The 10 Best Crystals For Virgo Star Signs: And Why You Need Them

The 10 Best Crystals For Virgo Star Signs And Why You Need Them

Every zodiac sign experiences positive and negative aspects of their personality traits. Some traits are more powerful than others and some produce more negative energy that holds the power to cause a spiral of decline. 

With the resurgence of crystal healing, many are turning to crystals as an alternative method of self-care to improve their quality of life. However, different crystals have unique properties so it can be difficult to know which crystals offer the right properties you need. 

To help you navigate which crystals you should use to harness specific energies to bring into your life and counteract the negative energy, we’ve put together a guide of the best crystals for Virgo star signs.

This post will give you all the information you need on what the crystals are, how, and why you should use them. 

Why Use Crystals?

Crystals have been used as a method of healing for centuries. It is an ancient practice that is used around the world. There has been a recent resurgence in the use of crystals and more people are beginning to use it as a self-care practice as an alternative therapy for balancing the mind and body. 

As we go through life we embody different energies from within ourselves and from others around us. These energy flows have different effects on us, some positive and some negative. Unlike humans, crystals also hold energy, however, the energy is held within the crystal.

When experiencing bouts of negative energy, turning to crystals to harness energy can be a way of healing the mind and body. Each crystal has its frequency and energy field which gives it unique properties.

Crystal healing involves absorbing the unique energy of these crystals. The results are profound, some of which will create uplifted energy and a calm vibration. The effect the crystal has on you will depend on the properties it offers. 

Crystals can be used to help you realign yourself with areas of your life.

Benefits Of Using Crystals

Some of the benefits of using crystals include increasing tranquility, positive energy, focus, enhanced immunity, and improved mental and physical wellbeing. 

About the Virgo Star Sign: August 23 – September 22 


Like every zodiac sign, the Virgo star sign is balanced by strengths and weaknesses which are harnessed by specific negative and positive personality traits.

Governed by Mercury, the planet of communication, a Virgo’s most esteemed qualities is their ability to communicate, along with that are qualities of loyalty to others, their ability to work hard, and their high level of intelligence. Virgos make great friends, family members, and employees. 

Virgo is an earth sign represented by the goddess of agriculture and harvest. Virgos are often in tune with their surroundings and have a grounded personality. Their connection to agriculture and harvest is represented by their ability to work hard and strive for perfection.

One of the core traits of Virgos is their ability to work harder than others. With great intellect, they have an analytical and logical mind possessing skills of organization and problem solving. They are prone to overachieving and seeking perfectionism.

Whilst they work hard for what they have got, they enjoy quiet success and avoid bragging about their achievements.

Virgo’s are naturally conscientious, they love to help others and find value in helping others succeed. They are loyal to those close to them, and love deeply, especially those in their inner circle.


Like every zodiac sign, Virgos have their downfalls. Their areas of weakness lie in their tendency to be overly critical of others as well as themselves. Whilst they are great at helping and comforting others, they struggle to comfort themselves and experience feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. 

Although Virgo’s are hardworking, their desire to be perfect can become obsessive. Intending to reach high standards, they work to notice every detail.

They also tend to want to reach goals on their own, avoiding asking for help or receiving help, this can consequently lead to burnout and stress which Virgo’s are prone to experiencing. 

Similar to the way Virgo’s don’t like to ask for help, there is also a predisposition to keep to themselves in other areas of life. Their conservative nature can manifest in the modest way they speak, dress or live their lives. 

The 10 Best Crystals for Virgo Star Signs 

Now that we’ve pinpointed the characteristics of a Virgo, we can begin to explore which crystals are best for a Virgo to use to bring the best out of their qualities and to enhance their Virgo traits. 

Green Jade 

  • Colour: Green 
  • Chakra: Resonates with the heart 
  • Origin: Mexico, Russia, Guatemala, USA, China, Myanmar

Green Jade is assigned to the Earth element making it a suitable crystal for a Virgo to use to harness its Earth energy. Green Jade is a protective crystal that works to bring about harmony as it offers restorative energy that nourishes the body and soul, restoring balance. 

This crystal attracts good luck and allows Virgos to reap the rewards of their hard work. 

This is one of the best crystal’s for a Virgo as it enhances all of the traits of a Virgo star sign, especially those associated with mental abilities. Green Jade provides energy that boosts attention to detail by sharpening a Virgo’s critical eye.

This enhances the ability to break down tasks and sustain focus to enable you to work on multiple tasks. This crystal also enhances the power of logical thinking and analysis. 

How you use – Wear Green Jade as a piece of jewelry, ideally as a necklace. This crystal resonates with the heart center, keeping it close and wearing it as a necklace will allow you to harness its power. 

Blue Tourmaline 

Blue Tourmaline 

  • Colour: Blue, Turquoise, light blue, and dark blue 
  • Chakra: Resonates with the throat and third eye
  • Origin: Nigeria, Afghanistan, USA, Kenya, Brazil, and Sri Lanka

Blue Tourmaline resonates with the throat chakra. As Virgos are naturally adept at the art of communication, this crystal can be used to develop a Virgo’s existing innate communicative abilities. 

The Blue Tourmaline is a great crystal to use for Virgo’s who communicate regularly in jobs such as teaching and public speaking. It also works to promote honest communication by activating the throat chakra.

The Blue Tourmaline is an ascendant crystal working to encourage confidence and self-belief by looking inward. This helps Virgos communicate honestly with themselves to believe in their own abilities and reduce feelings of worry and self-doubt. 

Blue Tourmaline also resonates with the third eye chakra. Its energy works to enhance a Virgo’s intellect. It serves to support a Virgo’s desires and passions. 

Blue Tourmaline also provides energy that helps to improve emotional intelligence. As this is one of the strongest traits of a Virgo, this crystal will only help to amplify this quality. 

How to use – Wear Blue Tourmaline as a necklace to keep it close to your throat. This crystal can also be used during meditation to help you connect with your feelings and to connect with your subconscious. 


  • Colour: Green 
  • Chakra: Resonates with the heart and solar plexus 
  • Origin: Brazil, USA, Egypt, Russia, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Canary Islands 

Peridot offers energy that will help you overcome obstacles in your life. These could be anything from making peace with challenges of past mistakes you’ve made, or getting rid of baggage you no longer need in your life.

This is a great crystal if you are wanting to relieve yourself of anything that is no longer serving you well in your life. 

Peridot also works to progress. Its energy helps you develop faster and progress towards your goals. This is a great crystal to use if you are seeking clarity. 

This crystal provides a warm and loving energy and nicely complements Virgo’s existing traits and amplifies them. This crystal brings light energy that provides stress relief which is ideal for Virgo’s who experience stress and anxiety. 

How to use – Wear Peridot in jewelry such as a necklace to activate your heart chakra or a bracelet to increase stimulation and awareness.


  • Colour: Blue/ white 
  • Chakra: Resonates with the throat and third eye 
  • Origin: Brazil, USA 

Kyanite is an essential addition to your crystal collection. This crystal is an all-rounder and a great crystal for anyone to have. This crystal provides energy that activates the throat and third eye chakras. It works to balance your physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

Kyanite is a powerful transmitter of energy and helps to amplify the positive you already have. This crystal doesn’t hold negative energy and so doesn’t need cleansing as it continually emits powerful energy for you to absorb.

This crystal also helps to inspire self-development and is a great crystal to use if you are lacking a sense of direction or purpose in your life.

Red Jasper 

  • Colour: Red 
  • Chakra: Resonates with the root and sacral 
  • Origin: Worldwide 

Red Jasper is a nurturing crystal that emits comforting energy that brings tranquility and wholeness. This crystal provides energy that activates the root and sacral chakra and it works to provide peace and balance. This is a great crystal to use if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 

This crystal also works to amplify Virgo traits of enhancing organizational skills and problem solving abilities. This crystal enhances mental strength and stamina providing energy and focus. This will enable an individual to sustain performance with increased endurance. 

Red Jasper appeals to the root chakra making it a great crystal to use for grounding. It is a great crystal for Virgo’s as it will remind you to reconnect with your earthy nature.

How to use – Red Jasper releases energy slowly so it needs to be used consistently over a long period. The best way to harness its energy is to wear it as a necklace or bracelet. 



  • Colour: White 
  • Chakra: Resonates with the crown 
  • Origin: India, China, New Zealand, Chile 

Okenite provides supportive energy. It works to purify all of the chakras. Its energy helps to promote healing and new beginnings.

Okenite is a great crystal to use if you are struggling with relationships with others and with yourself as its energy encourages self-forgiveness and promotes letting go of bad habits to look toward a new path. 

This is a great crystal for a Virgo to use as it amplifies a Virgo’s tendency to strive for new opportunities. This is a good crystal to use if you are lacking a sense of direction and you need to get back on track. 

Okenite is made of a cluster of fibers that act as a collective energy. This energy is helpful for anyone who is working in a group or looking for fresh ideas. 

Okenite appeals to Virgo’s moon sign and provides energy that helps to connect you to your higher self. This crystal supports the manifestation of energies and will assist the completion of the karmic cycles. 

Using this crystal will help you to look within yourself and to reveal truths of your life experiences to help you move forward. 

How to use – Keep this crystal by your bedside. 


  • Colour: Purple 
  • Chakra: Resonates with the crown and third eye
  • Origin: USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India. Sri Lanka, UK, Brasil, Uruguay, Siberia, Africa 

With an energy that appeals to the crown and third eye chakras, an Amethyst is a spiritual crystal. This crystal will help you to connect with who you really are and to enjoy your true self. Its energy will reveal your unique qualities to others. 

This crystal provides soothing energy that is ideal for moments when you feel you need to calm down or you want to improve your mood.

With high vibrations, this is a great crystal to use to elevate your motivation, enhance your intuition, and restore balance. If you need a boost of confidence, this is the crystal for you.

This is a great crystal for Virgo’s as it encourages conscious selflessness to balance the weakness of insecurity. 

How to use – Include Amethyst within your meditation to increase your spiritual connection and to get in tune with yourself. 


  • Colour: Yellow, orange
  • Chakra: Resonates with the solar plexus
  • Origin – Russia, and Madagascar

Citrine is a powerful manifestation crystal that appeals to the solar plexus. It provides cleansing energy that helps to restore. This crystal works to absorb negative energy and restore a feeling of being grounded. This is a great crystal to use if you are stuck in a negative cycle. 

This is a great crystal for Virgos as it helps to clear the mind and restore balance in times of stress.

This crystal is also great for encouraging the dismissal of negative flaws to focus on strengths, this is ideal for any Virgo looking to build self-confidence as it will help you see the positive light within yourself. 

Citrine also allows you to manifest goals into reality. With cleansing energy of focus, this crystal encourages creativity which is ideal for a Virgo looking to boost their energy and creativity such as an artist or writer, etc. 

How to use – To harness the energy of Citrine, wear it as a necklace to keep it close and to activate the solar plexus. 

Moss Agate 

  • Colour: Green, blue, brown, red
  • Chakra: Resonates with the heart and base 
  • Origin: Australia, India, USA 

Moss Agate is associated with Earth elements making it an ideal crystal for Virgos to use. This crystal emits nurturing energy that encourages personal growth and goal setting whether these be personal, work related, or health related. 

This crystal provides a balancing presence that will help to enhance your ability to speak honestly and to feel and express your feelings.

This is an ideal crystal for Virgos as it helps to boost self-esteem by getting in touch with personal feelings and as a result, releases tension or self-doubt to promote relaxation. 

This is a great crystal to use if you are looking to restore balance and energy. Harnessing its energy will inspire motivation for you to act to improve your life circumstances, to destress, and dissipate any negative mental energy you’re holding on to. 

How to use – Put Moss Agate around your house and your garden. 


  • Colour: It comes in a variety of colors, sometimes blue, turquoise, green, yellow, purple, pink, or rainbow 
  • Chakra: Helps to balance all chakras promoting a free flow of energy
  • Origin: Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, USA, UK, China, and Peru

Fluorite offers a light and playful energy that brings about a sense of calm and a clear mind. This crystal helps to restore balance to all the chakras to promote a free flow of energy. Harnessing the energy from Fluorite will help you neutralize stress and any negative energy you may be experiencing.

This is a great crystal to use if you are going through a difficult time in your life or if you are feeling drained by the negative energy of the people around you. 

Fluorite is a balancing crystal and works to help clear your mind. In doing so you will be able to see what’s important. This is a great crystal for Virgos as it helps to maintain balance when you may be being too analytical. It will help to develop intuition and to reconnect with your higher self.

With a rebalanced body and mind, Fluorite is great for helping you absorb new information as it clears the mind of all distractions to enable complete focus. This is a great choice of crystal for anyone studying.

How to use – Use Fluorite during meditation or wear it as jewelry to absorb its energy and vibrations. If you are studying, place it under your table or chair to eliminate distractions and increase focus.

Buying Guide 

How To Choose Your Crystals 

Choose your crystals from your gut. Choose what appeals to you and your current situation and let your intuition guide you. You can all use this post as a guide for the best crystals for Virgos. 

How To Use Them 

  • You can use your crystals using meditations especially if they have properties that help you to get in touch with your inner self. 
  • You can use your crystals by placing them around your home and your garden to emit their energy.
  • You can use your crystals by wearing them like jewelry around your neck or as a bracelet. Necklaces are ideal for crystals that resonate with the heart chakra. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Cleanse My Crystals?

  • Use brown rice or sand to draw out negative energy. Do this by filling a bowl with brown rice or sand and burying the crystal beneath the grains. Do this for 24 hours for the rice/ sand to absorb the negative energy you’ve eradicated. This can be done for any crystal. 
  • Use sage to clear the negative vibrations and restore your crystals’ natural energy. You can do this by igniting the tip of the sage with a flame making sure you’re outdoors or near a window. Once the sage starts to smoke, move the crystal around through the smoke. Allow the smoke to surround the crystal for 30 seconds. 
  • Sound healing is another way of cleaning crystals as it brings the crystal to the same vibration as the tone of the sound bowl or tuning fork to destabilize. This is an ideal cleansing method if you have crystals that are too large to move. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.

How Often Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

Cleanse your crystals at least once a month as the more you use them the more energy they collect. 

When is the best time for a Virgo to use crystals?

It depends on the properties of the crystals but the ideal time to harness the power of crystals is during times of self-doubt, stress, or change.


With information on what crystals do, how they can be used, and how they can be restored, you have all the information you need to help you harness the energy to become the best version of yourself. 

  • Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

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