8 Best Crystals for Babies (Room & Nursery)

crystals for babies

  You will agree with I say, 

 Crystals can provide the best protection to anyone, especially newborn babies  

Newborns give us all a feeling of ecstasy, indicating the parents for better and blessed times to come. It will occur to every family to be concerned about the child’s health early on. While the medical care would suffice, the spiritual well being of babies should be taken into consideration.

Healing crystals can do wonders for babies when it comes to spiritual and emotional wellness. If you’re expecting one, now is the right time to get yourself some stones.

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Amber Stone

Main attributes:

  • Color: Brown, Golden
  • Crystals to calm babies

If you haven't noticed already, babies tend to stay in a state of restlessness more than half of the time. Amber stones are known worldwide for bringing tranquility and calmness to everyone who has adopted them into their lives.

How to use it?

We wouldn't recommend most of our crystals to be worn by infants due to choking hazards. Instead, placing them near where they sleep seems more reliable.

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Blue Lace Agate

Main attributes:

  • Color: Blue, Aqua
  • for child protection and stillness

We are keeping certain stones for the first few places simply because this what people usually look out for. There can't be a parent who isn't worried about the protection of their newborns. Evil influences come without a warning and can seriously affect lives.

Blue Lace Agate is an excellent protection stone for babies in this regard. Not only will it give protection, but it will also calm the baby down. Win-win!

And an unpopular is that a blue crystal looks good on one's baby. So that's one more reason for you to cop this.

How to use Blue Lace Agate?

Place the stone near where your baby rests or plays. make sure you keep it out of their sight.

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Crystals for children

Main Attributes:

  • Color: Purple, Pink
  • For elevating positive energies

Positive energies that will keep your baby away from bad influences and have them away from distress are essential. Amethyst is the very stone that will have of these things sorted.

Amethyst stones are well known around the world for babies and the well-being they bring. If protection and elevating positive energies are what you're looking for, pick this one up.

How to use Amethyst stones?

Place it near where your toddler plays and sleeps. Having it near when they play will boost their energies immensely.

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Main attributes:

  • Color: White, Off-White, this baby crystal comes in blue in rare cases
  • Healing crystals for children

Moonstones are the healing stones that bring the energies of the moon. Since the moon we know so greatly, can make the tides change on the Earth, it can do the same with our emotions.

The moonstone will bring the light of the moon to your child and will illuminate all of the chakras for greater spiritual healing.

How to use Moonstone?

Place it under the bed/cot so that the stone could heal your child in their sleep.

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Main attributes:

  • Color: Purple, Blue
  • Crystals for child protection

We strongly believe children as young as infants are more vulnerable to various negative energies that float around. Steering them away is not so hard if you keep stones like Lepidolite around.

These stones have the ability to calm the mind and deflecting negative influences away, which is exactly what your kid needs.

Our tip for using Lepidolite:

These stones work best when one's asleep. So again, have the stone placed underneath the cot of your baby.

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Black Tourmaline

Main attributes:

  • Color: White/Black
  • A powerful soothing stone

Black Tourmaline stones are popular amongst people who deal with various mental restlessness and societal issues. It's because this stone helps people to soothe down and gives them a sense of protection.

Black Tourmaline can do the same for your kid. One of the popular baby crystals, this will keep your baby safe from all negative influences.

How to use it?

Place it under the cot and let the stonework its magic.

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Blue Calcite

Main attributes:

  • Color: Blue, White
  • Soothes and brings peace

Infants are always prone to have a restless and uneasy attitude from time to time. It could be your baby girl who just can't stop crying and hope a crystal might fix that. Well, this could be one of them.

Blue Calcite will ease your kid down and will allow various positive energies into your baby. Whatever that is agonizing your baby, it will fade away.

How to use Blue Calcite?

These healing crystals for babies work best in the baby's bedroom. Just place it anywhere where it's hard for your kid to reach.

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Main attributes:

  • Color: Blue, White
  • Brings divine healings for your baby

Last but certainly not the least, Celestite can bring the healings and blessings of angels of heaven. These healings will bless your child with happiness and growth that will be visible to you very early on.

All you have to do is to have faith in the stone and its healings.

How to use Celestite:

To bring in the angels and their blessings, leave the kid alone in his room with the stone kept near but hidden from the kid. The stone will heal your child as he/she is playing or sleeping.

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