Crystals for Fertility and Pregnancy (Top 9 Picks)

crystals for fertility

 You will agree with me when I say, Crystals are amazing tools that can be used for almost anything, ranging from healing wounds to healing spiritual rifts. 

After an intense nine months the mother finally gets to see her baby. It a long and essential part of life. During pregnancy however the mother has to be very cautious.

Anything that affects the mother can potentially harm or affect the baby. During these difficult times crystals can be very helpful(Imbolic), some crystals do so by giving strength to endure the pain others protect the mother and the child from any harm. Their effects vary from crystal to crystal. And they are an essential tool for any pregnant women.

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Agate (stone of power):
agate stone for pregnancy

main attributes of Agate

  • Color: numerous
  • Origin: USA
  • It enhances concentration and mental function

Agate is a beautiful grey colored stone. It has a protective aura that shields the mother and the child from all sorts of dangerous energies including electromagnetic radiation. These have proven to be very harmful for humans and even more harmful for pregnant women. This fertility gemstone defends the user from all such harm. Therefore this crystal for pregnancy is an effective way to deal with all sorts of environmental factors that may harm the user. It is also known for it's calming effect which is also very beneficial for pregnant women. It's a great healing crystal for pregnancy and fertility.

Our tip for using agate:

Keep it by your side at all times so that it may protect you throughout the day

Rose quartz (stone of love):

main attributes of Rose quartz 

  • Color: pink
  • Origin: USA
  • Promotes love and affection 

Rose quartz is an amazing crystal associated with the feelings of love and compassion. It's a very powerful crystal and definitely one of the best crystals for fertility and pregnancy. Rose quartz has a very specific and unique vibrational frequency. This frequency will directly link itself to the heart chakra and will allow all the negative and bad energies of your system to be extracted. After your heart is free from all such energies you will feel much better. This will be greatly beneficial for you and your child. If those energies get a chance to manifest themselves they can cause potentially critical health problems. And with a child on the way one has to be very careful. During pregnancy this will also help lessen the pain, which you will surely feel. These reasons make it a great crystal for getting pregnant.

Our Tip for using rose quartz:

Make it a pendant and keep it with you at all times. Also, keep it with you during meditation.

Green aventurine (stone of prosperity):

main attributes of Green aventurine

  • Color: green
  • Origin: worldwide
  • Brings the user incredible luck

Green aventurine is a widely renowned crystal. it is very famous in the healing crystal community for bringing luck and prosperity to whoever uses it. It's a great crystal for fertility and pregnancy because of it's chakra enhancing abilities. Fertility problems are very common these days, even a slight change in the natural chakra state can trigger such problems. So it's best to regularly use green aventurine as it stabilizes this internal state and regulates chakra flow. it's also a great idea to use this crystal during conception as it can greatly enhance the chance of getting pregnant.

Our Tip for using green aventurine:

This is a must have crystal. It not only acts as a crystal for getting pregnant, it also brings the user great luck. Be sure to Make a pregnancy crystal bracelet to use during conception.

Fire opal (stone of truth)

main attributes of Fire opal

  • Color: red and black
  • Origin: Mexico
  • It brings out the true and best version of us

Fire opal is a red and white colored stone. You can use it to gain many spiritual benefits such as enlightenment and inner peace. However, spiritual healing is not the only thing this amazing crystal is known for. Its best feature lies in it's ability to give the user courage, during such a difficult period it's necessary to be strong. You will have to face a lot of challenges and difficulties and the only way to get through them would be to tackle them head on. In such stressful times, be sure to use fire opal it will give you the strength you need. Because of these reasons, fire opal a great crystal for pregnancy.

Our Tip for using fire opal:

Use it everyday to bring out the best of you. If you feel that you have changed or are on the verge of changing into something undesirable, than be sure to use this crystal as it will bring out your true self.

Lepidolite (stone of transformation):

main attributes of Lepidolite 

  • Color: rose colored grey or purple colored grey
  • Origin: Brazil, Mexico, USA
  • Brings about change

It is a beautiful fertility gemstone that has a wide variety of uses. It can be used to alleviate all sorts of pain. Other than that, it is very protective. It defends the users internal chakra state and deflects any negative energies that may want to manifest themselves in the user. It's a great gemstone for fertility and pregnancy as it harmonizes the emotions that we feel.

Our Tip for using lepidolite:

It induces change. If you feel like having a phoenix like transformation than use lepidolite as it can help incorporate all the elements that you are trying to add to your personality.


Moonstone (stone of healing):

main attributes of Moonstone:

  • Color: multi-colored
  • Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Germany
  • Improves and promotes health and well being

Moonstone is a very powerful stone. It gains it's energy directly from the moon, which is one of the purest forms of energy. It uses this lunar energy to stabilize your internal state and bring you health and well being. It's a great crystal for pregnancy. It not only helps during conception, it also does an excellent job balancing the hormonal cycle. With the power of this gemstone for fertility you can actually heal a lot quicker, which is very beneficial after birth. Overall it's a great healing crystal for fertility and pregnancy. 

Our Tip for using moonstone:

Be sure to cleanse it with the energy of the moon. It will only be at it's full potential if it's charged from the moon’s natural energy. Most people use moonstone for pregnancy as it is great for that purpose.

Unakite (stone of enhancement):

main attributes of Unakite

  • Color: different shades of green and pink
  • Origin: USA
  • Helps develop a caring attitude

During pregnancy women face tremendous amounts of pain. it is also associated with a lot of other problems. Such as the condition of the mother after birth and miscarriages. Unikate is great stone to prevent miscarriages and solve most of these problems. It gives the user incredible regeneration speed as well as enhanced metabolism to counter any negative or bad effects that may occur during the nine month period. It is also a great help in menstrual cramps and hormone regulation. Hence, unakite for pregnancy is a great idea. It is one of the best healing stones for pregnancy and fertility.

Our Tip for using unakite:

Unakite is a great gemstone for pregnancy so keep it with you at all times during pregnancy.

Carnelian (stone of creativity):

main attributes of Carnelian

  • Color: orange
  • Origin: USA,Brazil, India
  • Motivates the user and gives them strength.

It is a great stone when it comes to pregnancy. It gives the user great courage and strength to stay strong in the midst of all the problems and difficulties that may arise during pregnancy. Other than that it's healing properties transcends the mother and directly affects the baby. This ensures the healthy delivery of the baby. It is also known to stimulate creativity, so like all the crystals mentioned in this list it will also be beneficial after pregnancy.

Our Tip for using carnelian:

If you are an artist or someone whose work is based on creativity and ingenuity than be sure to try out this crystal.

Amber (stone of healing):

main attributes of Amber

  • Color: yellow to orange
  • Origin: worldwide
  • its elevates the soul and also gives courage and strength

Amber is a beautiful stone and a very powerful one at that. It's internal vibration stop any diseases related to birth from ever occurring. It also increase fertility and is a great stone to use during conception. It also gives the user the courage to tackle every sort of problem. The vibrations of this stone will also cure any irregularities in your system. With all your internal chakra problems resolved you will surely to be less likely to catch a disease.

Our Tip for using amber:

Use it during your meditation practice to maximize it's result. Make a pregnancy crystal bracelet to use during conception. 

  • Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

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