10 Crystals For Grief to Help, Heal Your Heart

Crystals for grief

Healing crystals are a gift from the Earth that can solve all of your troubles with it’s remedying vibrations. Other than getting help from an institution, you should consider trying crystals for grief.

Various studies have proven that crystals do indeed help in eliminating one’s negative thoughts and traits, replacing them with a new positive outlook on life.

To help you, I have arranged a list of 10 stones for grief, each very specific about the things they heal. I’d recommend to go through the entirety of the descriptions below and select the one that best describes your situation.

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Main attributes of Sugilite:

  • Color: Purple, Pink
  • Origin: Canada, South Africa, Japan
  • For  trauma and healing

If you closely relate to having trauma and a moment that altered your way of living in some way, there’s a chance you’re living your life in grief. Being in a state like this can feel lonely and depressing. 

Sugilite is one of my personal favorite healing crystals for grief and sadness. It makes me remind myself that I’m worthy of love and compassion even in the lowest points of my life.

We should be more kind to ourselves, making ourselves believe that all is not lost and that there’s still hope in all of the darkness within. This is exactly what Sugilite does best which is why it’s my favorite healing stone.

Our tip for using Sugilite:

Since Sugilite heals when we feel our worse, I recommend having it close to you whenever you feel terrible about yourself. To prevent yourself from mental shocks in public, have the stone with you wherever you may be going.

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Rose Quartz

Main attributes of Rose Quartz:

  • Color: Pink, Flamingo
  • Origin: USA, Brazil
  • For support and healing of the heart

Rose Quartz is one of my favorite grief crystals since it not only fixes the grief but also fills the heart with infinite compassion. When we are hit by something hard, we forget to love others and most importantly, to love ourselves.

In such circumstances, Rose Quartz reminds people to give their hearts out to everything they do and everyone they meet.

For your own healing, whatever your problem might be, this stone can be your best companion.

Our tip for using Rose Quartz:

Place multiple Rose Quartz stones around your bed space to get the most of the healing stones.

Mangano Calcite

Main attributes of Mangano Calcite:

  • Color: Blush Pink
  • Origin: Brazil, Peru
  • For trauma and self-love

Mangano Calcite comes from a classification of crystals for the grief that targets the deep hidden mental traumas one might have. This stone not only uses its vibrations to heal a person but also calls the help of the angels to bless the person with love and compassion that they truly deserve.

Mangano Calcite reminds people that no matter what their past, it can’t affect our present and our future. This healing stone makes people more mindful and empathetic to their lives. It reminds us that loving ourselves is the greatest love of all.

If you’re suffering from a painful breakup or just can’t get over the trauma you had when you were a child, I highly suggest you get this crystal for yourself.

Our tip for using Mangano Calcite:

Use the Mangano Calcite as a pendant and wear it nearer to your heart to amplify the healing power of the stone.

Ruby in Zoisite
ruby in zoisite

Main attributes Ruby in Zoisite:

  • Color: Green, Brown
  • Origin: Tanzania, Kenya, Norway
  • For regaining your passions and releasing the frustration

The Ruby in Zoisite is one of the stones for the grief that will keep you calm even in the most stressing moments of your life. Numerous people around the world suffer from unemployment and various other socio-economic issues. This makes them keep a lot of anger, anxiety, and frustration in themselves which in result makes them live in despair.

In such circumstances, the healing stones for grieving remind us that we are still capable of much more than the job we lost. Such losses could be the answer from the heavens to change our lives but we have mistaken them badly.

Stones for grieving will give a new perspective on life that will guide you to a more happy and successful life.

Our tip for using Ruby in Zoisite:

Keep this stone close to you whenever you feel frustrated or on the verge of a breakdown.

Indicolite Quartz
indicolite quartz

Main attributes Indicolite Quartz:

  • Color: Blue, Clear
  • Origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Afganistan
  • For acceptance

The best thing that healing stones for sadness and loss can teach is that we’re not alone with our suffering in this world. Moreover, the stones allow us to open up about our feelings to others. It helps us accept our failures and our past traumas as a series of unfortunate events, not the basis for our unfortunate destiny.

Indicolite Quartz is one of those stones for the grief that will help you be more honest with your feelings. If you’ve lost a loved one, this stone can comfort you from within and teaches to deal with it in the most divine ways possible. 

Our tip for using Indicolite Quartz:

Have this stone whenever you visit your therapist. The healing powers of the stone will make you more honest with your feelings.

Apache Tears

Main attributes of Apache Tears:

  • Color: Black
  • Origin: USA, Mexico
  • For Erasing Grief and bringing courage

Apache Tears is one of the most beautiful dark-colored crystals for the grief I could. It is oftentimes found white spots but it looks best when it's all black.

The stone allows the beholder to evade their despairs and help them recover from the grief of any unfortunate event.

Apache tears stones will help you become more emotionally stable and aware which will later result in a more positive outlook on life.

Our trip on using Apache Tears:

Have the Apache Tears stone near your bed or your somewhere in your living room.

Crystals for children

Main attributes of Amethyst:

  • Color: Purple
  • Origin: Brazil, Uraguay
  • For anxiety

Anxiety is arguably the most reported mental illnesses in the world. It's a tough situation and often times very tricky to be treated. People with anxiety find it difficult to be decisive and to be in the present.

Amethyst stone  is a stone that is known around for its cure on anxiety. This is a grounding stone which helps you calm yourself in all of your anxious situations.

Wearing this while you go on presentations or visiting the ill, will help you ground yourself and grab yourself back into a far more confident self

Our tip for using Amethyst:

Use this healing crystal when you meditate or go for a morning stroll.


Main attributes of Lepidolite:

  • Color: Purple, Pink, White
  • Origin: Brazil, China, USA
  • For depression and loss of a loved one

Loss of a loved one can feel more grieving than anything else in the world. In situations like this, one feels all of the world falling apart its needless to say that it can make them very sensitive and fragile.

Even though looking for help is the primary thing you should consider, having crystals for grief like Lepidolite can help them cope with the grief until they receive their treatments.

It helps people to calm down and have a positive outlook on life. It changes grief to hope and prepares the person for a far better future than what they expect it to be.

Our tip for using Lepidolite:

Lepidolite crystals should be held close or worn as a pendant when under treatment.


Main attributes of Selenite:

  • Color: Light Pink, White
  • Origin: Morocco, Madagascar
  • For grief and despair

If you're looking for crystals that aren't too powerful and the daily stresses are what makes you consider one, then Selenite is a great option.

This is a grounding crystal that won't really help you cope with the sadness but will help you connect with your soul. This stone will make you understand your values, resulting in realizing your problems to work on.

Our tip for using Selenite:

Have the Selenite crystal whenever you're off to work or college.

Ruby in Moonstone

Main attributes of Ruby in Moonstone:

  • Color: Red, Pink
  • Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar

The last one on our list is not an exception but an equally effective grief crystal that has proven to affect lives.

Ruby in Moonstone helps you move over the past and helps you find a happier future. A future that will bring you more opportunities and the blessings from the departed souls.

Our tip for using Ruby in Moonstone:

You should wear this as a pendant or keep it in your purse/bag. The healing power of the stone will keep you grounded and free of negative thoughts.

  • Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

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