10 Crystals for Addiction & Bad Habits to help you Quit

crystals for addiction

 Being addicted to anything can have disastrous effects on your life, recovering from such a deadly obsession can be a very hard job.  

Addiction not only requires physical restraint but most importantly requires willpower. For this one needs to be strong mentally, physically and spiritually.

Crystals can help us to get rid of our addiction, these special little stones have the ability to heal and enhance the functions of our body. They also have the ability to change one’s behavior. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best crystals to treat addiction.

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Citrine (crystal of absorbance):

main attributes of Citrine

  • Color: yellow
  • Origin: USA, Russia
  • Absorbs bad chakra

The first one on our list is citrine, it is a great crystal for sobriety. It has the power to let the user regain control over his life. Addiction is all about self-control and this healing stone for addiction can surely help you take control of your mind and body. 


Our tip for using citrine:

Use this crystal for addiction regularly, users say that the best time to use this crystal is in the morning. So be sure to use this sobriety stone as soon as you wake up.

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Hematite (stone of peace):

main attributes of Hematite

  • Color: black
  • Origin: USA, Russia, China
  • Removes stress

Hematite is a very special recovery stone, it has the ability to ground you're bad chakra. The bad chakra buildup can be a burden on mind and body, and with all of it gone you will surely feel a difference in your healing process. 

Our tip for using hematite:

Use this healing stone for addiction to ground your bad chakra and be sure to cleanse it regularly after every session.

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Amethyst (stone of sobriety):

main attributes of Amethyst 

  • Color: purple
  • Origin: USA, China, Russia, India, Madagascar
  • Helps remove bad habits

Amethyst is a great stone for dealing with alcohol addiction. This healing stone for addiction can raise one's willpower to resist the urge to drink. It also is a great detoxifying agent, so it  also helps the user physically heal faster from the damage the alcohol has caused.

Our tip for using amethyst:

Use amethyst for addiction by making it into an elixir, an elixir can be sprayed to localize the effects to a whole room rather than a person. 

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Rose quartz (stone of love):

main attributes of Rose quartz

Color: pink

Origin: USA, China, Russia, India, Madagascar

Promotes feelings of love and warmth

It is an excellent crystal for addiction, this crystal has the ability to drastically change one's behavior by creating feelings of love and affection in the users mind. By doing so this crystals for sobriety can cause the user to see the brighter side of life and helps remove the stress and anxiety from their life. This in turn can reduce and sometimes eliminate the need to drink in the first place.

Our tip for using rose quartz:

Keep this crystal for addiction by you at all times. It will help you in every step of your journey.

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Labradorite (stone of transformation):

main attributes of Labradorite 

  • Color: multiple
  • Origin: Australia, Costa Rica, Germany, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Russia
  • Helps change one’s actions

This crystal for addiction can soothe immense physical and mental pain that a person has to face during the recovery process. People have many different withdrawal symptoms and this can sometimes be difficult for the patient to endure, labradorite can however help during this painful process.

Our tip for using labradorite:

Use this crystal for addiction by making it into a necklace or a bracelet in this way you will have it with you at all times.

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Aquamarine (stone of tolerance):

main attributes of Aquamarine

  • Color: blue
  • Origin: China, India, USA
  • Enhances intellect

It's a great crystal for sobriety, it helps the user build up tolerance and resistance making it easier to heal from an addiction. It is one of the best crystals to user for alcohol or drug addiction.

Our tip for using aquamarine:

This crystal for sobriety should always be cleansed in water-based natural sources such as rain or saltwater.

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Jade (stone of luck):

main attributes of Jade 

  • Color: green
  • Origin: China, India, USA
  • Promotes luck

This is a great crystal for balancing the internal chakra of your body. Most problems arise from an imbalance produced in the body’s natural chakra state. If we fix this than the ailment can and mostly does go away on it's own. This is exactly what jade tries to do, it harmonizes the internal chakra state.

Our tip for using jade:

Be sure to keep this crystal by you at all times, you can put it in your wallet or your purse. In doing so you can enjoy the benefits of this crystal throughout the day.

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Peridot (stone of joy):

main attributes of Peridot 

  • Color: green 
  • Origin: USA, Russia, China
  • Alleviates bitterness

Peridot is a crystal for addiction that has a very powerful aura. During the healing process, a lot of negative energies can try to manifest themselves in your body but this crystal will stop all of them from doing so. It is among the best crystals for addiction.

Our tip for using peridot:

This crystal for addiction can be used by meditating with it, by doing so not only do you gain the benefits of the crystal along with the benefits of meditating, you can also charge peridot simultaneously.

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Garnet (stone of self-empowerment):

main attributes of Garnet

  • Color: red
  • Origin:USA, China, Russia, India, Madagascar
  • Promotes feelings of self-empowerment and self-healing

Garnet is also a very powerful stone when it comes to getting rid of addictions. This crystal for addiction empowers the user by giving him the motivation and courage needed to reform themselves. With the right mindset anything is possible and garnet can give you just that. It is definitely one of the best crystals for addiction.

Our tip for using garnet:

Take a shower with this crystal for sobriety every day, it will not only detoxify your mind and body but also revitalize your spirit. 

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Carnelian (stone of endurance):

main attributes of Carnelian

  • Color: orange
  • Origin: USA, China, Russia, India, Madagascar
  • Enhances endurance and also motivates the user

Carnelian is a great sobriety stone. It's positive aura helps users make the right decisions in their life, it gives them the courage and motivation they need to start the perfect day. It also gives the user power to break old bad habits. Which proves to be a very useful tool for getting rid of your addiction.

Our tip for using carnelian:

Use this crystal for sobriety in a crystal grid, carnelian really shines when it is surrounded by crystals that hold similar powers

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    • Carissa

      I am looking to heal from addiction and negative behaviors. I am just now implicating crystals , yoga and meditation work to help beat my addiction. Any help or suggestions are welcomed .

      Thank you

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