Howlite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Powers, Properties and Uses


 Many healing crystals help you connect with your higher self but a few can have an influence higher than Howlite. 

If you’re looking for a stone to help you ground yourself and focus on the deep spiritual tranquility you’ve been longing for, we have selected that every crystal for you today.

The following is a short and brief explanation about everything of the crystal. I made this article clear enough to answer all the questions and confusion about Howlite you may have. Give the descriptions a thorough glance and decide if this is the crystal that needs to collected next.

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What is Howlite?

Howlite meaning:

Howlite means to be attuned to purity and having infinite energy. The metaphysical properties of the Howlite crystal enable it to open up our head Chakra. Then, it brings in healings from the heavens and sends it to the beholder's mind.

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Howlite properties

Howlite is a grounding crystal that strips away all the frustrations from your life. It swaps it with a life full of mindfulness and passion. You won't spend a dull day with this crystal.

Howlite is generally a white or grey crystal white black veinings across it. It is made of hydrous calcium borate and can be extensively found in Pakistan, Nambia, USA, Russia and Mexico.

Why get a Howlite stone?

Here's why you need a Howlite crystal

Howlite, as mentioned before, possesses strong metaphysical properties which can blessings from divine forces in your body. This is the reason why this stone is famous amongst people having mental illnesses or people who regularly meditate.

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This stone is known for this reason only: calming yourself down. This is exactly what a person suffering from anxiety or depression would want. In a state where one feels at the trouble and trapped, Howlite becomes a shining light of guidance that guides them out of there.

Equally, this stone can be beneficial for people who regularly meditate. The healing powers of the stone will ground you while you meditate, increasing your level of calmness and tranquility by great lengths.

Here's how you can use it

Howlite Uses and Powers:

Howlite is an important stone that also the easiest to use. One can get the healings out of it just having it near to their bodies.

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If you're suffering from anxiety or depression, have this crystal with you whenever moving out of the house. The best thing to do would be to wear a pendant or a bracelet made out of the stone. This is will not only look beautiful on you but will also heal you as you progress through the day.

The same goes for meditating. People around the world claim Howlite to increase their focus and calmness during their yoga sessions. Simply wearing the crystal will have magnitudes of changes in your body and mind.

Howlite for all your life problems

How can Howlite Crystal help you?


Howlite crystals can help you get a better, healthier life due to their various metaphysical properties. As we mentioned earlier, this stone can open all your chakras for healing.

You will find yourself to be more careful about your appetite and your body will start to flourish. The gemstone will help you eradicate all the toxins in your body.

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Howlite, out of all the benefits that it has, works wonder on mental health. The head is the main chakra for this gemstone, which makes it easier to heal and soothe your thoughts. Doing this will not only make you feel better throughout the day but will also help you immensely in sleeping.


The stone won't obviously rain all the wealth onto you when you start keeping the stone. Howlite brings wealth to your way by increasing your concentration and focus. You'll be maker smarter financial decisions that will in return bring fortunes to your side.

In businesses, this stone will help you tackle stressful situations and make sensible risks to further increase your wealth. If you're a person looking for a stone that will increase your confidence and concentration on office, this is certainly the stone to get.


Lastly, Howlite stones will bring harmony and warmth in your days. The stone's vibrations open up the chakras, making the body open for all the love you surely deserve.

If it's an unrequited love that you're after, this stone will help you find your way. It will bring calmness in you, taking out all the anxieties and frustrations you might have. It swaps it for a far higher consciousness where you can be mindful of your decisions. We think this to be the best gift one can get from Howlite.

Here's how to keep it clean from impurities

How to cleanse Howlite?

For the stone that possesses all kinds of metaphysical properties, here's a brief guide on how to clean off the evil from the stone.

  • You can clean your Howlite crystal with brown rice. Simply place the stone on top of the brown rice and leave it for 24 hours. Remember to throw off the rice afterward.
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  • If it's summer and the sun is out, leave the stone out have it placed it throughout the day. The sun takes out all the negative energies, making your stone new for all healings.
    ( Caution: Darker crystals like Black Howlite can get darker if placed longer in the sun.)
  • Moonlight can also cleanse your crystal by simply having it placed in a place all through the night.

  • Hi, Alex here I'm a spiritual teacher, therapist and an author. I specialize in the art of Crystal healing and have a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

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