection is an excellent approach toward the star illusion. As we have mentioned the top ones for it. Yet there are still that want the editor's top pick which would be Natural Selenite Crystal Palm stone works like a charm.


Buying Guide:

It involves value determination and comparing that particular product rather than looking for a single crystal or a gemstone. This value depends on several factors; hence considering these factors is essential before buying the right crystal for use.
Weight of a crystal:

The first thing is the size of a crystal or gemstone; if it is large, its weightage is more. And it will be costly to buy; however, by investing a considerable amount, you can found the actual gem for effective astral projection. However, the best-recommended weight is 1/28 ounce per crystal stone for easy handling.
Condition of a Crystal:
Usually, crystals grow on grounds, and they may face damages, and their mining, cleaning, and transporting process also lead to hazard. Therefore, always purchase from a reputable dealer; they will defiantly claim in case of any damage or abrasive crystal delivery.
Crystal Type: 

Various types of crystals occur for celestite astral travel; however, Amethyst, Roze Quartz, Citrine, and clear quartz are more popular among them, withholding premium characteristics. Using it for strengthening willpower, boosting energy level, releasing stress is just incredible.
Color of a crystal:
Bright colors, crystals, or gemstones are more impactful and demanded in the market rather than dull ones because these colors are more energetic and can beat negative entities more effectively. Secondly, always try to pick transparent crystals that give harmony and synchronize life.
Crystal manufacturing:
We always prefer natural crystal; it added value to your souls instead of affecting your skins or body tune. However, minor enhancements added value, like heat treating topaz.
How to help astral projection?

Here are some tips for astral travel; follow them forsooth and calm astral projection.

  • First, isolate yourself in a dark and wind-free room.
  • Use gemstones for astral projection to keep in your hands.
  • Placed a candle on a plate in a safe place.
  • Relax by putting your back on the chair rest.
  • And start your crystal grid astral journey in calm surroundings.


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