18 Best Crystals for Depression & Stress in 2021

Crystals for Depression

No matter how much positive energy is there but if your mental health is not in the right place, you will not be able to deal with anything positive around you.

Your negative thoughts push them towards a dark cloud. There can be feelings like anxiety, sadness, panic attacks, and fatigue, etc. If these emotions are there for a while, then you might be suffering from depression. Depression can vary in different ways. It can be physical dealing with your body with tiredness all the time, difficult to get a non-disturbed sleep, not feeling excitement or joy in any kind of new activity around you.

It can be very difficult to deal with these problems and hard to get over with or move on. Mental health is a complicated subject that everyone deals with it differently. It can be solved in different ways. One of them is healing stones for anxiety and depression.

Crystals for Depression 2021:

Here is the list of great crystals for depression and sadness

CRYSTALSCrystal Color
Black TourmalineBlack
Rose QuartzPale Pink
CitrinePale yellow
Smoky QuartzBrownish Gray
Clear QuartzColorless
Tiger’s EyeGolden Brown
CarnelianOrange Red
MoonstonePearly white
ObsidianJet black
Angel AuraTransparent
Rainbow MoonstoneBlue Sheen

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Black Tourmaline

Color: Black

How to use Black Tourmaline:

You can make a beautiful neckpiece or bracelet out of this and can wear it. Or you can place the crystal itself around you.

Its flawless powers and ability to transform negative energy into something good make it a must-have in your collection of crystals that support and defend beautifully. If you fail to feel secure, feel helpless and depressed in this life, and sometimes feel as if your feelings are spinning out of control. Black Tourmaline may be the healing stones for depression you might need to help you reclaim your grounding.


It is said to defend you from toxic energy and remove it, as well as encourage bravery, fast-thinking, and trust. Some qualities are especially beneficial when dealing with serious problems, which is just what this stone might be useful for. It is one of the best stones for depression.

Negative energies are said to be absorbed by this black-colored stone. It effectively relieves the person of negative emotions by transforming nervous sensations into a positive outlook that nourishes the mind. You would be able to effectively fight negativity and negative influences. It motivates you to think critically and to have a healthy mentality, no matter how difficult the situation might be.


Color: Purple

How to use Amethyst:

You can take it to your workplace or keep it in the bed corner.

It's still in charge of people's perception of the world. It not only clears the mind of negativity, but it also appears to create a flame that reveals our deepest pools of inspiration. It is a stone for depression and anxiety. When our mind is relaxed and concentrated, we can access our imaginative mind and bring to light all of the thoughts and interests that had been hidden behind the dark cloud. It may be a useful tool for dealing with negative emotions. It encourages inward determination and mental clarity, which may aid in the treatment of depressive symptoms.


This purple stone is said to have powerful defensive, healing, and purifying properties. It is a depression crystal that helps clear the mind of negative thoughts and brings modesty, honesty, and spiritual wisdom to the front. It is also said to assist in the promotion of self-discipline. Another claimed advantage of this stone is sleep, which includes insomnia.

Rose Quartz

Color: Pale Pink

How to use Rose Quartz:

Piece of rose quartz used as a roller for face to massage your face.

This does not always have to be romantic love, but rather profound humor of care and concern for those in the world, particularly if it comes from one of the most valuable sources that can carry it to oneself.


This pale pink colored crystal for healing depression is all about passion and love, as the experts suggest. It is said to assist in the creation of confidence and unity in all types of relationships, as well as the strengthening of close bonds. It's also used to help bring relief and peace to those who are grieving.

But it isn't just for all those individuals. Rose quartz is also known to promote self-love, respect, confidence, and worth qualities that we could use nowadays. It is one of the healing crystals for anxiety and depression. This crystal is also used to aid in the healing of the heart from pain or injuries caused by strong emotional trauma. Rose Quartz can also be used as a calling card for those who want to attract more attention into their lives.



Color: Pale yellow

How to use Citrine:

Keep it in your pocket when traveling.


Citrine's uplifting energy and a depression crystal are important when we are feeling low and sad. This is as bright as the sun yellow crystal for mental health that inspires joy, hope, and inspiration in life. It is the ideal stone for those suffering from anxiety or suicidal thoughts, assisting them in rediscovering the value of their lives, as well as appreciating and enjoying life once more.

It is particularly for the ones that have their mind in the past and finds it difficult to move on with it. Citrine also emits a radiance of creative energy, making it an excellent gemstone for anxiety and depression for those who need to re-energize their creative spirit. It invites a sense of style and versatility, and as you go forward with this optimistic outlook, you'll find that you're able to attract things that bring you great joy.


Smoky Quartz

Color: Brownish Gray

How to use Smoky Quartz:

To continue engaging with the soothing powers of smoky quartz, meditate while holding a small smoky quartz point in your hand. Relax and have an open mind on how its energetic properties will assist you in receiving information from your higher self.

Smoky Quartz is a shield against the wind, always able to neutralize any negativity that comes your way. This stone will act as a detox, a source of productive energies, and almost like a multivitamin of power for the spirit.


This crystal is widely regarded as one of the strongest purifying and crystals for depression and stress. It alleviates fear, and nervousness while also boosting our energy levels.

It is one of the grounding stones that can assist you in balancing your emotions while seeking spiritual grounding. It can be a great help in dealing with depression or thoughts of suicide. It is a crystal for sadness.


Clear Quartz

Color: Colorless(Transparent)

How to use Clear Quartz:

You can hold it in your hand or fix it in a piece of jewelry and whenever you see it just repeat whatever is in your mind.


It is one of the healing crystals for depression. This gentle stone inspires confidence, creativity, and self-assurance. Clear quartz removes fear and brings light into one's living. It's a great stone for those who are depressed and it teaches them to embrace, understand, and love the current moment.

When you are going through a difficult time and are lost or alone, it's one of the best crystals for mental health to use. It raises our vibration. Clear quartz helps us to lift our spirits and transform any negativity into positivity or neutral.

It can remove negative energy and change negative emotions into constructive ones. Clear quartz's properties have been directed for thousands of years for their calming and purifying properties, and they are still used in energy healing rituals today.



Color: Green

How to use Malachite:

Place it over your chest where your heart locates and inhale and exhale through your mouth and nose.

It's an excellent stone for depression for those who are tired of being burdened by toxic energies and feelings. Malachite could be the stone that leads you on a new road if you're an empath who struggles with limits or if you just need a little push in the right direction. It also functions as an ordinary stone because of its strong motivating abilities.


This crystal to help with depression is said to have healing properties for the spirit, body, and soul. In general, it's thought to be a good luck charm that will help you find moral balance when managing your emotions.

This lovely green stone has been prized since early ages. It's used by energy healers and it can help to balance mood swings. It is an emotionally calming stone that will assist us in releasing past traumas. Malachite is a beneficial gemstone for depression for those who suffer from depression because it promotes support and harmony. Since this crystal for mental health improves your mindset with everyday use.

How to use Malachite:
Place it over your chest where your heart locates and inhale and exhale through your mouth and nose.

It's an excellent stone for depression for those who are tired of being burdened by toxic energies and feelings. Malachite could be the stone that leads you on a new road if you're an empath who struggles with limits or if you just need a little push in the right direction. It also functions as an ordinary stone because of its strong motivating abilities.


Color: Lilac

How to use Lepidolite:

This enhances sleep so you must keep it near your bedside before sleep. Before sleeping you can meditate while keeping the stone on your head.


Lepidolite is a lovely lilac-colored stone for depression and anxiety that is considered to be one of the best crystals for depression. It can dispel negative thoughts and emotions, as well as bring calm to those who are overly concerned and possessive. By reawakening self-confidence and self-care, lepidolite can be a useful tool in the fight against depression.

It is said to be the stone of transition. This stone for depression is all about assisting you to look forward in life and it prepares you for a future free of mental and emotional times. It assists us in letting go of habits that are no longer serving us, rearranging our behavior patterns and thoughts, and embracing times of stress and flow rather than fighting against it.


Tiger’s Eye

Color: Golden Brown

How to use Tiger’s Eye:
Make a bracelet out of the beautiful stone and wear it in your left hand


This golden-brown stone is the perfect option when we're feeling low and need a burst of energy. It will aid in the relief of fear, vulnerability, and self-doubt. This golden healing stone of depression might be right for you if you're looking for a boost of strength or inspiration. This can be useful for a future career or even personal matters. Tiger's eye is also said to assist you in finding peace and order, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

It assists in the healing of a wide range of relationships. It can help with not only overcoming low self-confidence and strengthening relationships with oneself but also with difficult emotional links to finances and wealth. It is one of the best stones for depression.

Tiger's Eye is a fantastic gemstone for depression for expelling terror, amazing ability, and taking positive transformational powers into daily life. It's an important crystal for depression and stress and those who struggle to feel grounded and believe that a little more good fortune in their lives will help them build the groundwork for connecting to their sense of worth and trust and realizing their true potential within themselves.



Color: Orange Red

How to use Carnelian:
Either you can make a piece of jewelry out of the stones or you can keep a crystal at home or work.

You can resolve negative perceptions by committing to bringing Carnelian, which is crystals that help with depression into your life, and instead of indulging in doubt, silence, and anxiety, you can learn to let go of all the negative emotions, laugh out loud, and live with determination and comfort rather than locking yourself out in the dark.


This vivid orange-red colored stone restores energy and inspiration, encourages healthy life decisions, and helps alleviates depression, emotional lethargy, and apathy.

Carnelian will help you overcome any type of violence or negative conditioning. It is a useful stone of depression that can help you through abusive feelings like envy and jealousy with others. It helps you calm your frustration and irritation, and aids in the transformation of negative feelings into sheer happiness. You can use this crystal to help with depression in multiple ways.



Color: Brown, white, red, and multiple other colors

How to use Agate:
This enhances sleep so you must keep it near your bed side before sleep. Before sleeping you can meditate while keeping the stone on your head.

It will also assist you in making the required behavioral improvements to assist you in achieving your goals. Agate is a healing stone for depression that promotes wisdom, calmness, and inner peace. The soft, caring, and defensive vibrations of this stone will help you feel safe. Agate is most popular for its balancing properties, which provide low and gentle movements that are both strengthening and reinforcing. Its grounding properties promote inner peace and balance. You'll feel more focused, relaxed, and composed with Agate crystal.


Agate is a wonderful crystal for sadness to balance your energy and removing negative energy and bringing towards the positive side. It's a gentle healing crystal for anxiety and depression that promotes peace and clarity of thought.

It also helps you feel less irritated and depressed. It's soothing and relaxing, and it will help you unwind when you're tired or stressed out. It's an excellent stone for anxiety and depression for self-examination, and it'll help you break free from self-imposed constraints and emotional habits that shape your life.


Color: Green

How to use it?
This stone helps with allergies. You can also get help with heart and muscular issues by using this stone. It has an anti-inflammatory effect to help with migraines and soothing your eyes


Aventurine is destined that is used for or its anti-inflammatory effect. It also helps with lowering your cholesterol and helping you with stimulation of your metabolism. Overall it is the kind of stone that helps with allergies and migraines as well. If you ask someone with heart and muscular tissues, this stone will help you with that as well. It is found in abundance, and it is a beautiful green stone with patterns and shifts. Overall it is a super beautiful green stone that has the power to help with depression and also help you with your power.


Color: Pearly white

How to use it?

It helps with depression and hopelessness. The pure Whitestone is known for its feminine energy. Also, it looks beautiful because of its clear nature


Moonstone is famous among them and not only because of the feminine and soft nature but also because of its antidepressant features. It is a beautiful stone that is known for purity and also helps with raising your energy levels. This is a pure stone that helps with bringing hope and taking you out of the dull face of life. It is a beautifully soft and pearly Whitestone that is excellent for rings and necklaces. Also so it offers cyclical changes that can help with better mood.
Moonstone is also known for releasing stress and for enhancing the balance in your life. The activated energy of femininity helps with stress release and also with creative and intuitive energy.


Color: Jet black

How to use it?

This stone helps with balancing your life and helping in releasing stress. It is a protective stone that shields from negativity. Also, it stimulates stress levels and growth.


Obsidian is the best stone known for being extremely protective that shields the negative energy of all kinds. It is the kind of stone that is a healer. Also, it helps with dealing with negative energy and stress. However, it might be a little heavy for some people, whereas it can be a great healer for others.

This stone is available in Iridescent colors and also has its links to the Chakra. You can also go for the gold Obsidian if you are looking for softer shade; however, it has similar protective powers and has the major power to align your heart with the divine will.


Color: Black

How to use it?

Shungiteis a Carbon-rich stone for reducing inflammation which helps with oxidative stress. Also, It removes emotional stress and helps with its antidepressant powers


Shungite is another stone that helps with relieving emotional stress. There is not much research that you can find based on the medical benefits, but it sure helps with the stress and the depression. It will purify your soul and help you in cleansing your body. Moreover, it is a black stone that is usually found in Russia, but because of its powers to release stress and depression, it is used by people. Its protective energies will keep you away from the negative Vibes.


Color: Yellow, red, and copper

How to use it?

It is a comparatively soft stone with not much strong Vibe. Also, It helps with relieving stress and making you feel like your real self. Sunstone helps with increasing vitality.


Sandstone is another stone that helps with dealing with depression and stress. It is the kind of healing crystal for depression that can help people with stress, anxiety, and other issues. Sunstone is also termed as one of the ideal crystals for anxiety and depression. Moreover, it helps you with relieving good energy and getting rid of stress and anxiety. For positive energy, this is the stone that you should have.

Angel Aura

Color: Transparent

How to use it?
Angel Aura is a Purple colored stone for lucid dreaming. It is a Quartz crystal that is ideal for jewelry and also has a soothing energy.


Angel aura is the stone that vibrates good energy. It is the Crystal for depression that offers protective Shield and creates a good-natured Aura around you. With the soothing energy that it has to offer, this stone is a beautiful crystal. It will help you with your physical well-being and mental peace as well. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for depression crystals and needs the best choice and the ideal healing stones for depression. It creates positive energy and will also provide you with mental clarity. It will help you with physical wellbeing, and spiritual needs will also be fulfilled.

Rainbow Moonstone

Color: Blue Sheen

How to use it?

Moonstone is a Beautiful multicolored Moonstone that is known for bringing peace and harmony. Also, It helps with bringing hope and balance to your life.


If you are struggling with self-confidence and that is making you depressed, then Rainbow Moonstone is the ideal option. It helps with strengthening the integration and also help with psychic perceptions. Rainbow Moonstone is known for bringing balance and hope into your life. It will also help in bringing harmony and helping with the creativity that you have. To ensure you polish your inner confidence Rainbow Moonstone is the ideal option.


Now that you have checked some of the crystals for depression, you can finally decide which one you should be using. Every crystal has a different nature. Some of the crystals and gemstones can help you with sadness, whereas other stones are for depression and better well-being. These crystals for depression have healing powers that will help you to balance your life in a better way.

These crystals and healing stones will also help you find out the creative side that you have, and also, it will help you out in having a much more balanced and happy lifestyle. Some of these stones also help enhance your integrative nature, and others will help you with psychic intrusions. Just make sure you are choosing the stone according to nature.

Buying Guide

You might be able to find a lot of the different crystals that are specifically great for depression and lucid dreaming. But do you know how to choose the one for you? Let us help you out in choosing the right crystal or stone for depression.


First, you will have to determine why do you need a crystal? There can be a lot of reasons for looking for a perfect stone for you. You can either have stress, or you can have depression. In both cases, you will have to find the stone that is more appropriate for that reason. That can be a lot of other reasons, including lucid dreaming and a lot more.

This makes sure that whatever stone you are planning to choose, you choose it according to the purpose that it serves. Not all the stones are compatible with you. Some of them might be a little heavy, while others might not be appropriate. This makes sure you take professional advice before you finally start using a particular stone.

One thing to keep in mind is that whenever you look for the stone for depression, you must get the mood-lifting stone that helps you with relieving the stress and helps you with mood swings as well.


Once you have identified the stone, you might need to look for the color as well. It is always a better choice to look for the color that you want to purchase. Also, usually the black stones a little bit on the heavier side, whereas the stones that are of neutral color or light color are lighter, which is more recommended. The heavier stone has greater power and has an energy that is not recommended for all people.


Besides all the other factors, you must make sure that you are focusing on the price. Not all the stones are available at a very affordable price. This is why you must make sure you are looking for the stone that false right into your budget. If the stone is not available in a particular budget, you might need to look for some other option that is more price and budget-friendly.


You should also take into consideration if the stone is easy to take care of. If the stone is fragile and breaks very easily, you might not want to invest a lot of money in that. Because taking care of the stone is very important and unable to take care of it it will go to waste and break very easily. Just make sure you are taking the right care of it and keeping it safe and Secure and after you are using it. However, the fragility should also be considered whenever you are planning to purchase a crystal for depression.

A few tips for crystal care and maintenance

  • Whenever you get any particular crystal for depression, it is better to care for and maintain it as well—a few tips we have mentioned below.
  • Try to keep it in stone or crystal wrapped around a soft cloth.
  • Also, when you plan to store it, keep it in a container that is air-tight so that the dust does not cast scratches on the crystal.
  • Try to use the less fragile crystal for the jewelry and rings. Do not use the easy-to-break stone for the jewelry; it might result in easy and quick breaking of the stone.



The mechanism of depression.

The world in depression, 1929-1939

  • Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. For nearly 30 years, she has been researching the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. After studying with the best healers from all over the world, she has used the past three decades of her career to translate ancient wisdom into simple tools that anyone can use to transform their life.

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