Crystals for Arthritis that will Help you Heal

Crystals for Arthritis

 Arthritis is a painful disease that not only affects the body but also hatters your spirit to do anything else. 

It causes pain and inflammation in joints, when trying to do almost anything. As we know sometimes these diseases can come from problems in the chakra system of our bodies.

Hence healing stones are a great way to help with arthritis not only can it stabilize your internals state it can help cure the disease itself.

Numerous healing stone scholars recommend different types of crystals for treating such ailments. We have studied all of their reports and suggestions and compiled a list of the most effective crystals for arthritis. These stones for arthritis will surely reduce the pain and inflammation that accompanies such a disease.

Crystals for Arthritis:

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Crystals for Arthritis
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Fluorite (stone of positivity):

Main attributes of fluorite

  • color: Multi-colored/green
  • origin: China, Russia, USA
  • It intensifies positive emotions.

It is a beautiful stone that is known for treating various ailments. It is a great stone for arthritis, as it not only helps cure it but also strengthens the mind to endure the pain during the healing process.

Our tip for using fluorite:

Always keep this stone with you so that it heals you throughout the day, keeping this stone for arthritis in your pocket is a great idea.

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Apatite (stone of tranquility)

Main attributes of Apatite

  • Color: blue
  • origin: India, Kenya, Brazil, Norway, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mexico, Canada and the United States
  • Removes the thoughts burdening your heart.

Apatite is a stone that has the ability to increase the rate of cellular regeneration. During arthritis this stone can prove to be very useful as it reduces the stress and strain produced in the joints. It's an outstanding crystal for joint pain.

Our tip for using apatite:

Use it near your heart so that it may affect the heart chakra. A very special thing about apatite is that it can also be used as a crystal for arthritis in dogs.

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Garnet Grossular (stone of hope):

Main attributes of Garnet Grossular

  • color: multicolored
  • origin: Kenya
  • Gives hope

Garnet is a beautiful stone that can be used in arthritis to fortify the joints and to regenerate lost cells during the whole process. It is one of the best crystals for arthritis pain.

our tip for using Garnet Grossular:

Don't forget to mediate with this amazing crystal jewelry for arthritis. 

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Jet (Gagate) (stone of positivity):

Main attributes of Jet (Gagate)

  • color: black
  • origin: England
  • It reinforces positive thought

It's a stone that has a very specific frequency at which it vibrates, it's vibrations remove the numerous blockages in our system hence healing our ailments. So if you have pain and inflammation in your joints than use this healing stone for arthritis.

our tip for using jet:

Place this in your bedroom for maximum effectiveness.

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Rose quartz (stone of harmony):

Main attributes of Rose quartz

  • color: pink
  • origin: worldwide
  • It rids the heart of any emotional trauma.

It the stone of love and harmony. It cleanses the spirit and mind, hence making the painful process of arthritis much easier. It is one of the best crystals for arthritis pain.

our tip for using rose quartz:

Use it near your heart, it helps in the cleansing process of your heart chakra. You can also use it as a piece of crystal jewelry for arthritis, if you transform it into a piece of jewelry that you frequently wear than it will protect your joints throughout the day.

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Carnelian (stone of vitality):

Main attributes of Carnelian

  • color: orange
  • origin: Brazil, India, Russia
  • gives motivation

This is a very powerful stone, it has the ability to communicate with other crystals and develop a magnified response. It is a perfect crystal to use in a crystal grid. It is also a very effective healing stone for arthritis.

our tip for using Carnelian:

Since this crystal is a great stone for communicating with other stones hence use it in a grid to maximize the outcome. It can also be used as a crystal for arthritis in dogs.

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Copper (stone of peace):

Main attributes of Copper

  • color: distinct copper color
  • origin: worldwide
  • it harmonizes the body

Copper ore is actually a great stone to use for treating joint problems like arthritis. It harmonizes your internal chakra and brings all the 7 chakra corners of the body in equilibrium. Thereby , ridding your body of any disease. It's an amazing crystal for joint pain.

our tip for using copper:

Place a stone in your bath to properly cleanse your spirit and align your chakra systems.

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Hematite (stone of grounding)

main attributes of Hematite

  • color: black
  • origin: worldwide
  • releases strain from the root chakra

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Hematite is a very protective stone, during your healing process it is very much possible that some bad energies get incorporated into your body. This stone for arthritis protects you from all that so during your recovery process it will prevent any injuries or ailments to manifest in your body.

our tip for using hematite:

Be sure to use it during your recovery cycle it's enhanced protection will save you from even the most devastating of attacks to your chakra. It is one of the best crystals for knees, as it helps resolve knee pain problems very quickly.

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