Best Septum Jewelry to Buy in 2021【Shiny & Trendy】

Septum jewelry is one of the most decent and most beautiful types of accessories out there, but the septum region is susceptible and can create some problems, but with our list, we will solve that problem today.

We have created a list of the best septum jewelry that is worn by people these days. our list is based upon the most common preferences. Moreover in our list, we have tried to solve one of the most common problems that are faced by septum jewelry wearers which is that it is not good for sensitive skin.

When creating this list we have considered everything from the quality of the ring to the structure and beauty.

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OUFER Helix Earring Hoop

Why buy the OUFER Helix hoop?

  • Convenient 
  • Universal size
  • Amazing quality

The first ring on our list of best jewelry is one of the best types of septum rings. The reason we choose the OUFER Helix Earring hoop to be number one is that even though it has many features of its own but the ring is also made up of 14k gold. This means that it is very efficiently and uniquely designed because gold is one of the best materials for septum jewelry.

The ring is made up of gold which is a very lasting material hence the money you spend on the ring will definitely not be wasted. The gold used in the ring is very durable and reliable.

The texture of it is polished and smooth meaning you will not have any problem while wearing the ring for longer durations.

The design of the ring is very unique, classic, and elegant. The color of the gold gives the ring a very glossy and shiny look. The structure and design of the ring can make the wearer look much more beautiful. The reason why septum rings are not very commonly used is that they are sometimes very poorly designed making the finishing look of the ring trashy.

The OUFER ring itself is very enchanting and amazing. This because the company has designed the ring with a lot of love and precision making the ring the perfect choice for anyone who is a fan of septum rings.

PEAKLINK G23 Titanium

Why buy a titanium hoop?

  • Iconic and unique design
  • Long-lasting
  • Comes with a gift bag.

The material that is the best for septum rings after gold is titanium. Titanium rings are perfect for people who have sensitive skin they are hypoallergenic meaning they won’t cause allergic reactions moreover titanium rings are very strong and impact-resistant meaning they will last for a long time. These rings do not contain nickel which can cause allergic reactions. They are perfect for people who just recently got their septum pierced because it is resistant to all types of bodily fluids. Titanium is also one of the materials that are used to make the best septum jewelry in the market today.

This ring also has internal threading which will help in avoiding skin scrapping. The ring is very thin and is very lightweight. It has a very unique and iconic design which makes it even more perfect. The ring is available in different colours as titanium can easily be ionized providing you with a variety of different colours and designs.

PEAKLING hoop can be a very good gift as it also comes with an amazingly designed gift bag. We highly recommend that you buy a titanium hoop if you just got a new piercing or you have sensitive skin.

Longbeauty 16G

Why choose this septum ring?

  • The ring is very appealing and attractive
  • It is very durable and reliable
  • It is a perfect gift

The Longbeauty nose ring is on our list because it is made up of surgical steel. Surgical steel is a type of stainless steel that has all of the properties of a stainless steel ring but it is much better it has the highest corrosion resistance and the reason it is called surgical steel is that the steel is designed to be so reliable that it is used to make surgical and biomedical tools. Hence this type of steel is very famous among people with sensitive skin. Longbeauty has some of the best septum jewelry available in the market today.

The ring is very durable since the ring will not corrode it will not lose its color. In this way, it will always have its enchantingly beautiful silver color. The septum ring has a very nice and comfortable texture that enables you to easily wear the ring for long durations.

The ring is very beautifully made. The combination of surgical steel and opal is very unique and amazing it gives the ring a very appealing and attractive finishing look. As discussed the style and the look of the ring is very important that is why it is designed to be both iconic and trendy.

This ring is a perfect gift since it has a universal size, it is the very convenient meaning you can easily open and close it. The ring is multipurpose and can also be used as a lip ring. Opal and steel have an amazing combination that is very ravishing.

Yaalozei 16G

Why purchase an acrylic ring?

  • Safe for sensitive skins and new piercings
  • Comes with a 180-day guarantee
  • Affordable price

This ring is made up of clear acrylic cartilage making it one of the most body-friendly rings. It is biocompatible and is safe and best for new piercings. Like titanium rings, these types of rings are also perfect for people who have sensitive skin. The acrylic ring is completely safe for any type of skin unless you have hypersensitive skin. These acrylic rings are considered to be one of the best septum jewelry items available in the market.

One of the reasons we choose an acrylic ring is because most rings that are safe for sensitive skin are very expensive but acrylic rings commonly have affordable prices that is why they are a complete package. These are also lightweight and are comfortable to wear. They have a smooth and glowing surface making them very beautiful and pleasing.

These types of rings are available in a lot of different colours and designs. They are available in such a large variety that you can choose something that you like easily. As mentioned these rings have everything from an affordable price to an amazing structure. You will easily fall in love with these acrylic rings.

These rings are non-toxic and do not cause your skin to have an allergic reaction. The Yaalozie ring is so well made that the production is confident that you will like the ring hence to prove the quality of their ring they offer a 180-day product exchange or money-back guarantee.

Black Glass Septum Pincher

Why glass jewelry is good for septum rings?

  • It is good for the healing process
  • It is non-porous
  • Glass jewelry is odorless

One of the reasons that glass jewelry is not purchased is because it can break and slow down your healing process sometimes glass also breaks inside of the piercing but with this hoop, that is not a problem it is made up of gorilla glass which means it will not break or slow down your healing process. If we exclude that problem the main reason why glass jewelry is made is that it is very good for the healing process, it has a soft and smooth surface making the hoop very comfortable for the wearer.

The black color is very classic and iconic making it very elegant and charming instead of looking trashy. One thing that should be noted when you use glass jewelry is that even though gorilla glass is very hard to break it is best that you remove your jewelry before performing any kind of physical activity. Glass is also very good for body piercing because it is non-porous which allows the jewelry to keep the wearer comfortable.

Glass jewelry can easily be cleaned and is bacteria-resistant making the hoop perfect for sensitive skins. Moreover, this glass hoop is not heavy and is odorless.  This type of jewelry is also very durable and its color will not fade away with time.

Organic Crocodile Wood

Why choose crocodile rings?

  • They are very elegant
  • They are durable
  • They have amazing design and structures

Wood is a very good material that is used in making septum jewelry. This type of jewelry is very good for the healing process and hence for new piercings. One of the things that we love about wood septum jewelry is that they have a very natural and graceful structure. Since mostly the designs on the rings are painted or crafted on them they have a very refined finishing look.

These rings are very durable since wood is hard to break. They can last a very long time. Wood septum rings have a very levelled surface making them very comfortable. Like the glass rings, they are also odourless. This is one of the main features that should be considered before buying a septum ring because you definitely don’t want your ring to stink or have a bad odour.

Crocodile wood rings are very famous because they are very convenient. They are easy to clean and are very elegantly designed making the wearer look very iconic and classic at the same time.

Opal Septum Ring, Daith Earring, Daith

What do we love about natural stone septum rings?

  • They are perfect for sensitive skins
  • They are very beautiful
  • These rings are odorless.

Natural stoner rings are very famous and are highly useful. These stones give the ring a very unique and beautiful look. These rings are in a league of their own we highly recommend that you buy these rings if you have sensitive skin. As you probably know natural stones have a lot of healing powers.

Hence with these rings, you can look very beautiful and take advantage of their healing powers. Moreover, they are very durable and unique and they also do not have an odor

Things you should consider before buying a septum ring:


This is a major factor that should be considered before buying a septum ring. The ring should be durable it should be long lasting and the ring should also be biocompatible, it should be resistant to body-fluids so that it does not cause problems for the wearer. Hence you should always consider the durability of the material that the ring is made up of before buying the ring.


The surface and the texture of the skin should be smooth and it should not cause any type of irritation to the septum. This is also a very important factor that is important to consider before buying a septum ring.


Since you are purchasing a ring for your septum you do not want it to have an odor because that can cause headaches and in general give the user a very uncomfortable experience.

Safe for all types of skin

This is by far the most important factor that needs to be considered before buying a septum ring. The ring should be safe for sensitive skins and new piercings and it should not contain any type of toxics.



What kind of septum ring should I buy?

The answer to this question entirely depends upon your preferences but make sure you consider the size and shape before buying these rings.

Is 14g or 16g bigger?

14g rings are bigger than 16g. Commonly 16g rings are used. The lower the number is the bigger the needle will be. That is why you should consider the size before buying the ring.

What do nose rings symbolize?

Like wedding rings, nose rings also tend to symbolize marriage. They sometimes also symbolize weddings. Nose rings are symbolized differently depending upon the region of the world.

Ending note

In this list, we have chosen the best septum jewelry. All of the products mentioned above are very unique and have distinctive features. You should always consider the factors that we discussed before buying a septum ring. we have discussed some different types of septum jewelry and we have narrowed them down according to common preferences. 

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